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  1. mojo

    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

    He does get sizzled quite a bit on the field. I’d hate to lose that.
  2. He’s working with Martha Stewart on new place settings for Harvestfest. It’s never too early...
  3. Screw that. Let’s just bring Landry back. I looked him up online and he looks to be in prime shape for a comeback.r
  4. mojo

    The Cult of Case

    You may be right but I think them drafting Murray would be more reactionary than any slight on Rosen. They just fired their head coach after 1 awful season. Now they have a young, hot shot offensive coach and drafting Murray would immediately fire up the fan base and garner more nationally televised games. You hear nothing but good things about Rosen from Cardinal players and coaches.
  5. mojo

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Yes. I’m happy with it. No buffering issues or anything like that but I guess that’s dependent on your internet. Try it out, you subscribe on a monthly basis so if you don’t like it, you’re only out $49.99.
  6. mojo

    Cutting the Cable cord

    I cut the cord a few months back and have been trying out PlayStation VUe. It’s pretty sweet. $49.99 for all the major cable channels, local channels, and unlimited VCR. Also, you don’t need a PlayStation, it’s just an app on the TV. The interface is a bit clunky but overall I’m impressed.
  7. Kap is such a fraud. This is the same guy who just a few years ago was on Instagram boasting about his sneaker collection and posting pics of his garage filled with hundreds of pairs. A real man of the people.
  8. mojo

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I might change my name to Poop as well.
  9. mojo

    The season in gifs

    From the promising early season to the dumpster fire end
  10. mojo

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The Norman signing was putting lipstick on a pig. You don’t sink that much cash into a cornerback unless you’re a Super Bowl contender and it pushes you over the top. I hated the signing then and it’s nothing but an albatross now. The only splash signings we should acquire are either a QB or an elite person pass rusher. For the record, I would consider Norman and Alex Smith blockbusters.
  11. mojo

    Terminate Manusky

    Maybe I’m just an old school Skins fan but I say we keep Manusky and hire Bill Arnsparger as a defensive consultant.
  12. mojo

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yea yea all Ihear is fire Bruce Allen. Well who is gonna make the place settings for harvest fest? With the baby pumpkins and Indian corn? Do you guys even think about this ****??
  13. mojo

    D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Manusky after loss

    There’s a reason DJ has been on 4 teams in 6 years. Dude wears out his welcome fast.
  14. mojo

    D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Manusky after loss

    Good point. That’s on Jay. He should have put this issue to bed weeks ago. That said, I hope DJ and Manusky are gone.
  15. mojo

    D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Manusky after loss

    I’ve heard enough from DJ this year and I’m ready for him to go. Whether he was right or wrong doesn’t matter. Good teams don’t have players ****ing to the media every week.