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  1. D Hall seems to be trying to ‘hot take’ his way on the air and he hasn’t been right about anything.
  2. mojo

    Sean Taylor's 37th birthday

    I still say that if he would have completed his final season, he would have been defensive player of the year. He finally put it all together and was playing at an unbelievable level, not only still the hardest hitter in the game but also leading the league in interceptions. What could have been...
  3. mojo

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    If we do draft Young, I’d like to see us trade Allen and recoup that 2nd rd pick we gave up for Sweat. That’s too much money tied up in the D line in my opinion. We can’t keep them all and while Allen has been average , he still carries the rep that would make him trade worthy.
  4. The nucleus of a 3 win team? I’m not sure who you’re referring to other than Trent and Dunbar and those guys have made their bed. I think this year is a purely an evaluation season for Rivera. Go young and see what we have. We invested a 1st rd pick in Haskins so let’s give him an opportunity. If he flops, we have the cap space next year to make a change.
  5. I agree, but that really only applies to Haskins in my opinion. We’re obviously going all in on Haskins this year and he deserves a competent offensive line in order to have a shot at success. Signing Peters for a year would be a step in the right direction.
  6. For all the complaints I see on Twitter about Rivera playing this Free agency period on the cheap, I agree with his approach. Establish a new culture, no overpaying on big names, see what you with the young talent on the team, and utilize our cap space next year on players that could put us in contention. It’s a process, let it play out.
  7. mojo

    Trades you would like to see?

    Not sure, I haven’t seen enough of Settle to make that claim. But I have seen enough of Allen to determine he’s not worth the big contract he will be looking for due to his draft status.
  8. mojo

    Trades you would like to see?

    Personally, I’d rather let Allen walk and have Settle for a fraction of the cost.
  9. mojo

    A tight end by any other name

    You know who has the the prototypical size for a TE? Chase hear me out... But seriously, I wouldn’t argue inviting some college basketball players to camp and try to find the Antonio Gates (did you know he played college basketball )
  10. I would be very wary of him. He was playing in a chuck it down the field offense w/ a ridiculous amount of talent at skill positions. I think a lot of pedestrian receivers would put up stats in that spot.
  11. Honestly, I believe Scot got lucky w a couple drafts in San Fran and he’s been living off the rep since. He sucks.
  12. Personally I would love our same uniforms but the darker burgundy that we wear in our anniversary spear helmet uniforms. Also, keep the logo on the helmet but w/ a dark burgundy matte finish like the Vikings have. I think that would look awesome.
  13. I can’t imagine us keeping Norman even if he restructures. We’ve got money to spend, it’s time to get younger and better. At TE, Reed has to go. I could actually see us keeping Davis purely for his receiving ability, keeping Sprinkle, and drafting a TE in the 3rd. And if Sanu couldn’t make it work with the Patriots, I don’t see how trading a draft pick for him would be beneficial. I’d rather see how Cam develops and draft some more young receivers.
  14. I never got all the love for Tomsula. For all the talent we have, we continuously underperformed IMHO. I’m anxious to what a new voice can do for this group.