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  1. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    i Would really like Fitzpatrick along with a QB in the draft. Fitz is good enough to make Sundays exciting but lousy enough to secure a top 15 pick in 2020
  2. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    I'm usually not a fan of razzle dazzle running QB's but I'd be lying if i said Kyler Murray wasn't fun watch on Saturdays this year. At this point iv grown so use to losing in the Snyder era i just want to be entertained on Sundays, thats it. Its why i always like KC, He may not have always delivered a W but the man made the offense GO and score. Kyler Murray looks dam good in the Burgundy & Gold i wont lie.
  3. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Spurrier comment

    Steve Spurrier is 100% right and he should be proud of that i Always lose my **** when someone says Gibbs II was a failure, Gibbs II may have been the man's greatest achievement in his coaching career even more so than the 3 Superbowl victory's each with a different QB. The fact Joe was able to have a winning record in 2-4 season and post a 1-3 playoff record is a testament to how great Joe Gibbs was/Is. To accomplish that under Dan Snyder is something special.
  4. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Watching Kerrigan right now in his what ? 4th Pro Bowl ? I still remember people on these boards calling for his benching this year in week 3 or 4. E.S. His 3rd straight Pro Bowl ?
  5. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    If i had to guess, Soft practices plus a toxic culture around Redskins park where players aren't getting themselves into game shape. Could be something more sinister like widespread use of anabolic steroids which WILL weaken and can or will cause tendon tears and other soft tissue injury's.
  6. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    What "responsibility" does the media have to ask the tough questions?

    The only question i want asked of every coach on the staff is Why do you think we have been the most injured team in the league the past 2 years ? Just plain old bad luck ?
  7. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Poll: How are you choosing to be a Redskins fan right now?

    I'm choosing condescending , know it all , wannabe journalist fan. Angry fan was a close second
  8. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    I would loveeee to have fitzmagic not being a sarcastic douche either
  9. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    Jamarcus Russell got to be about 400lbs by now. It would be nice to have a QB who could double as a Left tackle or guard when half our oline goes down. I support this Tyrod Taylor is the perfect rebuilding QB. You wont win **** with the guy but he is flashy enough to make Sunday's entertaining while securing a top 5 pick
  10. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Not sure how your question is relevant to what I said or why you are asking me what your asking but since i have a hour to kill on E.S. , Sure why not.... I'm sure the refs overlooked missed some calls just as they do in any game for every team, I mean hell If you are looking for a juicy conspiracy theory from Sunday lets talk about that missed P.I. in the Saints game. Having a relocated franchise in a huge market like L.A. make the Super Bowl a year before their mega stadium opens is just to juicy for the NFL to pass up. But I'm not one for tin foil hat conspiracies so I'll let you decide since you think the Pats had the refs on the payroll..... As far as you bewilderment as to how the Pats could have a group of "Average lineman" have such a fantastic performance its called COACHING and being prepared its what a professional origination does in big games (Your 50? What round was Joe Jacoby drafted in ? thought so). See that's the thing our fanbase just can 't comprehend , a average joe drafted late round or not drafted at all actually being a solid pro. Ever see one someone on these forums suggests a back up get a shot over a failing starter ? The self proclaimed guru's on this board come out of the wood work to start chanting cult of Colt. We are as pathetic as the people actually running this team. Its a toxic mindset from the top all the way down to the fans. O by the way, Brady 's a pretty good QB , Getting rid of the ball is what good quarterbacks do.... Also when you are running the ball the way the pats were....ah hell im not going to explain the fundamentals of the game to you.
  11. Best avatar on the website :815:

  12. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Would Joe T give his blessing for the #7 ? i say yes, especially after a few drinks
  13. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    I'm fine with that, We know the product on the field is going to blow & or half our team will go down with injury before week 7 , at least give me some nostalgia during the offseason, At this points its all this fan base has left.
  14. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    What a great Sunday of football, 2 of the best championship games iv watched back to back in memory. Brady is unreal but whats even more unreal is the consistency with which the Pats organization has kept this well oiled machine rolling for so many years. Its pretty cool we are all alive to witness the history that the Patriots are writing, This is like someone who got to witness the Celtics domination in the 50's and 60's . I often find myself cheering for the pats in post season scenarios. 1 . because everyone i know and sports radio/media always seem to be rooting against them waiting for their fall from grace and 2. because the Patriots organization is everything the Redskins under Dan Snyder will never be. For a Sunday or 2 its nice to see/be a fan of a world class organization.
  15. Wake up, make coffee, log on to E.S. Read Big scary Warning from Mods, See this thread, scratch head...... Clown World