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  1. We smacked them in the mouth and they flinched. They were alligator arming the passes in the second half, making business decisions lol. About time we were tougher.
  2. Competent looking team .... not sure how to compute
  3. Kneel It down and go get your ass chewing, this guy ain’t Jay lol
  4. First touchdown of the new “Era” should feel better than it does for some reason
  5. Petersen might be too smart for his own good lol.
  6. Make Haskins beat you with his arm, fairly simple game plan they have going.
  7. Secondary blows who’d a thunk it lol. The athletic tight end has been our poison for what seems like forever.
  8. Think the Beagles receivers are starting to make business decisions lol.
  9. Under .500 maybe 7 wins but I think we can be in every game. Probably start out bad because there’s just too much stuff going on honestly and too many new things football wise to adjust to. Now if we can start stringing together some wins at the end of the season and finish strong I’ll be geeked as hell for next year, might even buy some “W” stuff lol.
  10. Well don’t have hear deadskins or foreskins anymore so that’s something positive. “The Sentinels standing guard over last place in the division” about the only knock I can think of with that name. Can you register a phrase?
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