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  1. Heinicke was magical and was a major problem for Tampa Bay. How many thought that if the Team lost the QB would have been the reason why? The Team received national respect for their performance and Heinicke (with an assist from Payne) was the main reason why. He was literally the only reason why. Starter or not, he needs to be on the team next year. Admittedly, the sample size is very small, but he could be the best #2 QB in the NFL and could be a short-term fix as a starter if he could stay healthy.
  2. The WFT's best player by far was the QB. The O-line, the WRs, and the defense were trash.
  3. Trick plays are great when they work. In other words, that one was trash.
  4. As a Team fan for almost 50 years, I have to admit I didn't wake up in a great mood knowing they could have been drafting #10 in the first round. They would have had a real shot at getting the third or fourth best QB prospect or some other significant talent at a position of need. Since Washington is in the playoffs, I would like to see a win against Tampa Bay or a close, competitive loss to feel like losing the #10 pick was worth it. Winning a putrid division with a 7-9 record doesn't do it for me, especially with such a dreadful bottom three offense. Nevertheless, C
  5. It seems the Eagles have made an executive decision to pursue their highest draft position (to the great harm of the Cowboys and Giants). It's the old killing two birds with one stone routine. I am now convinced that Washington will win with the odds so heavily stacked in their favor. The one unknown is the QB. Poor QB play could significantly undermine the Team. As tempting as a higher draft pick sounds, a loss to this Eagles team, as presently constructed, could actually do more harm than good going into next year. OTOH, it could enable the WFT to get a top 4 QB.
  6. I's obvious that the Team has one of the worse situations at QB in the NFL. Haskins is trash and Smith's injury may negatively effect what remains of his career not to mention he's mediocre at best when healthy. This team needs a good, young, and reliable QB going into 2021 on their roster. Haskins is Washington's best chance to get a top four QB in the upcoming draft. I am back to being torn between winning the division verses getting the highest pick possible. As of right now, the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys are picking 6th, 8th, and 11th respectively. If the Team loses nex
  7. Maybe a top 12 draft pick. Maybe? Just kidding. I think Rivera played who he thought gave him the best chance to win.
  8. It looks like too many injuries at key positions has done this team in again. Well if the Team doesn't get into the playoff, they will probably be saddled with a top 12 draft pick and a real shot at drafting one of the top 4 QBs. Not an awful consolation prize.
  9. The young man "done messed up" big time. His play on the field has been borderline atrocious and his behavior off of it has been inexcusable and makes no sense when you have virtually no value as a player. But he was drafted #15 in the first round. So I want the team to keep him and try to trade him in the offseason for whatever they can get. If there are no takers, let him compete for a job one more time in training camp. If he shows no improvement, then cut him. The league done messed up by possibly drafting a total bust in the first round.
  10. IMO, his lack of touch is an IQ problem. He's not playing using his mind. He lacks the nuance, because the game has not slowed down for him...and maybe it never will. His lack of accuracy and touch and his lack of calm with off-script plays make him look like he's in way over his head. As I stated in another thread, Haskins is too skittish. As such, he may never be consistently good.
  11. I hear you, but I do have one criticism. If you are a fan, you should have used a disappointed face emoji instead of a smiling face, because you want to be wrong about Haskins. Right?
  12. In order for the Team to win the division with a 6-10 record, the Giants would also have to lose all three games. Frankly, I don't see the Giants losing to the Cowboys in week 17 if they are still in the hunt for the division. OTOH, I see a tank job by the Cowboys to improve or maintain their #4 draft slot. But, then again, if the Cowboys will maintain their draft slot even if they beat the Giants, they will be a problem. To knock the Giants out of the playoffs would be a nice ending to a horrible season. And I agree with you that if Washington can win one more game, they will
  13. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if Smith doesn't come back, the Team could finish the season out of the playoffs at 6-10. If they finish 6-10 they will pick no worse than #14 with a chance to get one of the top four QBs probably by trading up. To be clear, I don't want that to happen. I hope the Team wins the division. But if Haskins starts the last three games, chances are good the Team loses all three. The injuries combined with Haskins as the starter shouldn't lead to a crisis of confidence causing them to backslide in 2021, because Haskins is really bad and the playe
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