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  1. I’m all for Haskins. I don’t really want to win as i want the draft position but giving him experience in these conditions is a good idea.
  2. That’s not rain in the stadium, it’s Bruce Allen jizzing about how close we are.
  3. He’s utterly ****ing useless and shouldn’t be on a roster, let alone starting?
  4. Keenum sucks balls. He even probably does that badly.
  5. ****ing hell. You know it’s a weird game when Apke does something good.
  6. Dolphins winning. Number one pick could be back on...
  7. He’s also an absolute champ at pissing me off.
  8. I’m actually enjoying the game for once. Old school football in the mud.
  9. I know Fedex is a ****ty surface to play on, but didn't realise molehills were an issue these days
  10. UKskins

    The Brexit Thread

    Unfortunately, it's the public being trolled. The UK no longer supports or wants Brexit (those of us with a brain cell never wanted it in the first place). Why is it the Brexwits are so averse to a second referendum? They know they'll get hammered. Well over 200 of 240 something polls since the vote have Remain winning out.