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  1. Beyond football, his parents and all who are a part of his life should be very proud of him. I just met him in this video and I can say that I am. May he continue to be the humble, grounded, sober-minded, hard working young man he appears to be. And may his dream of being an outstanding football player and productive member of society come true. Whether he makes it as a professional football player or not, I am a huge fan. Him shutting down receivers on Sundays would only be icing on the cake.
  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Skip really flipped out that day. I assume the subject was the Cowboys...or LeBron who Skip hates on every chance he gets. Now back to our regularly scheduled program (the draft).
  3. If feasible, I would like to see them trade down in the fourth to pick up a 6th-round pick since they don't have one. Then pick people who have the best chance of making the team and contributing regardless of position. In other words, trust their board.
  4. I was thinking TE or simply best player available to include edge rusher.
  5. The Giants take Cosmi because they think Washington wants him.
  6. IMO, the WFT got an outstanding football player last night. I think it's fair to say that Jamin Thomas is the most talented LB on the team. The potential to be great is there. The defense is starting to look very scary. There is a lot of talent at multiple positions left to chose from at pick #51. They should take the highest rated player among OT, TE, WR, S, LB, and CB. There is no reason for the WFT not to come away with players that will make a meaningful contribution to the team.
  7. I would not be upset with Harris or even Tevin Jenkins. I predict JOK.
  8. If he's there, I predict the WFT takes Darrisaw. OTOH, I wouldn't be upset with a trade back.
  9. This thing has taken an ugly turn. I gone from laughing to crying. The NFC East has thoroughly screwed us.
  10. Wow!!! The Bears got their QB.
  11. The Giants may have taken him. So far, things couldn't have turned out better for WFT fans.
  12. Dallas should be looking for a trade. They are not in a great spot to pick a defensive player that they want.
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