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  1. The child tax credit is a monumental change. What this will do to help young families. Hopefully this becomes permanent
  2. Needed a bit more from the defense tonight. Giving up 500 plus yards gave us no legit shot. Thank goodness Taylor played the way he did
  3. The kid balled today. So much fun to watch. Not sure if he can do it for 16 games a year, but certainly worthy of competing in training camp
  4. It is a time for justice and accountability first. Then we can heal. But every Trumper must be purged from the government and never have a role in it ever again
  5. That was the most enjoyable 3.5 hours of football I have seen in about 4 years. Nice work today boys
  6. What was the population of the nation the last time the SCOTUS number was changed in 1870? Add that many justices to the SCOTUS to match that proportion. My quick math, we should be looking at 51 justices. A Democratic Congress should have that bill ready sign on January 20th.
  7. They didn't want to give Trotz a 5th year. He would have been around 9 years at that point which is a LOONG time in the NHL. It was clear, despite the Cup win, that both sides were over it. Egos in sports Anyhow, love this Lavielette hire. He eventually wears out his welcome, but that is fine. This is a 2-3 year window to get another Cup
  8. Easily the most dominant player this team has had since Sean Taylor.
  9. feeling more of this then any excitement toward the season starting. The confirmation of how the org has behaved under Dan is another tough pill to swallow
  10. There was so. much more leaked and thrown out there to soften the blow of this. This is all very very bad. But the "bombshell" stuff was to hype this up to a point where the story could never live up to it
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