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  1. SkinFanInMinn

    The Quarantine Thread

    Based on this thread? Quite a few.
  2. SkinFanInMinn

    Does anyone proofread any more?

    Might be the funniest thread I’ve seen in a while.
  3. SkinFanInMinn

    2019 Game Day Thread - SUPERBOWL - Chiefs Win!

    Looking forward to the SB. Should be a fun one.
  4. SkinFanInMinn

    Tracking former Redskins around the league

    I saw a graphic on TV with Tomsula going to the cowboys. Don't know if anything was announced or if that was just speculation.
  5. SkinFanInMinn

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Wasn't this at the end of the year? I know they lost the last several games. I'm guessing being behind that much may have skewed the numbers somewhat.
  6. SkinFanInMinn

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Gotten a little behind on the threads. Has this been confirmed anywhere?
  7. SkinFanInMinn

    ES Posters Are the Best

    Well Jumbo laughed at my joke anyways. I'll take solace in that.
  8. SkinFanInMinn

    ES Posters Are the Best

    Wait, wait, wait. I was talking about the ability to get on the "naughty list", not to guess who's already on the list. And are there more than two spots available?
  9. SkinFanInMinn

    ES Posters Are the Best

    Wait, was this a contest and I missed it? Or is it still possible to get in the list? You really should announce these things better.
  10. SkinFanInMinn

    **** the Cowboys

    Honestly I think it's more of the media than the regular fans. I have one co-worker up here that's a Cowboys fan (she grew up in Iowa of course). She's pretty fatalistic as well especially about their owner and his meddling. I think she's cautiously optimistic about McCarthy as well.
  11. SkinFanInMinn

    **** the Cowboys

    True, but dealing with Cowboy fans between now and then is
  12. SkinFanInMinn

    **** the Cowboys

    This is going to suck for one reason, just saw the TV in the break room and the trailer at the bottom says: "Mike McCarthy makes Cowboys Superbowl contenders"... A whole offseason of this crap.