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  1. Good lord. I thought Trent was bordering on washed 2 years ago. I wonder how flexible that contract is, cause if they’re really locked into him for 4 years or more, yikes. but yeah, it was always about the money. Like everyone on here said. I don’t blame him for that, but the way he did it was very scuzzy.
  2. Man, I’m so sour on Darnold that as much as I don’t want wentz AT ALL, seems kind of exciting by comparison haha
  3. One of their bloggers was suggesting a 1st and Cam Sims. Like, come on man.
  4. Seriously. Wishful Jets fan. I mean it makes no sense. Wentz is injured garbage but at least you’ve seen potential there. Darnold’s career to date, and his contract situation make zero sense for anyone to give up anything more than a late round flier. It really doesn’t make sense to give up anything at all. Wait a year. They’re not paying him 25 mil.
  5. I feel like im taking crazy pills- I thought the general consensus on Darnold is backup at best, if even still in the league in a few years. Has he had even one “wow” type play in his career outside of that one MNF a couple years ago? He hasn’t even shown flashes. What am I missing? are we really that desperate? Or is this a case of “we’re gonna link every qb to wft cause we have no idea”?
  6. Funny enough, going through Twitter and reading reactions, eagles fans are pissed, even IF they got 2 1sts. Overwhelmingly pissed. They think he’s the franchise. Still don’t want him.
  7. Read this "article" https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30847722/philadelphia-eagles-expected-trade-qb-carson-wentz-soon-sources-say?platform=amp You can't tell me Howie Roseman didn't write this. Check out this line: There have been whispers over the years that Wentz has struggled at times with his ability to forge relationships across the locker room, but others believe that could have been a natural byproduct of him and the team not living up to the lofty expectations that followed the 2017 season. By many public accounts, Wentz has handled himself
  8. You're being kind. It was a pretty damning article. His teammates hate him, his coaches hate him, the FO hates him. He's the most expensive mistake that franchise has probably made. I wouldnt sign him to a vet min in FA, let alone give up 1 draft pick. Insanity, and like the Carr thing (2 1sts minimum), this stinks of being leaked by the Eagles to create a market.
  9. 100% Agreed. Even if you believe he could regain his confidence (I don't), his cap hit is a nightmare, and the Eagles are desperate to get out of it. I wouldnt give anything for him. But they know better than i. However, if it's 2 1sts, yeah I'm out on WFT. now this is an idea I can get behind. Though I think the expectation is he won't be available. Though as others have speculated, they have to win now and they don't know what they're doing. I could def see a monster trade for Watson, though man would they catch **** for that.
  10. I like Cam the person. I think he’s a good dude. You’d hear stories all the time in Charlotte about good deeds he did when no one was looking. That’s character. I think he’d be great in that roll, but does our offense utilize that role often enough to carry 3 qbs?
  11. I watched a little of Cam, and saw him a bunch his last couple seasons in Car. He was washed 3 seasons ago. He’s horrible. Would rather roll with Smith.
  12. ^ nailed it. They’re not getting 2 1sts. The only team who would trade 2 1sts for the 15th or so ranked qb is in fact, the raiders.
  13. The Tennessee-Schiano thing a few years back reminded me of the Fassel thing. Worked out about as well as one would expect letting fans choose your coach.
  14. Did you know he was still in the league? I had to check two sources cause I swore wiki was wrong
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