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  1. It was fun while it lasted but I think that’s about it for the Os chances this year. Look forward to seeing more progress next year hopefully.
  2. Ugh bad Os defense shows up again in the first.
  3. I might have to take back what I said about DJ Stewart. He just keeps hitting HRs.
  4. Yeah saw that on Santander. Sucks but gives a couple other guys a shot to show their stuff I guess. He had a good year. Hopefully he can continue to improve on it next year.
  5. Yeah DJ seems JAG. Nothing special to his game that I’ve seen.
  6. I hope this series is what causes them to miss the paloffs!
  7. DJ Stewart with another one against Tanaka. You can’t stop him you can only hope to contain him.
  8. And another win against the evil empire! Come on let’s take 3 out of 4 this weekend. Nice to see DJ Stewart get a couple of HRs for his first two hits of the year.
  9. Os win. Break the streak of 19 in a row by the Yankees. Valdez is fun to watch pitch.
  10. Gotta love Iglesias. Gets the big hits and then that strike to the plate when he had no business being in the play.
  11. Anow now Castro is gone. They're going to have to reactivate Chris Davis and bring him in to pitch.
  12. And there goes Milone to the Braves. First piece to fall. And Givens to the Rockies.
  13. Ugly start to this game defensively. This is more what I was expecting this year. They might be reverting to form.
  14. No kidding. He rolled him out again and I thought “there goes the game”. Unfortunately I was right.
  15. Os try to give it away but finally put them away.
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