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  1. That was my first thought too. I'm looking forward to visiting it this season- last time norwich were in the Prem, spurs away was midweek so not feasible for me. That stadium is ****ing awesome.
  2. Leicester City players celebrating their FA Cup final victory over Chelsea today. Love to see this.
  3. To put some perspective on this, 10 Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets since last Moday. 41 Palestinian CHILDREN and 104 others have been killed by Israeli bombs in the same time frame. A Palestinian child is currently 4 times more likely to die than any Israeli citizen. When the death toll is skewed 10 to 1 in favour of one side, it's pretty hard to sell me that we should be concerned for the oppressor, complicit in genocide by choosing to live in an apartheid state that abuses human rights, rather than the oppressed people. Theyve collectively voted in far right ext
  4. I'm sure I'm going to disagree with many people on this thread because the US has always protected Israel from criticism and accountability for it's actions, and I understand the support for Israel is far stronger in the USA than it is here in the UK, but I cannot understand how anybody could legitimately support the behaviour of the Israeli government. From the outset, I will be very clear. My Grandfather was in a concentration camp for 2.5 years (Political prisoner) and suffered some horrific treatment, including having a nail hammered through his stomach and an attempt to blow a
  5. Nah, I can deal with the 9.25 ones as I'm a night owl so am normally up til about 1 anyway, it's just the really late ones that are an issue. So 2 games that suck this year. The Dallas game is in school holidays so I don't mind that.
  6. Praying for as few Primetime games as possible. I'm a teacher so can't book time off and 1:25am kick offs are just bull****. Either have to sleep in the evening and get up at 1am - or spend all day trying to avoid seeing the score (about 80% success rate, so 20% chance I see the score and it ruins the game) and watch it when I get home. Either option sucks.
  7. I know he wasn't great but saying losing him is a plus for the team seems harsh
  8. I dont think he could force a trade. Who is picking up that contract for that production? At this point, I'd be pretty happy to see him force a trade to be honest as I'm pretty much bottomed out on my opinion of him as a player, but no way anybody bites.
  9. I think at worst he ends up being pretty handy.
  10. I wouldn't have thought so but apparently does. I'm looking forward to picking up another WR in the 7th whose pro comparison is Leonard Hankerson
  11. Yeah I'm not kidding that was who they threw out there
  12. Nfl Network pro comparison was... Jeremy Sprinkle.
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