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  1. They didn't want to give Trotz a 5th year. He would have been around 9 years at that point which is a LOONG time in the NHL. It was clear, despite the Cup win, that both sides were over it. Egos in sports Anyhow, love this Lavielette hire. He eventually wears out his welcome, but that is fine. This is a 2-3 year window to get another Cup
  2. Easily the most dominant player this team has had since Sean Taylor.
  3. feeling more of this then any excitement toward the season starting. The confirmation of how the org has behaved under Dan is another tough pill to swallow
  4. There was so. much more leaked and thrown out there to soften the blow of this. This is all very very bad. But the "bombshell" stuff was to hype this up to a point where the story could never live up to it
  5. 1. Besides some dot connecting, has there ever been any indication Bezos wants an NFL team? 2. Why would the owners want a titan like Bezos in the room? He can literally buy out the entire NFL without breaking a sweat. Can the collective egos of NFL owners handle that? (and as we have discovered with very rich successful folks, it comes down to ego)
  6. Met Larry in the press box before the last preseason game back in 2011 when I was lucky enough to help Murph cover a game. Super nice, chatted us up, no arrogance. Met him at Tysons another time, same experience. Just an ordinary down to earth guy.
  7. If there was any potential chance at an ownership change, no way does 1) we have a week of "guess what is about to happen...." and 2) the Washington Post doesn't already run with a story by now. Clearly something is up with Larry leaving. But I don't see it ending in jeff bezos buys the Redskins
  8. Yup. No Code Talkers. No Red Tails. No fill in the blank on a group. Bland and boring. I am still holding out hope for "pro football" or "football club" so I can avoid ever accidentally saying the new name
  9. He is a leader in this organization, needs to shut the hell up and focus on coaching & leading. Not spending time on twitter We all need to have very high standards for leaders of this team. The amount of time he has spent on twitter, talking about things other then football, is ridiculous.
  10. This is what I believe as well. The team hasn't won in a very long time and many memories are tied to the Washington Redskins. "Touchdown Washington Redskins!" "Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory..." I am not sure what I am going to do. Today is a funeral for me, and as logical as I like to be, I am totally irrational on this topic. I can't see myself being nearly as passionate about the "Red Wolves" or "Red Tails" I most likely won't refer to the team by that name for a long time (Redskins will slip in, or I'll default to Washington) and I am
  11. I have been to a few NC State football games since living in Raleigh. They are the "Wolf Pack" It is by far the most "small time" college football experience I have been at for a P5 team. The howling & whatever other wolf nonsense they do is an embarrassment
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