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Game Day Thread Skins at Saints


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If Kirk plays like this more often than not, I can deal with the times he makes a bad mistake. Actually, “deal” isn’t even the way to put it.


This performance by Kirk Cousins today has been something I’ve never seen from Kirk. He’s been an absolute animal. If this is Kirk on a regular basis, pay him. He’s the franchise. I’m sold.

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3 minutes ago, Sticksboi05 said:


Pryor is garbage. The less he touches the ball the better.

Eh, I think he's had enough time in the doghouse to get another chance, especially considering we just lost our most productive receiver. We don't stand a ghost of a chance if we don't find a way to mix it up without him.


Anyway, that TD by Cousins. Empty backfield so he needed to get it done, but hanging in for that hit gets him crazy cred from me.

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