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  1. Glad they finally made a game out of one and one 1 out of 3 in NY. The other two games were painful. Great throw by Santander and great "face plant" by Severino.
  2. And... we suck again. Thanks for taking all the wind out of our sails $&@! Yankees.
  3. And, Chris Davis has hurt his back already. Really need to just cut ties with him and eat his salary.
  4. Twitter tweets being classless? What is the world coming to?
  5. My wife just told me. The Maroon 5 is the name of a pop band. That’s why.
  6. Lol. Start watching at 5:10 for the fourth down stop. “What a courageous call by Gregg Williams.” Same call that got him fired a couple weeks ago. Man was consistent if nothing else.
  7. I hear rumors that TB is going to roll out the dreaded read-option with their new QB. Any truth to the rumors?
  8. Did see somewhere that no team this century went all season without scoring any points on their opening drive. Great, another record we don’t want. Let’s go Team.
  9. Well the “no repeat winner” of the NFC East streak continues another year.
  10. I disagree. We're a young team on the rise with some of the most exciting players on defense in the NFL right now. They're going to try to showcase some of that talent. Didn't say we'd win the games or make noise w/o a QB, but we'll almost definitely make a couple prime time games.
  11. We're going to get a lot more prime time games next year.
  12. Not necessarily over... please Troy. You wish.
  13. Troy is really pulling hard for the girls tonight.
  14. I'm not sure why people are trying to make his taking the ball off the field some mastermind play. They're not supposed to use that ball for kicks. They bring in the K ball for that. So he's trying to save the time of the refs getting that ball and throwing it off by just taking it off himself. There's no way he could know there'd be an issue getting the kicking ball onto the field in time. He even said so himself. Sorry if I'm spoiling everyone's great conspiracy theories, but that's the simple and obvious answer.
  15. Wentz trying to lose this game? He’s playing terrible.
  16. Stephen Jones knows Cowboys have 'got the right head guy' in Mike McCarthy
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