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  1. Mara and Giants war room looks a little pissy, good for them
  2. Everyone “usually” does one thing extremely well and is adequate at the other things so hopefully the thinking is to divvy tasks up as such. Could be giving too much credit there so we will see lol. Possibly getting a bunch of names with weight to stop getting laughed at on the phone? Might be able to plan a killer Harvest fest ? Seems like kind of a top heavy staff which usually fights against smooth communication and cohesion which is what I thought we were shooting for.
  3. Maybe he doesn’t want the GM job, hard to fathom but it happens. I’ve turned down my directors job numerous times. Get paid practically the same without all the heat and I make all the decisions anyway lol. Guess we’ll know for sure soon enough.
  4. I don’t get the Kyle love, he did ok as far as we know and apparently didn’t go around playing slap ass with the previous dimwits, but what else? Rivera had the final say on the last go-round with Brucey and Gruden before that, so does anyone really know how good at his job he was or wasn’t? Very odd his name didn’t come up with all the openings. Hurney was mentioned as being the guy that facilitated cohesiveness among the different departments wherever he’s been good chance that’s pretty much all he’s here for, he’s self admittedly not a talent guy.
  5. Find another Mike Sellers type, not sure who currently compares honestly. Fullback, H back , or whatever his designation , they used him everywhere. Loved watching him annihilate linebackers lol.
  6. We lost but no one is laughing at us because we showed up to play when it mattered. When was the last time that happened ? There’s a long way to go but the foundation is built I believe. First time ever I’m hoping I’ll have to seek medical attention because I’d love for this to last more than 24hrs.
  7. We damn sure out punched our weight class this year. Heinicke is a gamer man, not sure about the future with him but he’s earned a shot. Impressed as hell with that guy right now.
  8. Captain Fear - Tampa bay Mascot Larry the Cucumber- VeggieTale
  9. To Start TampaTom is too long ,I shall refer to him as Tampon for efficiencies sake. If we can get to him and dirty him up a bit we have a chance, of course he’ll be quick passing the hell out of us to avoid that. To our credit we are exactly the kind of pass rush he’s had problems with in the past ala NYG. The key is our secondary and backers and I’m not exactly thrilled about those, Then there’s the whole offense thing lol closer than expected IMO. Homer pick, WFT -23 Tampon- 17
  10. Have had some doubts about Rivera the coach to be honest, absolutely ZERO doubts about Rivera the man. I’d love to see him lose his **** at a reporter at least once, bet it would be glorious
  11. Mara stole 36 million in cap space from us. He can take this and shove it right up that ol’ dusty hallway of his.
  12. Giants are getting so much love from the booth that Mara is gonna need a cigarette and a wet wipe when this over.
  13. Sims should never field another damn ball, I mean how many f ups does he get ? Nuts
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