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  1. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    Hey guys, without getting into all the details of what i read , i just want to throw a name out there, Derek Carr, GO ?
  2. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    Jeez, Who the hell are you Mel Kiper Jr ?! Very informative thank you Yeah what if I'm in VA Beach at WaWa and Rueben Foster is ordering a hoagie and doesn't like that **** with extra mayo and makes a scene , can i talk about that or no ?
  3. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    Lets talk about Foster's talent , Just how good is he ? I don't watch alot of 49er games and the ones i did watch i dont remember Foster standing out . So someone give me a breakdown, Just how good is he ?
  4. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    A growth on my head caused me to forget Rule 10.

    Im embarrassed to say i really don't remember Derrick Dockery even after looking him up . But nice OL list, As great as Trent is I think Chris Samuals was slightly better...
  5. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Agreed , there is something still magical about soldier field, especially night games. Bears and Packers is a great rivalry , great game to kick off the season
  6. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    A growth on my head caused me to forget Rule 10.

    Glad to hear Trent is ok, he has been so solid for us over the years. Best O-lineman to wear the Burgundy & Gold in the Snyder Era ? Trent Williams Chris Samuals Jon Jansen Tre Johnson ?
  7. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    The Cult of Case

    TBH as a longtime lurker i never quite got the Colt Brennan sarcasm/hate/condescension . Now don't quote me on any of this because im just pulling it from memory and too lazy to actually google FACTS but i do recall during Colt Brennan's rookie year Jim Zorn was coach ? Yes ? Jason Campbell was horrible as usual ? Yes , Todd Collins the year or 2 before proved what a competent QB could do taking us to the playoffs something J cam couldn't Yes ? maybe a 1/3 of the fanbase really wanted to see what Colt Brennan could do, We were having a terrible season with nothing to play for yet Zorn refused to move him beyond 3 rd string. 2/3 of ES mocked the 1/3 who said , What the hell do we have to lose lets see what the superstar from Hawaii could do ? Yes ? Why am i bringing all this up ? Well , sometimes I just dont get E.S. I almost feel like there are alot of people here who rather see players fail then shine. Case Keenum had a tremendous year 2 season ago with Minnesota taking them deep in the playoffs. Why take this negative approach , maybe he will do well here, could he really be any worse than alex smith -or anyone else behind center last season. Then again Maybe I'm just a uptight douche who doesn't see the fun in this thread.....
  8. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT


    I hate to be the negative nelly err Asshole but we don't "really" know where Guice is at with his injury or if he will ever be where he was at in college. I mean , real talk , thats a pretty significant injury Guice suffered. Sure plenty of players have bounced back from ACL injurys including the man who is mentoring him in AP but there is a list of others who have not. Im not going to be the guy who goes over all the worst case scenarios but there is no guarantee's in the NFL especially when you consider OUR LUCK......when it comes to injury's. I'll close with this. I'm grateful we have a veteran hall of fame running in Adrian Peterson on our team and I dam sure appreciate how hard he played for us last year despite being on a miserable offense. AP-CT-Darius Guice, I feel very confident going into next season at running back regardless of who's starting.
  9. 2:00 "My dream was to come here" Been a fan of this team for over 35 years, can't remember the last time if ever i heard a player say that. Most players are cash motivated when they sign here, will be interesting to see what a talent like Collins does on the field with his heart in the organization.
  10. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    Saw a mock draft last night that had us taking Marquise Brown and it made perfect sense. Rather then settle for Haskins or trading for a Rosen roll the dice with Keenum and draft the best WR of 2019, Our WR situation is as dire as our QB situation so why settle for the 3 or 4th best option at QB when you could have the BEST at WR ?
  11. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    Yeahhhh kinda. I mean New Orleans knew what they were getting in Brees though, He was a 4 year man in SD and just starting to come into his own where as Rosen is a 1 year man just starting to well... Im not sure where he is going
  12. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    The only one that comes to mind is Steve Walsh from DAL To New Orleans in 1990, After JJ figured out Troy Aikman was his guy (Both Aikman & Walsh were 1st round picks). Didn't work out to well for the Saints. But even then its not the same as what Arizona is going to do, close though.
  13. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    Ohio State has produced a long list of successful NFL QB's said no one ever...... But i mean hey, he could be the first . If its between Haskins & Rosen though Im all about #7 .......Hell-no to Rosen, just no.
  14. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Starting QB 2019???

    I was just coming here to post about this lol I'm watching NFL Live and Bruce Allen giving Dwayne Haskins the googly eyes eyes like he is on a first date on Prom Night..... I really don't want Haskins.......