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  1. UKskins

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    if the PAckers Run D is as bad as it looks on paper then Guice could feast tonight
  2. I don't want the high pick from tanking - I'd want to use it to stack picks and re-tool the roster with the multiple picks. Unless Chase Young was there, then I'm only interested in a high pick for a trade down.
  3. INT was called back as it bounced - was close but the right call.
  4. Yep and with a favourable SOS tiebreaker on Cincy (although they have some bad teams to play so theirs will drop, but I think we'd still beat them on SOS at end of season).
  5. We’re still picking at #3. Dolphins dropped due to strength of schedule so we moved up a spot. Bad news is NYG are now picking #2.
  6. Absolutely. I’m on board with losing out over winning and playing badly against poor teams. im also on board with winning out if we piss all over teams like we have today. It’s been fun to watch and lots of glimmers of future hope. We’ve been outstanding and so many great performances
  7. Guice averaging a paltry 12.9 ypc at the moment. Whoooooo. for the record, I’ve had some debates about tanking etc and I’m massively in favor of it if the only games we are going to win are playing badly against ****ty teams and scraping a 1 point win. There’s no joy in that for me. If we’re going to win games then you won’t hear any complaints from me if it’s like today. The guys showed up and I’m enjoying it.
  8. UKskins

    Josh Norman a healthy scratch!

    Is it possible to correct the thread title please? For whatever reason, you have typed "scratch" when (correct me if I'm wrong) it should read "Josh Norman is a healthy scrub"?
  9. UKskins

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Yep, with you on both points, and like I said, I get the perspective is different on the W/L.... but the way I figure is that the more good players in the draft when we pick, the better shot we have at not royally ****ing it up - sad, but true. Maybe there are ~100 Season Ticket Holders who feel inspired.... there's still two games left to make it happen
  10. UKskins

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Yep, I get that, and it's fair enough - but I watch every single game and have done for a decade, including the 1:30am starts when I have work the next day. Once or twice when the season has been wrapped up before a late game, I've watched it the next day, but normally I stay up for them. Even despite that, I just don't get any joy from beating a bad team and playing like **** doing it. We need a trade partner and with Tua done, who are people trading up for except Burrows or Chase? Jeudy? Maybe but I don't see it.
  11. UKskins

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    That's the point. Ours being better means they have the same record against worse teams and are therefore worse than us and warrant a higher pick
  12. UKskins

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Yes, it is different.
  13. UKskins

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Yep but Top 5 isn't Chase Young or a haul of draft picks is it? Top 5 is fine, but we've had such a ****ty season, and I feel we deserve a reward for that. Blowout wins or any kind of defeat is fine. These garbage, ****ty wins against terrible teams just doesn't do anything for me.
  14. UKskins

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    No, we are number 4 - Strength of Schedule is the first tiebreaker, head to head is second. We have had a harder schedule than the Dolphins.