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  1. Stephen Jones knows Cowboys have 'got the right head guy' in Mike McCarthy
  2. Anyone bother to tell the players they don’t seem to be good at their job either? Seems like a match made in heaven.
  3. The real question is: how do you come up with a fine amount of $4,833? Why not $4,800, $4,850 or even just round up to $5,000? Heck, why not $4,833.33 if you’re going to be like that? And he has to pay with exact change.
  4. Leaked by his agent to try to start a bidding war.
  5. Don’t celebrate too early the way the Falcons blow leads.
  6. Really, you don’t want a good teammate, hardworking, consummate professional leading your team? Lol, whatever.
  7. He’s accurate, a good teammate, a hard worker and a consummate professional. He literally is exactly the opposite of what people hate about Haskins.
  8. Yeah, maybe. Just think it's a little early to write his WFT obituary. Definitely a possibility though.
  9. Not sure I agree. I think it depends on how he answers the bell here. Maybe this is another "test" to see how he responds to his benching? Lots of unknowns here.
  10. With the tweet about him not taking any snaps, I'm thinking maybe this is just disciplinary. "OK, Dwayne, sit here in the corner for a week or two and think about why your actions might have upset your classmates teammates."
  11. Our only hope was nobody else would win in the NFC Least this year. Guess that dream is done.
  12. I think he doesn’t want to turn the ball over after last week. No he’s shell shocked.
  13. Especially the second part. Williams would have been all pro if he played for Dallas.
  14. I was definitely more encouraged by the team this year. Progress was shown, new talent was promoted and thrived in several cases. Not sure if it's the building blocks for just an average team or anything more than that, but it's a step in the right direction. Let's hope we can get to a more normal season next year.
  15. It was fun while it lasted but I think that’s about it for the Os chances this year. Look forward to seeing more progress next year hopefully.
  16. Ugh bad Os defense shows up again in the first.
  17. I might have to take back what I said about DJ Stewart. He just keeps hitting HRs.
  18. Yeah saw that on Santander. Sucks but gives a couple other guys a shot to show their stuff I guess. He had a good year. Hopefully he can continue to improve on it next year.
  19. Yeah DJ seems JAG. Nothing special to his game that I’ve seen.
  20. I hope this series is what causes them to miss the paloffs!
  21. DJ Stewart with another one against Tanaka. You can’t stop him you can only hope to contain him.
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