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  1. google "reddit nfl streams" there's multiple streams there don't open or click pop ups...don't update flash player... close pop-up windows without clicking on them play video and enjoy
  2. easternNC... google my post above... the links are on reddit nil streams
  3. reddit nfl streams don't open or click pop ups...don't update flash player... close the windows play video and enjoy
  4. NFLSTREAMS on reddit... there will be a thread for the skins/cards just before the game starts... use a verified streamer and close any pop-up ads (don't open them)
  5. http://bilasport.net/game/new-england-patriots-vs-washington-redskins-1.html
  6. No broadcast here. This worked well last week:
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/ One hour before kickoff the thread will be posted
  8. this is working: http://www.arysports.ml/p/nfl-19.html
  9. Shredders post is the streaming link... click it.
  10. Hey FS21... will you have the link today for the Rams game?