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  1. Thank **** for that. Hope that dick rots in jail. Also hope his cellmate is a stacked 6'6 black dude with some questions for Chauvin.
  2. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/sports/nbcsports/christian-darrisaw-says-playing-for-washington-would-be-a-dream-come-true/2624797/ Not just a PG native, but a straight up WFT fan.
  3. Named my cat after him as I thought he would make it. Mistake.
  4. I'd take that. I'd take our Defense on Daniel Jones to start the season. Also means they wouldn't have any tape on our offense which presumably will have an enhanced playbook given the options that Samuels gives us. In fact, that's probably my preferred season opener. Get it out the way early.
  5. Maybe pony up the thirds to jump back into the second?
  6. I've seen a lot of people saying we need to go after Zaven, but very few saying it should be JOK. To me (and I appreciate I'm no draft geek and not as informed as many on here) I feel like JOK would be the better pick to fill that spot. Is it because people feel Zaven is a better player, or is it because people assume JOK will be gone at our pick? I'd be interested to see someone a bit more clued up than me break down the strengths/weaknesses and the fit in DC.
  7. Agreed on the Harris front, but someone else mentioned earlier in the thread (apologies, I forget who). For Harris to sign a one year deal - he's obviously looking to maximise his FA value next year. It makes a tonne of sense for him to do that by being the big star in a poor defense than one of the constellation in a great defense in DC. He's backing himself to shine, knowing Philly will be a relatively poor Defense so he will stand out more and get more press, more attention etc. His only big contract was $11 mill last year and $3mill the year before, so it's not like he has made bank f
  8. Can't believe that this far after the Sundberg announcement, nobody has yet mentioned the time where he BROKE HIS DAMN ARM in the middle of a game, and played the entire second half anyway. That's one story that always sticks out to me when Sundberg comes up in conversation. Absolute warrior, and always comes across as a really good dude. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2012/09/09/nick-sundberg-plays-with-broken-arm/ Sad to see him go, and wish him nothing but the absolute best.
  9. I'm so happy with this. I'm not saying he's the messiah, but he earned a shot to prove he can do it. I don't know whether he can or not, but the dude can play ball at least in spots and he deserved a chance to stay in the league. Worst case, he's a streaky back up. Great signing and really happy for the dude.
  10. We also just promoted Jennifer King on the coaching side. First full time black female coach in the game. Was literally thinking to myself about an hour ago that I am finally proud of the way we go about things in the FO. We're shattering glass ceilings and breaking moulds without even breaking stride. It feels like Bruce and the boys was a lifetime ago. It's a real breath of fresh air.
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