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  1. Why bother? Trent is old. Our receivers arent worth ****. Norman is overpaid and useless. We arent going to be competitive. Especially with Alex's contract being a 20mill cap penalty. Just use the draft to restock the roster. Eat **** on free agency and get a ****load of cap space. Tank the season and then start the rebuild from a decent base with a top tier draft pick in 2020.
  2. 12 men on field on special teams. Only the Redskins 😂😂
  3. Im not. Like i said. Let him play out the year and see what he can do against real defenses. Dude can throw and is mobile. Next year will be a tank season, someone gotta back up Colt and JJ likely to be vet min cheap. At least hes fun to watch and id rather see 3 games of him than sanchize.
  4. Ill be honest. Ive been quite pleasantly surprised by josh johnson. I know the giants are playing their scrubs, but im happy to watch Johnson play out the season with a view to maybe bringing him in to compete with Colt for our tank season.
  5. Me neither. I know he was about to be number one pick in some carnival league so i guess he must have. Hes not thrown a ball in an nfl game in 5 years is probably more accurate. Either way, who cares. We're playing a guy off the street we picked up 5 days ago. Through choice. It really doesnt matter who it is. Id like to see Johnson play out the season though. Less soul destroying than Sanchize
  6. Boooooo. I want the shut out. Some people just like to watch the world burn. Let us have our fun. Genuine Lol
  7. JJ hadnt thrown a football in 5 years before today...
  8. Lay off the kool aid brother. I want shut outs through to the end now. Blow this **** up nuclear.
  9. Yep. But Josh Johnson has started 5 games in 10 years and has 5 TDs and 10 INTs. Not saying Kaep is great, just saying its embarrassing we lied and said we though JJ was a better option because he worked with Gruden 10 years ago so was 'familiar with the offense'
  10. Rightly so. The Josh Johnson pick up was crazy. Kaep couldnt save this cluster**** team but how on earth you try and bull**** the press to say Josh Johnson was legitimately a better option and nothing to do with Kaep being blackballed is ridiculous... however having said all that, Johnson looks like the best QB we've had on the roster all season so far
  11. 5 games in his 10 year career. 10 INTS and 5 TDs. But he is familiar with the system...
  12. To be fair, they cant play us every week. Theyre not as good as they look tonight. Even a competent QB wouldnt make them better than a 500 team