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  1. If I watch the game with my reading glasses, it looks like the Skins are in the NFC championship game.
  2. The refs sure had those flags in hand and ready.
  3. Houston seems to be playing with zero energy.
  4. I find those penalties so tiresome. They taunt each other verbally all game.
  5. I like him much better since he quit talking to hear himself talk.
  6. I’m actually thrilled when Gibbs is involved.
  7. I’m hopeful because Gruden and his merry gang of losers are gone. I disliked him from the first day. Here’s to a better record in 2020.
  8. So the medical staff is not employed by the Eagles?
  9. Anyone know why Belichick had the extra press conference today? Was it because he didn’t reassure Brady he was wanted back? Because Belichick was just an ass in his post game conference last night.