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  1. The only environment you can create for a QB who can't hit open receivers is a dominant running game, so he doesn't have to throw the football.
  2. I get the feeling that Rivera is willing to ride with Haskins, because his horrific play could lead to drafting very high next year where he could possibly get his franchise QB or some other great player(s). In other words, he tanks the season without looking like he's tanking the season. There are some enormous holes on this team and extremely high draft picks could help remedy that.
  3. This is where I'm at as well. IMO, it starts with accuracy followed by arm strength. Who cares if you can read and manipulate defenses if you can't hit open receivers consistently. In fact, I don't know if a QB can manipulate a defense if he can't hit open receivers.
  4. Hitting open receivers should be a minimum requirement to be an NFL QB. If Haskins cannot consistently do that, he should not be playing QB at the NFL level. I suspect he has this year to prove he is the QB of the future.
  5. Games like this from Haskins is the reason why many experts expect Washington to be drafting in the top 5. As such, drafting a potential franchise QB is not out of the question yet, because there are not many wins to be anticipated on Washington's schedule. Let's hope the lights come on for Haskins making the drafting of another QB unnecessary, but it doesn't look promising right now.
  6. I have no idea. The media isn't giving The Team any credit because they played the Eagles' second string due to all of their injuries. Based on all the problems that still exist, its sounds like The Team is still on course for at least a top 5 draft pick. I want to see what the defense does against the Cardinals. Fans and foes alike think the OL is atrocious, so I'm not expecting much from the offense. Hopefully the defensive line can keep the WFT in the game. If I have to pick a team and score... Cardinals 23 The Team 17
  7. To say I'm pleasantly surprised would be the understatement of the decade.
  8. Yes they did. So the RBs are truly an unknown going into 2020. I predicted 6-10, but the season could really go off the rails with all the unknowns at so many positions.
  9. I was hoping you were going to tell me the other three RBs were going to play great. At his age, AD can be considered an unknown, too. I was giving the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt if they decided to keep AD.
  10. The D-line is expected to be dominant. The LBs and DBs are an unknown, but should benefit from the D-line. The QBs are an unknown. The RBs , besides AD, are an unknown. The WRs and TEs are considered subpar. I hope I'm wrong, but I think they will finish below .500. I guess 6-10.
  11. Are they still the Burgundy and Gold? Then you have my answer.
  12. Hail to the Redwolves Hail victory Wolves on the prowl Fight for old DC I didn't like Washington Football Team when I first heard it, because I wanted to get the name change done as soon as possible. But it's not a bad idea. We probably want too much too fast. They should take their time deciding on a nickname, a mascot, helmet and uniform changes, a fight song, etc. Let's get this right the first time. We will spend this year adapting to the loss of the old name allowing it to sink in to come back next year in celebration of a new identity and hopefully a good
  13. Huh? The point is that Joe Gibbs' teams had a name. The fact is that Joe Gibbs goes down in history as being the coach of the 3-time Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins... and not the Washington Redtails. It cannot be changed. OTOH, I feel that pain, too. The Redskins have been a virtual circus over most of the last 28 years. And nothing can change that either.
  14. Ouch!!! Talk about a possible cold hard slap of reality to the face. Ugh...
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