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  1. seriously, and the token female who knows nothing. Give me players to discuss the game.
  2. He’ll hear Washington’s footsteps in his sleep. Man, our D left a mark on him.
  3. The only radio I have is in my car. Must get one to listen. I hate the putrid announcers we get who secretly hope we lose.
  4. Maybe we will get better announcers this season.
  5. I am SO impressed. Haskins is hurrying up. Making quick throws and choices. Good job offense.
  6. 7 sacks today. Our O needs to get better fast.
  7. Do we have a running back? Why was AP let go?
  8. Great plays....TD What do we say instead of HTTR?
  9. I agree. Lost my spouse 4 months ago after being diagnosed with cancer in October. Best wishes to RON.
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