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  1. Guess we all become Dolphins fans now through the end of the season. I can only hope they continue to play Fitzpatrick and pick up a couple of games
  2. Well I for one am glad we didn't trade for Rosen. He's looked terrible so far
  3. megared

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    From a purely football standpoint, I wouldn't mind Tomlin. It'd be a welcome departure from getting a next in line offensive coordinator because of what he can do for your current QB. Considering we'd have to guarantee him 5+ years to probably get him to take us seriously, chances are, he'll get his opportunity to influence the next QB should Haskins not work out. But to trade draft picks to once again relive the non glory days of Tampa, I think I'd pass. Especially if the chain of command remains as is, with everyone on the football side reporting to Bruce. Only way this has a chance to be successful, is if Tomlin has a GM, and they both report directly to Snyder.
  4. megared

    Reality check time.

    Organizationally, they don't even have to try to tank. The offense has been noncompetitive, and they put all of their eggs into Case/Colt being adequate basket. Not to mention the defense....Bottom line, the team has continually trotted out worse iterations of "last year's" team for ages, and is selling us on the idea that health, new pieces (and now new leadership at coach) will make it better. It's not going to work. As long as the FO invests in this losing strategy, I'm going to hope they lose, because wins will be fleeting, anyway. If we lose enough, the fan base erodes enough, Snyder feels it in his pocket enough, and municipalities aren't lining up to host his stadium, something will have to change. I no longer care about a particular player, coach, FO guy, etc. I just want to be able to tune in to watch good football. I no longer spend money on the organization. As an out of market fan, I am resigned to the fact that I can't realistically sell my kids on ever being fans (especially when they're old enough to recognize them being terrible). Only hope I have for this season is that we receive a draft pick commensurate with where this team really is, and we keep it. And we pick the best player available at the slot. Other than that, I have zero expectations of this team, especially on the field.
  5. Could see it going even worse if Dan decides to triple down and not trade him in the off-season. Remember, Trent hasn't muttered one word publicly yet.
  6. megared

    I Fear Bruce Is Here Until Stadium Deal Is Done..

    If he's going to be here for the completion of the stadium deal, and get partial ownership out of it, he's probably going to be with the team in some capacity for a LONG time. At this point, it looks like Allen's the public face behind Snyder's meddling. There's no incentive for Dan to change him out, when he is now able to push his wishes down the chain of command and avoid media scrutiny on him personally. I'm hoping that he has to put the stadium somewhere so unappealing that Landover is where he's forced to stay. After all, Snyder may not have built it, but he sure did capitalize off of it being in the middle of nowhere. I can't see him having a stadium anywhere that he can't be the sole gouger of your money. So nowhere with metro access, or nearby free parking. Nowhere close to bars, restaurants that he doesn't own. As bad as the product on the field may be, the whole stadium experience has long been worse...especially if you have a basis for comparison (attending games in other cities)
  7. megared

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    What scares me is that he could really just be the front man for Snyder's meddling. Now I've gotta root for them to go 0-16. If that doesn't get him out of here, nothing will.
  8. megared

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Best we can hope for at this point is for Bruce to announce an exhaustive search for a GM, as a directive of Snyder. The time, if it ever were gonna happen under Allen, would be now, at this press conference. Otherwise I doubt his job is in jeopardy.
  9. megared

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    An contraire, the fact that he limited AB to the level of effery he did, should put him up for reconsideration for coach of the year. What's the thought? That the Steelers are going to exercise an escape clause this off-season? Otherwise he's signed through 2022, I think it was.
  10. megared

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    Hoping this isn't their plan to fire him for cause and get out the last year of salary. I'm going to give the FO the benefit of the doubt on this one, because Jay's done enough to lose his job on performance alone. Trying to weasel your way out of the last year of the deal is not business as usual, or normal, and I really hope the timing's coincidental. Depending on how it plays out, it could mean that nothing is changing with the FO. That's what I'm scared of.
  11. megared

