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  1. Loved Adam Carriker. He wasn't the most talented player but dude worked hard and brought it every game. Loved his attitude.
  2. UKskins

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I put no - but I'm swayable. Landon gotta put it out there in the B+G before I'll accept him taking Sean's number. If he proves himself, and ST's family are cool then I'll accept it, but honestly I'd prefer to never see a player take the field in 21 again for the Skins.
  3. UKskins

    The Cult of Case

    Just playing devil's advocate, but you follow that scenario through, they get rid of him, get Cousins and don't even go remotely close the next year...
  4. Hell, Given the **** we've signed in FA over recent years, I'd be happy if we sign a starting caliber FA player
  5. UKskins

    Superbowl Sunday Thread

    Was born in 1987 and only been into NFL/been a Skins fan for about 10 years now so no Skins stories from me unfortunately. Any Redskin worth his salt should be rooting hard for the Rams tonight I would think given the McVay connection. Brady, Belichick and the cheatriots have had a great run and nothing but absolute respect for their achievements (although less respect for some of the methods they've employed to get there) but it is time for a changing of the guard. Sean McVay is one of our own - was an absolute credit to the organisation when he was here and produced some of the most exciting offense I've seen in my short Skins history. The guy oozes class, and I for one will be rooting hard for him and the Rams to lift that Lombardi.
  6. UKskins

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Saints vs Kansas in the SB for me. Could go either way but I'd have Kansas squeaking a victory. That Eagles game was fun. Missed field goal giving up good field position with lots of time on the clock - Eagles down by 6... Alshon misses a straightforward catch and Lattimore scoops the ball for the INT. I thought they were going to march downfield and scrape through again. I enjoy the fact they didn't. A lot.
  7. Dude is a mauler. Great pick tbf despite alot of fans' reservations (me included)
  8. UKskins

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Fantastic news.
  9. If you want to talk Peyton Manning - he restructured his deal with Denver and took a $4million pay cut to help the Broncos out at the end of 2014-2015 season, as they were tight on cap space and wanted to keep some key players.... Who won the Superbowl in 2015-2016?
  10. I can't speak for the NFL specifically, but I know in "soccer", the attendance is usually given for tickets sold, not people who actually turn up. Season ticket holders are included regardless of whether they turn up, so it is often stated as several thousand higher than the number that actually attended games. I suspect this ties in to what you're saying pretty well for the Redskins.
  11. UKskins

    2019 home/away schedule

    If we win 15 straight games then the team don't even make it out there for game 16.... Dan Snyder takes the field alone, does a lap, plants a skins flag at midfield, leads a chorus of HTTR and then literally mic drops his way off. All of this whilst naked. God I hope we lost at least once.
  12. I don't think he is unique, but at least most athletes have the balls to front it out. Sometimes it backfires like it did with Galette, but most athletes don't take to making ludicrous claims about God telling them not to take a deal etc. If you're chasing the money, own it, don't pretend it has anything to do with anything else. Kirk has more money than he can ever spend - Way more than most people earn in a lifetime so the "it's a short window" argument is nonsense. It's a fair point for players who are making Vet min etc but when you've got $50+mill in the bank,plus endoresements on top of NFL money, it's nothing more than an excuse. He milked us dry. He also has more money than the next 6 or 7 generations of his family will ever need. Brady's contract is prime example - they're perennial SB contenders because they have more money to spread around due to Brady's cap hit being miniscule. No doubt there are some shady dealings with that, and I'm sure he will get paid by NE in one way or another long after he retires but the fact remains that he has got the number of rings he has because the numbers on his contract are far lower than market value. The cap difference between Brady and KC this season will buy you Patrick Chung, Amendola, Edelman and change. Dwayne Wade dropped nearly $20million to allow the Heat to bring in Bosh and LeBron in the NBA. They won 2 championships. Kirk had prime opportunity last year to go all in with the Vikings to win it all - He could have signed a 3 year deal for $15mill per season - still incredibly well paid and more money than he or his family could ever spend, but enough change to get the Vikings additional help which may have taken them all the way. If Kirk really wanted to win, he could, but he values stockpiling money he will never spend over achieving in the sport. Ah there's the rub. He cares about Kirk Cousins winning off the field, not the team winning on or off it.
  13. Not really accurate - you're giving RedskinsNation too much credit here. SOME of us saw Kirk for what he was and wanted absolutely no part in signing him to a LTD, let alone for the money he eventually got. I would say probably most of the fanbase were screaming about letting him walk out the building. In fact plenty of us on here took quite a bit of flak for daring to say Kirk was not Marino 2.0. My record on KC was absolutely not wanting him here, not just because I thought he was a fraud of a QB who choked harder than Romo. I also think he's an absolute douchebag who has little interest in winning a SB. Kirk wants to win it all in his contracts, he couldn't care less about winning it all on the field as long as he's winning off it. Self-interested little punk who portrays this angelic image whilst talking out of both sides of his mouth. In light of that - I expand your GIF targets to all the Redskins fans who gave some of us **** for daring to have the opinion Kirk wasn't the second coming of Christ.
  14. UKskins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yep. 100% my plan too. We need to blow it up. Trade our aging high contract guys for whatever we can get - accept that we will go 1-15 next season and then come out of it with a top 3 pick and a boatload of cap space. There's no point trying to turn what we have got into contenders with the poor draft spot and Alex Smith cap penalty hanging over us. We need a reset season. At best we can go 500 again next year and be in exactly the same position yet again next off-season. Keep doing the same things, you keep getting the same results. Time to burn it down.
  15. UKskins

    2019 home/away schedule

    The "home" teams for international series have already been announced for next year - Chargers, Rams, Raiders, Bucs and Jags. So we definitely won't be playing an international game (unfortunately). I agree, with the way things are at FedEx right now, Dan would be sensible to put us forward for hosting a "home" game in the international series, but it definitely won't be next season.