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  1. We also just promoted Jennifer King on the coaching side. First full time black female coach in the game. Was literally thinking to myself about an hour ago that I am finally proud of the way we go about things in the FO. We're shattering glass ceilings and breaking moulds without even breaking stride. It feels like Bruce and the boys was a lifetime ago. It's a real breath of fresh air.
  2. Exactly this. If Hurney is GM and that's it, then this is a really disappointing move. If Hurney is GM but Kyle gets a promotion to AGM and it's clear that Hurney is a stopgap until Kyle is ready to take the reigns and Kyle will retain most of the draft responsibilities, sure I can buy into it although I don't love it. If Hurney is an advisor and we get Cowden or someone in then I'm fully on board and it's a great move.
  3. I'm lost. Heinicke at $2mill after a showstopper performance, proving what a QB who can move could do for the Offense, or $24mill for Broken Alex Smith who can't move and got beat up on by Eagles backups because he has no mobility left and you think Smith is the better move? To put context around that, $22mill buys you Allen Robinson. $14mill for just cutting Smith if he doesn't retire gets you any other WR hitting FA.... Even in your Lance scenario, keeping Smith makes zero sense. So Heinicke and Alan Robinson/Juju (based on the $14 mill not because he compares to ARo
  4. Montez dressed for the playoff because we had zero options. A better way to think about whether Ron likes him, is that he scooped Heinicke out of his university dorm and immediately elevated him over Montez who has been around the roster all season, rather than put Montez in for the regular season. My solid expectation is that Montez stays on the practice squad and Alex is replaced with a cheap vet for a true QB comp with Kyle and Heinicke. Saves $14.7million next year and $21million in 2022
  5. See maybe that says more about you, because to me, the Heinicke Hive sounds more like a dance move from the 1950s....
  6. 78.4 last night 102 vs the Panthers
  7. But when QB costs you your round 1 pick and you're not even getting a top tier guy.... or it costs you 1,2,3, 2022 1,2 to get in the conversation for a top tier guy or you trade for a known quantity and it costs you 1st, 2nd, next year's first and 35mill of that cap space for a decent vet, are you thinking we can fill 2 x starting WR, 2 x CB, 2 x ILB from 3,3,4,5 and 15-25mill? If you pick up some cheap vet like Tyrod Taylor as competition/insurance, then fine, but I would say that's less aggressive than it appears Ron wants to be. I just think going QB this year kills us in terms of
  8. I get that, but in my opinion Kyle/Heinicke plus 2 stud WR and fixing ILB + CB is better than a new QB, scrub WRs + Terry and maybe fixing either ILB or CB. QBs cost money (and for us this season probably draft picks and players)... is the productivity from ponying up to get the QB worth it if the guy is throwing to WR who can't catch a damn ball that hits them in the numbers and we have to give up assets in the process? I just don't like that route.
  9. Our Defensive Coordinator has very similar political stance. Hasn't caused him too many issues so far. Im also not buying into this 5 quarters thing. Yes it's a small sample size. You know what else is a small sample size? Drafting a QB in Round 1 who has played zero quarters of football. We're rolling the dice drafting a QB, we're rolling a dice running with Heinicke. Roll the cheap dice and beef up the roster with some weapons. If Heinicke ain't "it" then we'll be very favourable landing spot for someone in 2022.
  10. Thanks - noted and duly edited - I think I've altered it appropriately to make the point without contravening any rules (but if mods don't agree then please let me know and I will sort it)
  11. Yep. Smith is likely to retire. Cheap vet and Kyle/Heinicke and stock up on weapons. Give them training camp to establish themselves as the #1 QB, and then they get the season with actual Wide Receivers to see if they can be the guy. If not, you're getting your QB in 2022 and can afford to throw picks at it if you have to - either in trade or moving up in the draft as both your Offense and Defense is stacked and an attractive option for FA too. A good spot to be in. For what it's worth, I think Heinicke with weapons would kill teams. He's basically Kyler Murray lite.
  12. I mean for sure, it will piss some people off to know that he is a Trump supporter but you're absolutely right. Those of other political persuasions can't sit here having watched a season coached by JDR and 20+ of being owned by Danny boy, who in addition to being pro-Trump is also a pretty disgusting douchebag too, and suddenly start crying because our QB isn't woke enough. There are people of all walks of life and all political persuasions on this board. Doesn't mean we can't watch/talk Washington Football together, just means talking politics will go south pretty quickly (which
  13. The story the media have been reporting is that when the Patriots practice squadded him, he showed up at 5am, and Brady was already there. I think he "gets it" in a way Haskins never did.
  14. Oh man, only just sinking in that might be Kerrigan's last game for us. He's a good dude, will be sad to see him go.
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