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  1. Top 95 moves of Kevin Steen
  2. They are saying that the abnormality found on Jake's brain is from hits in the past from professional wrestling. This makes you wonder, would a group of former professional wrestlers sue due to CTE or the like? Similar to what the former NFL players have done in the past.
  3. Bray Wyatt is just beyond over to not ever have a title belt in the WWE. I get that his "thing" is he just doesn't care about that type of thing but, it seems like his character will go stale without eventual title runs. Bray vs Brock would be great for WM (and it doesn't have to be for a title). I'd also like to see Bray vs Bo (but not a Mania, obviously). Have Bray beat him over and over but Bo keeps "Bo-lieveing". It would probably not be a hit but, I'd enjoy it lol. I can't wait to see Solomon Crowe and Kevin Steen's character emerge on WWE TV. Steen would thrive in Reigns role. Big guy, over with the fans, and can actually wrestle. Solomon Crowe with his Sami Calllhan gimmick, not the Hacker gimmick which they seem to have scratched, would be amazing TV vs Ambrose, Rollins, Bray.. Add in Kenta, Prince Devitt, Willie Mack.. and the future looks ridiculous. WWE is in a transition stage it seems to a better product in a few years.
  4. praise_gibbs

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Searching Youtube about XBMC and I found out that I do not need a Tuner if I am using the software from my PC. I found this guy by accident and not only do I have XBMC up and running and watching Live TV, he is absolutely hilarious! Take a look if you want to watch Live TV from your PC or laptop (which could then be connected to your TV)...
  5. praise_gibbs

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Ok, so I am using my Vizio Co-star on my bedroom TV (42" LG) and I stream Showbox (looks to be similar to Time4Popcorn, only it's strictly an android app) and I get my movie fix. I need to get a wifi extender to get my Netflix working, I think, because it just will not load on this Co-Star. I think my signal is not strong enough so I want to hardwire it to cut out any lag, so to speak. As soon as the WWE Network is available for all devices, I am set for my bedroom. I am using my Xbox 360 to stream Netflix and the WWE Network on my living room TV (65" Mitsubishi). My next step, will be to get a Tuner (possibly the HDHomerun) to use my PC as a media center. I have XBMC installed but, it's not worth it for me to use just yet without the Tuner and repositories. So, until then, I am using a software called Plex. So any movie format can play from my computer to any bluray, XBox, or my Vizio Co-Star, effortlessly. I am gonna go the antenna route to get the basic channels (approx 13 channels) and for my football fix and Monday Night Raw, I am gonna figure out the XBMC for live TV. I feel like I am close to cutting out cable. If it were just me in this house I would be fine with cutting it now and streaming sports and WWE on various websites if needed. But, wifey needs to be able to watch TV with ease and not with a little work around. I'll get her on my side soon enough lol
  6. I just feel that the Champ should be representing your company, you can't do that when you don't show up. Right now Lesnar is scheduled for the go home show August 11th, Summerslam, and maybe twice more.
  7. Still think it's dumb to have a part-timer as your champion. Hated The Rock carrying the belt and will hate Lesnar carrying it.
  8. (on Stardust) I initially wondered why WWE didn't turn Goldust into strictly Dustin because the pairing of the Goldust character and Cody seemed off even if they are brothers. But, turning Cody into Stardust was a brilliant move. They seem more of a "team" now, a better pairing. The normal one line got a huge laugh out of me. (on MITB) I think at least one of the former Shield members need to win their ladder match. My preference is Ambrose winning the briefcase and chase Wyatt who would have won the belt. Those two on the mic would be must see tv. Though, it would be a random pairing with no build up prior to MITB.
  9. praise_gibbs

    Cutting the Cable cord

    I have a Vizio Co-Star currently but, want to get the Roku 3. I'm having issues with connecting my Netflix with the Co-Star so I'm using my kids Wii for netflix. In regards to the Tuner, do you need to get the Xbox Live gold? That was my issue with Netflix on the Xbox. I am not a big gamer and couldn't see getting Gold when I'll only use it for Netflix. But, can see myself getting it if it's needed for the Tuner to work correctly (cheaper than cable). I'm already shopping for a decent Antenna and do have an Xbox 360. Also, have a laptop and Desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium but also have Windows 7 Ultimate disc laying around if needed.
  10. praise_gibbs

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Now, for Hulu Plus: How quickly are episodes added for viewing? My wife is set on watching "her shows" as they air but, if they are added, say a day after or so, it could work in her and I benefit as we would have something to watch every day. That would certainly help our extremely busy schedules. Apple TV: I am very anti-Apple product. How does that compare to Google TV?
  11. praise_gibbs

    Cutting the Cable cord

    I have 3 boxes (1 DVR, 2 regular), HBO, Starz, Showtime... I've fought my case numerous occasions but, I do not watch much of anything on Cable to warant more than $50.00... The issue is that what I do watch requires higher pricing. If they were a la carte it would be a lesser issue.. My aunt is good friends with someone in comcast and she had me "cancel" and then she called her friend and he put me in under a new customer Triple Play package for $99.99 (included the works) but, that expired and added nearly $70 plus fees. Additionally, nothing Comcast offers is $400 worth of anything unless you have 15 dvr boxes/remotes, multiple modems, each and every package including the adult content.. and that even can't cost $400..
  12. praise_gibbs

    Cutting the Cable cord

    I am interested to hear your experiences and hopefully success stories about cutting cable TV out of your life.. I am paying about $200 a month for Comcast (phone, internet, and phone), Netflix, and WWE Network. For my wife and I, that $200 is stressing our wallets. With the amount of channel surfing my family and I do, is it worth it? I feel like I am paying a $.50 per click. I want to continue to use Netflix and WWE Network but also add Hulu Plus for our TV show viewing. The downfall? Sports. I live in South Jersey ("Eagle Country") so I get few Redskins games anyway so I find myself streaming them online. But, I really want the best affordable legal way to watch NFL games without using cable/satellite. So, what do YOU use: to watch movies.. to watch tv shows.. to watch sports.. Additionally, does anyone have experience with using the Vizio Co-Star?
  13. This is the guy that WWE signed to a developmental deal.. HOLY HELL!!! If they bring back the high flyers and center it around this guy... excitement.
  14. Does anyone follow the Indie scene? I don't attend many shows but, I watch through torrents and YouTube. Promotions like CZW, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Vendetta Pro, Dragon Gate USA, CHIKARA, ForceOne, ect.. I'm thinking the next guy to make it big has to be Sami Callihan. His promo work and arsenal of moves makes him a very interesting character.