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  1. Sweep of the Astros! Nice to see some fight.
  2. We were barely a speed bump for the Astros. Shows how far we have to go still. At least the 33 yr old rookie knuckler saw a little action even though he got knocked around. Always nice to see someone get their shot in the bigs even if they don't last.
  3. Ah sorry misunderstood. As abdcskins fan described, it was pretty bad. I called it little league to my wife. Just dumb mental errors. Jim Palmer said in his deadpan voice “this team has a long way to go” or something like that.
  4. Third inning against Cleveland tonight is an embarrassment. The team should be ashamed.
  5. Al Davis would only draft the fastest long snapper though.
  6. Glad they finally made a game out of one and one 1 out of 3 in NY. The other two games were painful. Great throw by Santander and great "face plant" by Severino.
  7. And... we suck again. Thanks for taking all the wind out of our sails $&@! Yankees.
  8. And, Chris Davis has hurt his back already. Really need to just cut ties with him and eat his salary.
  9. Twitter tweets being classless? What is the world coming to?
  10. My wife just told me. The Maroon 5 is the name of a pop band. That’s why.
  11. Lol. Start watching at 5:10 for the fourth down stop. “What a courageous call by Gregg Williams.” Same call that got him fired a couple weeks ago. Man was consistent if nothing else.
  12. I hear rumors that TB is going to roll out the dreaded read-option with their new QB. Any truth to the rumors?
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