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  1. NFL mics picked up the audio. Dwayne can be heard saying "Taylor, free shipping on orders $75.00 or more from my website kingdomofpride.com. "
  2. It's not subjective. Either a head coach sees the work ethic and preparation expected from his players or he doesn't see it. Bad play on Sundays doesn't drop you from starter to inactive in one week. This sounds like practice, preparation and possibly attitude issues and I would believe an experienced head coach like Ron over whatever Haskins thinks happened
  3. Send him a tweet and ask him yourself. After 20 years of either Cerrato or Bruce making the decisions, I am happy to have Ron doing it. I am going to give him more that 5 games to prove he can turn this joke of an organization around.
  4. Trent wasn't going to play here for reasons completely out of Ron's control. You are right, we didn't do much in the offseason but signing a big name FA would have done nothing to help this team. In fact it would have just been the same old "winning in the offseason" crap that this team has been doing for 20 years. So you are actually arguing to keep doing the same unproductive things that this team has done for the last 20 years. Let Ron do his thing. Nobody said this would be fixed overnight
  5. 20 years of poor decisions isnt fixed in one off season. Stop being impatient. We weren't expected to be successful this year so no need to be shocked when we suck.
  6. So you are using the last 5 games, with a poor roster, to judge a coach who has won 2 coach of the year awards and took his team to the Super Bowl. Ok, makes sense I guess. Nobody would be so dumb as to fire a coaching staff after 5 games. Enough with all the drama. This roster stinks. It's a rebuilding year.
  7. Fans have been begging for a competent coach to run this team without interference from the owner. We now have that and people are upset. How ironic.
  8. In my opinion I thought it was average at best. It sounded a bit like a minor league sports broadcast. Maybe they just need more time to build chemistry. I think Bram did a good job and has a decent broadcast voice. As creepy of a person as Larry is, the guy had a good voice and delivery. D Hall just doesn't compare to Sonny or Cooley but I'm sure will improve. Julie doesn't add much and sounds out of place. She does a great job moderating a talk show but not sure about a live game broadcast. I think time will tell.
  9. I would never expect Snyder to leave the name that way, but it would be a constant reminder that the team was called Redskins and that would make me laugh
  10. Washington Football Team is fine. Washington FT for short. Hail to the FT. Uniforms and helmets look good. I would laugh if Snyder keeps it Washington FT after 2020 and beyond. It's kind of like a middle finger to everyone that wanted a name change.
  11. Born and raised in Northern Va. My best friend across the street had season tickets. I was a kid in the 80s so I remember the last 2 Super Bowls. Redskins players visiting my elementary school. Almost every kid in school was a Redskins fan.
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