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  1. Ok, so at first I was miffed. Now reading this thread and seeing the unis, sign me up. Let's stay as the Washington FT just as a **** you to the league and crybaby cancel culture.
  2. In car listening to ESPN Spain and company. When it broke, they did the first segment out of commercial on it. Maybe 10-12 mins, go to commercial. Come back with interview with white sox beat. If this was the story that was teased or anything close, they bump that segment.
  3. snyder sucks and made his entire career exploiting people (including us), but hes not stupid. In fact, i think hes incredibly slick- like a used car salesmen. He'll skate on this because he has the resources and the experience to do so. As someone else said here, ill bet he not only killed several pieces of this story (in part because of potentially some slimy NDA maneuvering), but was behind the leaks to make the actual story relative. he's a really big POS, but a savvy businessman, even if without ethics.
  4. Sadly in the hell that is 2020, this will cycle out in less than 72 hours. We cycle school shootings out in like 48.
  5. i was expecting back alley abortions paid for by snyder out of the owners' ref slush fund, cause jay has impregnated a trafficked child from epstein while high on bruce's heroin he stole in a hate crime. all that being said, **** all those guys. Theyre not men.
  6. ah. Thats a good call out. This may be it... for now. Or again, a lot of "insiders" look like assholes.
  7. Look, its bad. But this is NOTHING compared to what media was saying. This is like robert kraft level at best. Not saying its ok. Its deplorable and disgusting. But snyder is not going anywhere. And a lot of members of the media look like assholes
  8. ****ing called it. If some of these things are true, this is bigger than the Redskins. All the dirty secrets are gonna come out. If refs have taken payments, man oh man, the NFL is in big time trouble. Earth Shattering. If Dan is as dirty as is being rumored, then I guarantee you he has a TON of dirt. Sketchy people attract sketchy people.