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  1. that’s a shame. I think he’s a fantastic player with upside
  2. It’s a real thing. Articles have been written with evidence
  3. Oh **** yeah. That’s a damn good pick. Steal.
  4. I just don’t know how they pass on qb this round. I don’t like any of the guys available, but you gotta secure a body for the future right? This team (defense) as constructed has a 3-4 year window. The draft class next year is basically Sam Howell, Spencer rattler, and someone to be named. Which will be top 5 picks, and will require a haul. FA class is ok- maybe 38 year old Rodgers finishes his career chasing a ring with an elite defense. Idk. Gotta find someone for 2022 and beyond but I don’t like any of these guys. We tried hard this off-season to address it and never really went all in, ass
  5. Someone needs to do a story on that. It’s very legit Very meh. Pretty much my least excited pick there of all the possibilities that have been discussed. Tell me I’m wrong
  6. Commercial coming I’ll bet money
  7. It’s a stretch but I’d love javonte Williams rn
  8. Definitely. I don’t think any of the day 2 qbs have potential. Heinecke seems like a long shot- he’s not gonna see the field next year
  9. We tried really hard this off-season to get a qb but musical chairs ended on us. Bummer. I don’t see the point in reaching on mond, so idk, where do you go for next year? One of these days they’re just gonna have to make a bold move, though only fields felt worth the value to price. What now?
  10. It’s amazing how the gods shines on Belichek
  11. Man, picks 1-10 great for us. Last 5, terrible
  12. ok, so who do we like? no jones. no one i was particularly excited about besides parsons.
  13. the bears been screwing our qb room for years
  14. goddamnit bears. goddamnit.
  15. wow. things getting wild now! Fields gonna slide to us
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