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  1. just skins baby

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    What we do works.
  2. just skins baby

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Heading to the grocery store. Anyone need anything?
  3. just skins baby

    The Beer Thread

    Haven't tried Wild Wolf Brewery but am looking forward to trying it sometime.
  4. just skins baby

    The Beer Thread

    I don't drink much anymore but we have some wonderful brewpubs here in Nelson County on Rt 151. I enjoy the gold leaf lager at the Devils Backbone near Wintergreen Ski Resort and the Blue Mountain brewery has some very tasty beers.
  5. I want to thank all you guys that keep this thread alive. I don't watch as much as I used to and all the updates are very helpful. Hey Vince, please let the Nature Boy retire.
  6. just skins baby

    Show Yourselves II

  7. just skins baby

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    that doesnt even look real!!
  8. just skins baby

    Show Yourselves II

    I am checking to see if this works. Myself and daughter at her 4th birthday party last year. I have had this pic for over a year, tried to follow all the instructions and finally got it posted.