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  1. He’s 21 years old. It’s unreal how dominant he can be once he develops a consistent pass rush plan.
  2. Actually, it's because of an extremely good opportunity for advancement at work, in which I haven't had time to engage in football forum debates.
  3. I wonder if Raiders fans were whining about Khalil Mack when he only got 4 sacks his rookie year.
  4. You're missing the point of my post. You're completely entitled to your opinion on Rivera. But people are also entitled to their opinion on Haskins, as well as how much credence people are willing to give to these reports about his intangibles. Personally, I believe some of it is true, but I'm not buying into every rumor or anonymous report I hear, especially after the amount of positive stories we heard and saw this offseason as it relates to his work ethic. I think there is a large difference between "blowing off" that narrative and not buying into it all. I think the latter
  5. Which is my point about Haskins. Those of us who support him can still do so, even after all the negative reports, if we don't think he was given long enough to prove what he is as a player. This dude is also neither Jesus nor Hitler.
  6. Yes. The reports about his great work ethic all offseason were not. These new ones are. No. I haven't seen or heard anything from Rivera saying Haskins not working hard enough was the reason for his benching.
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