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  1. I believe that's the case. Per Next Gen Stats, Alex Smith had a Time to Throw stat of 2.63 seconds, which was in the top 15 of fastest releases... for reference, Fitzpatrick was at 2.38 seconds, which was 2nd fastest after Big Ben.
  2. I'm pretty sure the ESPN PBWR stat credits a blocker with a "Win" if they sustain their block for >2.5 seconds. So I don't think Smith throwing the ball out quickly has much of an effect on that stat. Not as familiar with how the run block win rate stat is calculated. PFF claim to isolate QB play from OL play, but who knows how successful they actually are.
  3. I think Rivera and JDR are spooked by Boston's terrible run defense and tackling. Maybe if we were a pure Cover 3 defense, he'd already be signed, but we expect our FS to play down in the box at times, so I don't think they plan to sign Boston unless he comes super cheaply.
  4. He was top 7 in EDGE pass rush win rate AND run stop win rate last year. He was the only EDGE player to be top 7 in both. As a rookie. And that was with him still learning technique. He’s going to be extremely special.
  5. I think we'll see the Packers actively looking to entertain trade offers post June 1st. https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2021/5/4/22419022/explaining-the-salary-cap-ramifications-of-a-potential-aaron-rodgers-trade
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