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  1. Other than one of the top four QBs, I've also been hoping Darrisaw would fall to us at #19... or some other talent that the Team can't pass up. Otherwise, I wouldn't be upset with a trade back to the mid-20s or so for maybe a late third-round pick.
  2. He's ultra-athletic, smart, and fast but his size does give me pause. The draft can't get here soon enough. It's exciting every year, but this one for some reason is hitting me different from past years. I think it's the intrigue mixed with the hope of solving the Teams QB situation possibly for the next 10 years or more...along with this crazy Mac Jones talk. I don't know. The talent at the top of the draft is insane. Yet there is a ton of talent still to be had throughout the draft.
  3. If that's what he was referring to, Fitzpatrick is a career journeyman. Based on sheer consistency of quality of play, he and Matt Ryan shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. Not to mention, Ryan hasn't shown any signs of physical decline. Or has he? OTOH, I totally agree with you about Pitts going to the Giants. No NFC East fans, other than the Giants, want to see that.
  4. I have no idea what you mean by that. You could have taken a moment to explain. Thanks for the non-answer.
  5. The Falcons could select a QB at #4. How would y'all feel if the Team traded pick #19 to the Falcons for Matt Ryan? IMO, he'd make the Team instant contenders for the next few years at least. He turns 36 in May.
  6. I've never believed for a moment that the 49ers gave up three firsts and a third to move all the way up to pick #3 to ensure they draft the consensus FIFTH best QB in the draft. They are not that stupid. It doesn't matter if Jones is the best fit. Basic math makes that trade to #3 to get Jones utterly moronic. I so hope they draft Mac Jones. That would be the dream of dreams coming true, because it greatly increases Washington's chance of getting Fields or Lance. If we could be so lucky!!!
  7. This is where the Team offering one of their four DTs could tip the scales in their favor.
  8. Hang up the phone. You don't trade a second-year franchise DE the caliber of Chase Young for a player that you hope will be a franchise QB one day.
  9. If Washington is to have any chance at either Justin Fields or Trey Lance, the 49ers must draft Mac Jones which would be insane IMO. Then I could see Denver at #9 trading with Atlanta to get either Fields or Lance at #4. Cincinnati and Miami will make their selections at #5 and #6 respectively. Then Detroit at #7 is where the real bidding war for who remains between Fields and Lance begins between New England, Washington, and Chicago. Very little separates picks 15, 19, and 20. So the team that offers the best trade package will win pick #7. I think Washington has the edge, b
  10. With the 19th pick, the WFT must take the best player available regardless of position with the possible exception of DT. They don't want to draft a bust or below average player in the first round by reaching for a player at a particularly position. If they are targeting a position, then they should either move up or back, if possible, to get that player when he is the BPA on their board. If they can't, draft the best player available...please.
  11. There is but one Collins that had a tougher sounding name than Zaven Collins and I could see him as a hard-hitting CB or FS waaaayyyy back in the day. And that would have been Barnabas Collins. Now that's a name. If you don't know who he is, google him. I can imagine that dude lurking in the secondary looking for necks! In this era, you could probably get him to bite on double fakes or get him to suck on play-action passes.
  12. IMHO, trading away two #1s and a third go go up to #3 to get Mac Jones would be one of the dumbest trades in NFL history. Mac Jones is not going to be drafted ahead of the top four QBs. The 49ers could have made that trade with Philly for much less and drafted Jones at #6. I don't want Washington to draft Jones if he fell to them at #19. For whatever reason, the media is hyping up Jones. I don't get it.
  13. Zaven Collins looks special. He has size, speed, hands, and most important, IQ. Can JOK be durable enough at LB at his size. He's the size of a safety. I don't know the intricacies of how to best utilize players so my take is very limited, but JOK's size concerns me.
  14. With injured players coming back, with free agency improving these teams, and with very high draft picks, I think the NFC East is moving in a positive direction. The division will be much better and more competitive than it was last year which, IMO, is a great thing.
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