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  1. I'm not sure Haskins is even a back up unless he gets some kind of accuracy level.
  2. Fair enough - I'm obviously UK based - not many of us here to talk WFT with, and kind of dip in and out of game day threads etc so must have missed it.
  3. At what point are we going to start asking questions about DHop? He's been really good for us for several years... however this season he is 5/8 FG (62%). All 3 misses have been 40+ yards to be fair to him (1 of the misses was 50+ yards). He has also missed an XP. I appreciate we're early in the season, but interested to see if people are starting to think about whether we need to hold some tryouts..... For me, I'm not quite there yet but I'm about one more miss away.
  4. This is critical for me. I'm sick of the team wasting time on lame ducks. Gruden was so obviously out last season so why on Earth was he coaching? Get rid at the end of the prior season and move on. Kirk clearly wasn't good enough and constantly proved he didn't want to be here. Why did we bother playing on with him for 2 years when he didn't want anything to do with the franchise? We should have cut bait when it became clear he had no interest in a long term deal. If this is the end of the road for Haskins, I'm at peace with that. Good luck to the kid, but regardless of if he can
  5. It's Gameday here in the UK. Kick off is a nice and reasonable 6pm. Not expecting much out of today, except the Ravens to give us a bit of a kicking if I'm honest. Interest level is unusually low for me given that we suck offensively and Chase Young is out. Main thing I'm looking for is to see the D step up in his absence. Seeing Sweat start to excel consistently without Chase on the field would give me a boatload of confidence that this Defense can be truly feared in a year or two.
  6. Morgan Moses can **** off. So ****ing sick of his penalties. I dont understand how he STILL hasn't got that figured out
  7. Pierre Louis has been impressive. He looks like a good pick up
  8. Haven't trawled the whole thread as had to do some work after the game... But please tell me somebody else heard them throwing out the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SEVENNNNNNYAAAAAAAAAA from the Lion King when Haskins made plays. This new FO creative team are fire.
  9. The new era is NOW. That front 7 are going to dominate all year long. We have a coach that can actually coach. Haskins clearly benefitting from Alex Smith's wisdom. I don't expect us to be over .500 this season - I think given our obvious holes we're probably a 6-8 win team.... but make no mistake, we have bottomed out and are now in the ascendency. Give this team a few more weapons next year and we could be competitive with most teams in the league. Having said that, the days of embarassing blowout losses are over. We'll give any team in the league a compe
  10. I don't really get the whole checking in your fancard thing. This organisation is FINALLY being sorted out and the scumbags kicked to the kerb. We have a respected coach who is also a POC. We brought in a woman into the heart of the FO. A very competent and shrewd woman too, she's kicking ass so far. Jason Wright seems to be just about the smartest guy in any room he walks into, is an exemplary character and is also the first black team president of ANY NFL team ever. So we now have a respectable structure with good, honest, decent pe
  11. A lot of really positive buzz about this hire. I watched the GMA interview and thought he came across really well. He has a track record of changing organizational culture, bonafide business credentials and has experience in a senior position at one of the biggest consulting companies in the USA. What on earth has anybody got to complain about here? The dude seems immensely qualified for the job.
  12. Devastated to lose Guice, I have been super excited about him since we drafted him but this was the right move. Rivera and co just sent a strong message to the locker room about accountability and the type of culture that we're building. Feels a bit like Guice was a sacrificial lamb to an extent in terms of the speed with which we dealt with him, but I don't know the facts of the case and a statement had to be made. Really glad we drafted Gibson. I liked the pick when we made it but no doubt it has become exponentially more important in light of the Guice situ. I sincer
  13. Much as I don't think he is the answer at QB and I'm ready to move on, I think it should be acknowledged what a journey he has been on to get back to this point - guy is a warrior. Wish him all the best in the future.
  14. Was this sarcasm or did this post not even last a minute before it was revealed that he did know something?
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