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  1. Don't forget Trent Green was out of football as well. Norv worked him out as a favor to a friend and signed him as a 3rd string project. Turned out he was the best QB on the roster. It's a long shot but these story book tales do happen.
  2. There is a lot of potential in this group. I think spending big money on a top flight TE and O linemen would be more beneficial than signing a big contract WR.
  3. Aside from the off the field stuff, my problem with Haskins is so slow footed and awkward in the pocket. He really a statue, couple that with his lack of accuracy on deep throws and its a mess.
  4. I don't think HaHa is an upgrade over Apke. I never want to see him in a Washington uniform again. I'd rather play with 10 guys on defense.
  5. I was reading Greg Cosell's column about Haskins when he was coming out of college and it summed him perfectly. Funky thrower, strong arm, doesn't throw with anticipation, and no pocket presence.
  6. Agreed. We don't need great just run the offense and make the basic throws and we win yesterday. Remember under Gibbs when Campbell ran the offense and the offense was so hit or miss without any flow or sustained drives, then Collins takes over, runs a simple gameplan and suddenly the running game opens up and we start putting up points. I think Allen could do the same for us. I think if our defense is playing well against the Ravens and Haskins plays like last week, he will be pulled before halftime.
  7. Kyle Allen In his first five games he started, all of which were wins, he threw 9 touchdown passes with zero interceptions. He was the first quarterback in NFL history to be 5–0 in their first five games started without throwing an interception.[38]
  8. Haskins reminded me of RG3 in his come back year. Jittery in the pocket, he never stepped up into the pocket and literally ran directly into 2 sacks in the first quarter, and inaccurate due to poor fundamentals.
  9. Reed would be a perfect fit for the Niners. He already knows Shanny's system and he would simply be a bonus receiver for them since they already have the TE position held down.
  10. I saw one of the draft gurus on ESPN say he had Charles ranked as the 64th best player in the draft so that’s pretty good value.
  11. It’s sad but a lot of people have dads like Bruce.
  12. I think Gruden summed up RG3 perfectly when he said ‘RG3 thought he could turn every play into a TD’ and that was his biggest downfall. RG3 took massive hits all year long because he would not just go down. Remember, when he got hurt in the Baltimore game, he ran to the sidelines and could easily walked out of bounds but turned up field for 5 more yards and got his knee blown up. He had a lot of talent. I believe if he had the smarts and humility of Russell Wilson, he would have had a much better career.
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