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  1. You can't say that when his reasoning for wanting out was being left out of ownership decision making. His original unhappiness stemmed from them trading Hopkins. Do you really think Ron is going to seek his approval before he makes roster changes, or hires front office personnel? Or that Ron's going to intentionally bring in someone to tempt Snyder's worst instincts?
  2. Don't think Watson would fit the Ron-centric setup... is Ron gonna commit to run FO decisions by Watson? That's the reason he wants out of Houston...
  3. Dunno, man. I'm in the field, and not so convinced Republicans are poaching the best and brightest. I'm convinced the messaging is more important than any empirical underlying facts. Republicans did more analysis on messaging from a marketing perspective and used that to inform Trump's platform. I don't think anyone has attempted to do what Obama's team did then, since. Dems were overconfident in '16. I don't think anyone with a legitimate future would align themselves professionally with dudes creating forecasts of covid deaths using stock Excel trendlines to tell the mos
  4. I've been thinking all along that Dallas' early season struggles are all due to missing their early season tuneup on the schedule. Dallas 45 WFT 28
  5. Disagree man. Ron cares, if he didn't, he would've never began dancing for the media anyways. The fact that he has been justifying his instinctual decision making with nonsensical answers, when he didn't have to, means he's somehow invested. His story doesn't make logical sense. Just be honest, Ron, say you did it 'cause you felt like it. I'd respect that more than trying to attach some opaque grand wizardry scheme behind it. One that defies what most coaches would've done. And any sort of analytics.
  6. Norv's not on Rhule's staff. He was named a special assistant to the interim coach last year, but isn't listed in any capacity, currently. Thinking there might be a reason he's not on the payroll that wouldn't change in that timeframe (Dan doesn't want him). Otherwise, there was no reason to not bring him on initially. Or maybe Ron wasn't thrilled that Norv didn't follow him out of the door?
  7. What's scary to me is Ron really didn't do anything once Gettleman got fired. He hasn't proven anything without him (or Cam, or Sean McDermott for that matter).
  8. I stand by my disappointment, in your disappointment as well
  9. Yep, on principle. Sounds like you're more disappointed we no longer have a voodoo priest coaching the o-line, that could make chicken quesadillas out of chicken ****. Nah man, clearly Wes Martin was among the '52' that couldn't perform because of that '1'.
  10. But to be disappointed implies Wes Martin is capable of more. The problem is him being trotted out as a viable starter, not the fact that he couldn't perform. For me, definitely Collins. I'm trying to think of a way in which this defense is possibly more confusing for safeties, because he doesn't look like he knows what he's doing in coverage. No explanation as to how he can be this bad.
  11. I think that's a reactionary take. If I told you a week ago the gameplan was going to be for Martin to single cover Donald, I'm fairly certain you would've predicted a similar outcome to what unfolded. There's a reason teams don't forget to account for what Donald can do. Putting a limited dude in an unwinnable situation, then blaming him for not winning, isn't fair.
  12. I was hoping he was an up & coming guy who had some of the offensive brilliance of his dad. Norv wasn't a great leader of men, but he could scheme an offense. Seems to me like Scott rose too fast. He didn't spend much time being a QB coach in Carolina, before he was elevated to OC due to Ron's firing. Probably wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue, if Norv was here as well.
  13. Asking Alex Smith to operate in that manner, on an idyllic fall day is stupid. During a torrential downpour, with no protection is incomprehensible. It means he ignored the game, the situation, the weather, the personnel. And he ignored the fact that the line couldn't sustain a passing game of ANY kind. I can't see how anyone can look at what's unfolding and feel confident that it's ALL talent. If it's your preference to hope these things will self-resolve, fine. The other games had elements of the same mistakes, sprinkled throughout. Honestly, I don't see how h
  14. I'm very much into empirical evidence...but how many guys are running free? Who is exactly is operating in space? Coaches scheme...if we witness performances like Sunday, questioning whether the team was adequately prepared is fair game. Noticing dudes dancing with air or double teaming guys while someone else runs free doesn't take an understanding of the highest level of football. It's amateurish to the naked eye. Read the words again. Putting Alex Smith back there, with the D's ears pinned back, and no running game made him a sitting duck. You had to know he wa
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