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  1. cakmoney61

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    As a fan of the Redskins for over 45 years, I just realized what I'm not capable of doing. I can't watch them and hope they lose. I want them to succeed every play. I truly love this team.
  2. I agree 100%. So the draft order should be derived as follows: (1) worst record, (2) worst SOS, and (3) worst luck via coin flip. And everybody knows the Redskins would lose the coin flip!!!
  3. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    The Redskins are flowing and are confident right now with two wins in a row. But they are facing a whole other kettle of fish this week: Aaron Rodgers!!! Packers 31 Redskins 17
  4. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: The McCaffrey Show

    Good point. The indifferent, however, probably don't watch with much intensity if at all.
  5. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: The McCaffrey Show

    I feel you! But these are unusual times. Being a dreadful team with a 1-9 record can change one's thinking after rooting for them to win for 46 years or more (that would be me). Last week, I bordered between indifference and wanting them to lose in order to get the highest draft pick possible. When all is said and done, what I desire will not change the outcome of one game. At 2-9, however, I'm still interested in getting the highest draft pick possible for my #1 favorite team period no matter the sport.
  6. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: The McCaffrey Show

    Were you being sarcastic? Or were you wanting them to win or lose? I think most Redskins fans at this point would feel mostly indifferent if they win or lose, although we all have a preference. For example, quite a few would prefer they lose to get the highest draft pick possible. OTOH, I have a hard time imagining many fans desperately wanting them to win.
  7. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: The McCaffrey Show

    The game against Carolina could be more competitive than most people think. The Panthers are only 5-6 and they played horribly at the 49ers (loss 51-13) and at home against the sorry Falcons (loss 29-3). Also, they are on a 3-game losing streak. So anything can happen. Do I expect the Redskins to win? No, but it wouldn't shock me if they did. I'm expecting good Carolina to show up today. Mainly because their offense is much better than Washington's. I predict, however, that the Redskins will score one TD for a third week in a row!!! They might even score two but miss an extra point. When all is said and done... Panthers 27 Redskins 13
  8. They need to trade down far enough to regain a second-round pick. Added: No matter how the game ends between the Giants and Dolphins, the Redskins will pick higher than one or both (if they play each other to a tie) and the Redskins lose out. All bets are off, however, if the Redskins manage to beat the Giants. They could end up as low as seven.
  9. cakmoney61

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    To be clear, I was a little disappointed that they won, but not overly so by a long shot. I am extremely happy for the young players on the team. Getting the #2 pick is still very possible, especially if they don't win again this year. The chance of that is extremely high.
  10. cakmoney61

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    The week I decide to let winning go to chase the #1 pick they freaking win a game! You can't make this up. If I had known wanting them to lose would cause them to win, I would have started week one.
  11. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    Look, I'm easy to get along with, Mr. Snyder. Since I would be driving to the stadium from North Carolina, I would be there with bells on under the following conditions: I need gas money for the round trip, money for seats at the lowest level at the 50-yard line, and money for parking. Mr. Snyder, if you do that, we have a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please note that I have left out hazardous duty pay for having to watch this mess up close and personal for all four quarters!!!!! The risk of going blind is quite significant.
  12. cakmoney61

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    There are levels to everything in life. Concerning pro football, the Redskins sit at the lowest level. Detroit is simply better. #1 draft pick here we come. Lions 27 Redskins 10
  13. cakmoney61


    Wow!!!!! A 2-7 pro football team is beating another pro football team 34-3. It begs the question just how bad is that football team?
  14. cakmoney61


    It's not surprising anymore. We've been watching this level of pro football for most of the last 28 years.
  15. cakmoney61

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I would like to think, as flawed people, we are all above hating people as a general rule, especially in the context of sports. I do hate teams however. The Cowboys, Yankees, and Lakers quickly come to mind. In spite of that, I clearly see your point and totally agree. I would take Cousins over Bob every time.