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  1. I love the uni and the helmet is OK. Still prefer the spear (I know, I know, never gonna happen) but that's one of the better warrior logos. That uni is pure fire. If we keep the B+G then that should 100% be the uni, regardless of name.
  2. and you're assuming they identify as human... what about those that are species-fluid?
  3. I hate the warriors as a name, but I could buy in if we used the "come out to play" clip and we could keep the spear. I can lose the rest, but the spear is the lynchpin to Warriors being the name. Otherwise it just sucks. I know we're almost 100% to lose the spear and still end up with Warriors and a crappy logo though.
  4. Try the name change thread in the tailgate. There's 600 pages discussing it. Think the mods want to keep it there. There are other names that honour both.
  5. So I didn't see anybody else pick up on this from Ben Standig re: The Santos exit - apologies if I missed it - Seems convenient given the Redskins history and Rivera tie-in...
  6. Sidenote - Those same type of Algal blooms are the reason that the sea between Egypt and Jordan is known as the Red sea
  7. Thoughts on this logo? It needs tidying up but the concept/image choice? (not mine, Smoot retweeted it)
  8. There's so much marketing scope for the ol' 'munchers. Everyone waving their spoons pre-game. Munchers coming out to the masterchef theme. Every sack greeted with a roar of "Chow downnnnnnnnn" New cheerleader outfits....
  9. Yeah, on second look, I'm not a fan. Like the text, but the logo is not exactly the menacing wolf that we need.