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  1. If the story is true to the extent to which we think, Trent feels like the team put Ws and Ls over his life. I think whatever he chooses to do from that standpoint, exceeds the importance of our fandom, or our expectations of the season.
  2. I think the only reason he's doing this now is because he knows he has all of the leverage with this FO. Personally, I think he should be told to wait in line until next off season. I don't think there are many suitors, at this point in the off season that will give him the kind of money he wants either. If he sits out, it certainly isn't the end of the world, considering we probably aren't going to be in contention. We need to be building around the young guys, not gifting vets retirement checks. And all of the guys that wouldn't get paid as much elsewhere as they do here, need to be on the chopping block (Norman, Trent, Kerrigan, etc).
  3. megared

    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

    Have there been talks of restructuring his contract? I think we should cut him, but since it makes sense on many levels, I doubt the FO does it. I don't understand the point of them writing contracts in this manner, if you're actually going to pay out years that were designed to give you outs. He's never played up to the expectations of the contract. For all of this talk about how great we are at negotiating contracts, why is it that a deal Norman signed almost 3 years ago, still hasn't been matched?
  4. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    There was never even a possibility of this happening. He created a MAGA boogeyman that never existed. (What're the chances two white men, wearing MAGA hats were going to be strolling on that street, at 2 am, on one of the coldest nights in decades?). The reason he chose that night was because there wouldn't be witnesses to undermine the story. The major variable to this scheme working rested with police not being able to track the suspects. He didn't want to go to police in the first place. He also didn't cooperate fully with the investigation before the wheels fell off. Just as police did with the co-conspirators, they would've been able to easily retrace anyone's steps via surveillance videos, phone records, etc. This was done to garner himself attention...not lock up innocent people. It's certainly fair game to criticize him for diverting police resources, and wasting a lot of folks' time, as well as lying about everything. But I think with the evidence reported to date it's clear this scheme was concocted to advance his career and increase his visibility.
  5. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    I'm fully expecting a jilted-former-lover angle to be introduced at some point. For him to be this defiant, I'd imagine there's more yet to be released.
  6. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    This is where I'm at too. He never wanted a real police investigation. In his misguided plan to reduce the number of witnesses, and plan this for a historically cold night, he didn't stop for one second to think how easily police would be able to retrace these guys' steps. The best thing he could possibly do for himself is avoid a trial at all costs. I can't imagine him coming out looking any better once the intricate details of this cluster**** are presented as evidence.
  7. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Disagree. This is one of those stories where news and entertainment intersect. Everyone I've talked to about it IRL has asked the same question ("why?"). I want to stop watching it, but it's a slow motion train wreck. This was the first thing that popped into my head, as the details of the 'incident' were being published:
  8. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    To be honest, reading this guy's social media before the incident left me with the feeling that he was a fringe lunatic. After all, if you had this much of a moral objection to what is going on in the country, wouldn't you find it at least slightly hypocritical to have your checks signed by the network most closely aligned with this administration (Fox)? And wouldn't you be keenly aware that your political stances are inconsistent with theirs and conduct yourself accordingly? I know a lot of people are coming out and saying they thought it was bs from the start, but I recall arguing with friends and family that the initial story never made much sense. This is not normal, even for politics.
  9. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    I guess...I'm just not seeing rational people, regardless of political leanings, doing this kind of **** for attention.
  10. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    He's a suspect now. Since he hasn't surrender to police yet, hopefully his crisis management team and defense attorneys catch convince him to seek help before he stands trial. He'll probably get the book thrown at him, which I have no problem with, but the whole thing (combining it with sending himself hate mail with aspirin simulating anthrax, cut out letters from a magazine) just screams either mental illness and/or substance abuse to me.
  11. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    I think the bigger deal may be the whole letter fiasco that involved the FBI. If they go after him for any of a number of charges they can bring up, he's not only looking at just losing his career, but also his freedom for a significant amount of time. I don't think he'll get very much time for the false police report from Chicago PD, but the FBI treats fake substances the same as what they're imitating. Best route for him at this point, is to feign mental illness, or claim he's bi-polar.
  12. megared

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Disagree. This was done purely for his own gain. Rumor was he was being written off of Empire, and he's trying to establish himself as a legitimate musician, and create a buzz around his first album. What better way than to make yourself the face of the victims of violent crimes as a black and gay man? He had a show shortly after the "attack" where he called himself the gay 2pac. He sold out 3 demographics of people (blacks, LGBTQ, victims of violent crimes) solely for the perceived opportunity of career advancement. I almost feel like he needs a mental evaluation, because this is not the behavior of a person playing with a full deck.
  13. megared

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    This is what happens when a culture of finger-pointing and 'CYA'-mode allow people to focus more on self-preservation, than doing their jobs well. It shouldn't be lost on anyone that this is a 'Team Captain'. Even though he's never been a top player on *any* roster he's been on, not a top LB, ILB, or even "player that wears a number in the 50's." This is the same thought process that led to Alex Smith being named a captain before he ever played a game for this franchise. I don't know what I'm more surprised at, the nonsensical way in which they choose captains, or that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix hasn't been named one yet. Even if I'm well aware that this roster isn't going to be fixed in one offseason, meaning we can't upgrade every position, I don't want this guy here. I don't want him around the young players, and it's a disservice to every one else that actually does their job reasonably well and conducts themselves professionally. Bad player on a bad defense. He shouldn't be starting. On a good team, he's a 3rd string LB, getting most of his snaps on special teams, and making the league minimum. Instead of playing for his next contract, displaying team leadership or good common sense he *created* this.
  14. megared

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Sad part about it is Alabama may run a more complex scheme than what those guys are in now. Not only were they obviously the cream of the crop athletically, but they have a defensive scheme that pro teams incorporate concepts from. Not to say Dix isn't underperforming, but how often did he find himself being the last line of a defense in college because his LBs were overmatched?
  15. Those were both non injury related retirements. The teams in both cases went after a prorated portion of the signing bonus because they were still under contract. Don't see that happening here, since the injury was unquestionably obtained on the job.