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  1. Sandy Monk

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    On this note, maybe go with "Fresh Meat" for the next guy.. and then II, III, IV for the QBs starting next.. and next.. and... Hard to imagine any one guy surviving more than a half anyway.
  2. Colt McCoy is gonna light the Iggles up, I say. 7-5, and on the way to 10-6.
  3. Sandy Monk

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Nothing would surprise me. I think he should retire, but my guess is he will not. I'm just not that lucky. From what I know of him, he's very stubborn, and he loves "the rush" of playing. ( which may seem ironic to some, considering his style of play ) He needs to look at his wife, 3 boys, bank account.. and make the smart decision. Will he? doubt it. In his mind, I bet he's eager to get back in there... prove to the team and fans that he can and will earn that contract handed out.
  4. Sandy Monk

    Starting QB 2019???

    We are in agreement on the lack of supporting cast. I think the FO felt they couldn't address everything, so they gambled on a lot of positives to pan out on player durability. Oops, fail. I hope the OTs can play better. I hope the IOL can improve. I hope most of the skill players can finally get onto the field again. I hope McCoy's years in the system can make Washington the division Champs and more. I hope the officiating eases up off the game crippling penalties for the Skins. Maybe it can happen.. and predicting yay or nay doesn't amount to much. I'm now taking the path that many fans did back in September. Expecting the worst, hoping for the best. Getting pretty numb to this 2018 season. Every year, it's like a fun puzzle that gets put together bit by bit. Well, this year's puzzle sure looks about put together, and the best of it not coming out of the NFCE.
  5. Sandy Monk

    Starting QB 2019???

    Hope this is right. I don't want to see Alex play football anymore, and for differing reasons, we can probably all agree to that much. I'm ready to see Guice and some new QB lead the charge in 2019. Smith needs to be smart, and cash out already.
  6. Sandy Monk

    Starting QB 2019???

    Have to go with a cheap option to counter-balance the hit. I really hope McCoy can step up and look competent minus an extra wtf? throw here or there. Doesn't he have some out-clause in his contract if he plays well or plays enough? I would think he would likely want to stay in DC if he feels he will be the likely QB1 and if Jay stays. Colt counts just 3.5 against the cap next yr. Draft a day 2 quarterback to develop behind him, and hope for the best. Get another cheap guy to develop at QB3, and the overall cap cost for all QBs would be around 25 mil. Still cheaper than what some teams are paying their QB1s. It's not ideal, but it seems many didn't expect Smith to do well enough in DC regardless of health. So once that contract was extended, the two years were "killed" anyway? I don't think there's a way out of that dead cap hit, unless there was some conduct detrimental to the team caveat, and Smith's a boyscout.
  7. Haha, look, I would then have to ask an innocent question. What did you really expect from this 2018 season? and if so little, why even bother to spend time on it? I'd bet you didn't expect to be leading the NFCE, being a top 5 NFC team?
  8. LOL !!!!! He had no trouble using his legs for yards or evasiveness. The excuses!
  9. Different world now, mate. Sad to say.
  10. Said it before, but I think often enough, his targets are not exactly where he expects them to be. I don't think he's dealing with precision route runners out there, and not having spent lots of time with these guys makes him distrustful in the first place.
  11. Sandy Monk

    Gameday Thread

    It's absurd that they can struggle like this with that much talent at the skill positions. Both of these teams tonight.
  12. Sandy Monk

    Gameday Thread

    ahahahahaaaahaaa!!!! WENTZ, wut a stud
  13. Sandy Monk

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I think they will try hard to select a WR with their first draft pick. They probably NEED to go with a cheaper rookie, since Paul is costing so much. They will enjoy the cap relief of dumping Reed and maybe VD as well, but then they open up great TE need too. Other than rush LB, the defense looks pretty solid next year as is.. so I wouldn't be surprised or unhappy with lots of O-help in the offseason.
  14. Sandy Monk

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Hope so, and I like these guys too. I think it's a large stretch to expect any of them to evolve into clear starter quality, but there is talent worth developing further, as we call them decent depth. I'm just about looking at 2018 as "a building year only", so I am wanting to see Mo Harris get a lot more opportunities to grow into a starter. Not worried or even interested in getting Crowder back at this point. I can't see them retaining him anyway, so he would just be taking snaps from someone else they may actually keep around. So, you look at a 2019 season with Mo Harris, Sims, Quinn, and Davis. Then, you look at Doctson. I don't know. Half the season left to make better decisions on what to do at WR. Paul Richardson will obviously be back, with his contract. Keep all these names (minus Crowder), and you got your 6 wideouts. Does this list of 6 wideouts match up well at all if to look around the League at every other team's WR roster by September 2019? ?
  15. Sandy Monk

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I think you and anyone else had enough justification in being optimistic. Takes a bit of a leap of faith to expect players to stay healthy and progress.. but what are fans for? if not throwing some faith out? ?