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  1. Sandy Monk

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    On this note, maybe go with "Fresh Meat" for the next guy.. and then II, III, IV for the QBs starting next.. and next.. and... Hard to imagine any one guy surviving more than a half anyway.
  2. and that's a wrap. Sleepy time comes early!
  3. would have to be next week. He out broke too!
  4. Alright Jay Gruden, get in there and block inside, your turn!
  5. So how we feeling about Norman now? lol
  6. A for effort, Dirty. Dangerous stuff, but it was fun.
  7. NO penalty for landing fully on the QB, but Stroman breathes on Wentz and.... LOL, such garbage
  8. LMAO at that penalty, poor WEntz fell over from Stroman breathing on him
  9. obvious holding in the middle, no call, neh
  10. Mix it up! screen pass to CT for the 98 yd TD
  11. GREAT stop, and yeah, still the right call If it fails, you still get Sanchez coming out deep in the short end on the road.
  12. don't remember seeing him, and yes, he should be out there covering Ertz.