    DJ Swearinger Released by Cardinals today

    I'm counting Houston, Arizona, Tampa, and us. Who else has he played for? For reference, Collins is only ranked a 66.5, at the moment. How about we stop picking up DBs that Gettleman has discarded? That should be among our top priorities, along with never trading for a QB from Andy Reid.
  12. megared

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Garrett was 24-24 after the 2013 season when Jones first let him enter the final year of his contract. The Cowboys responded by going 12-4 in 2014. If the Cowboys underperform this season, Jones has an up & coming OC in Kellen Moore that he could hand the reins over to. Guys, this isn't unprecedented, some crazy talk or a completely outrageous idea. In our situation...I'm more afraid that we can Jay, Bruce stays and we have Dumb & Dumber leading yet another 'search' that will result in a candidate that we have to guarantee more years to, in order to beat out competition, again. (And he'll probably have a connection to the post-SB Bucs teams that never accomplished ****). Names I wouldn't be surprised to hear: Gus Bradley, Nathaniel Hackett, Raheem Morris, Todd Wash, Pete Mangurian. But then the roster will still suck...and at some point we're finally looking for a new VP/GM while this coach has however many years left on his contract, fully guaranteed. I'm sorry, but until I hear otherwise I've gotta root for the outcome that most limits the long term damage Allen can further incur. I have no desire to think about Jay being gone, unless it's guaranteed to be a package deal.
  13. megared

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    I'm not calling him a 'QB guru'. I'm saying that it is what he's known for. A big part of that was the work he did with Dalton. Whether he was the most pro ready guy of all time, he got credited for developing him. It isn't my place to really debate that, because there were four teams lined up to pay him to coach...because of his perceived work with Dalton, and the Bengal's offense. The guy sucks as a head coach. Everyone knows that. But if you fire him to make the same mistake twice "We need a guy to develop Haskins"...what've you really learned? My point is at the end of the day, you might as well have just kept Gruden for the extra year. There's a lot of reasons to pick a head coach...let's stop fixating on the lowest hanging fruit. You can have a QB be developed without your head coach being that guy to do it. Garrett's situation is a "**** or get off the pot" move. Jerry's gotta decide if he wants to continue on with Garrett or go with their up and coming OC, Moore. I just don't see how it's such a taboo move to have a mediocre coach play out the last year of his contract. I get why the Steelers and Giants don't allow it to happen...but we aren't there as an organization. Gruden has accomplished absolutely zero to facilitate such treatment nor considerations. Being honest, I feel like the longer we delay the inevitable (firing/hiring the HC), the better chance we have of a full overhaul. If Gruden is canned during the season or before Allen, we can largely assume nothing is going to change structurally in the FO next season. If Gruden/Allen are canned together it means Snyder likely has someone in mind already. Going to go out on a limb here and guess it's going to be an offensive guy that's at least perceived as good with QBs. If Allen is canned first, it actually would seem as if Snyder's is trying to avoid swapping a witch for the devil this time.
  14. megared

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    What's the argument? That Haskins = Dalton or that the situations of the teams are comparable? You're misconstruing my argument. In a nutshell: Maybe we should broaden our coaching search beyond finding the guy that can make our newest shiny toy go. But, if you leave that decision to Snyder (&/or Allen) we aren't going to ever get beyond that immediate gratification choice. While you're making a big fuss to blame this all on Jay, you forget that it's equally possible that RGIII was going to bust regardless of who was coaching him. And even if he developed into a pocket passer, his body was probably never going to hold up (unless he decided to abandon the one thing that made him dangerous to defenses). Also, his career failed due to a multitude of factors and people, not just Jay. Whatever your ratio of blame is that falls between Snyder and Allen, please don't forget: the last non-offensive head coach we've had was Schottenheimer. Part of being more strategic is looking beyond the immediate needs, and figuring out an optimal long term path. I'd much rather have a strong leader of men versus a hot-shot offensive coordinator, at least this time.
  15. megared

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Why not? It doesn't appear to be derailing the Cowboy's season. I don't think the fact that the Viking's added a year to Zimmer's contract affected them being the mediocre team we expected.