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  1. Maybe they gave Allen the extension once they realized he's the only intelligent player on our whole DL
  2. I'm guessing this is due to the "tweaked groin" he had at minicamp. Great.
  3. I don’t agree that Allen is “super athletic”, but this is cool.
  4. I wasn't a fan if it lowered our chances of signing the rest of our DL long-term, but I actually love this contract. It sets up for us to reevaluate in a few years with no guaranteed money left.
  5. Part of me hopes the Eagles will make that deal. The other part of me is worried it would still somehow work out for them.
  6. I acknowledge the point, but the key difference between Payne and those guys is Payne's athleticism and pedigree. Payne is far more athletic than Chris Baker ever was, went to the best college program in the nation, and was a 1st round pick. I agree that consistency is key, but given Payne's athleticism, youth, and pedigree, I am willing to bet he reaches a consistent level of play on par with Allen sooner rather than later. I know you've referenced PFF grades a few times for Allen, but you should also mention the fact that Allen earned a 60.5 PFF grade in 2019 (Payne earned a 67
  7. I should have clarified, but I was referring to position coaches, who are indeed largely replaceable IMO.
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