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  1. Muriel Bowser will send Thanos and Voldemort to your house if you even reminisce on a Chris Cooley touchdown play. Don’t tempt it.
  2. DCFC (DC football club) just has a nice ring to me. I know most Americans hate soccer but I think emphasis should be on the city/region instead of the name
  3. Yes the govt will send Dr Manhattan to your house to vaporize you if you dare watch a clip from 1987. God help you if you have a hat lying around. Be safe.
  4. I’ll humor you: A bunch of black kids reclaim the N word to create a rap group A white racist creates a team to “honor” Native Americans’ heritage without any Native American representation in the entire organization. A slight difference there. Not sure what it is but a slight one.
  5. I don’t hate the Wizards name honestly. If they weren’t perpetually ****ty, no one would care. The 2nd biggest team in American sports is named after a bunch of Lakes from a state they haven’t played in over 60 years lol
  6. LOL that first point is so absurd that I’m surprised you typed it with a straight face But you are certainly entitled to your opinion as a Native American
  7. Redskins play football in the nation’s capital and at one time were one of biggest franchises in the sport. Also, the name is literally REDSKIN Chief Wahoo is incredibly offensive but the team is mediocre baseball team in Cleveland so they don’t draw as many headlines. Also, they’ve quietly tried to distance themselves from that logo over the years. They pretty much just use the generic “C” as a primary logo
  8. I got you. I think the logo is beautiful. Very respectful. I just wish it was actually used by a Native American outfit. I guess it is a debate on appropriation. I imagine your demographic is the determining factor on how you feel most times
  9. Dude, I’m a black man in America lol. Im sure you can’t understand but reconciling things you love with their problematic histories is a daily battle
  10. No I got that. But how many employees of the team over 80+ years have bern “red men”? That’s my issue. Sure, they designed the logo. Nice. Franchise is worth billions of that name and logo. What have they gotten? Nothing. This isn’t even an area of the country with a super big population of native Americans relative to the rest of the country And I get that this is America and business is business but the morality of that is hard for me to accept nowadays.
  11. I could maybe get with that if George Marshall was Native American. Or if there was a heavy history of them being involved with the team. There isn’t. The name literally is in reference to the color of people’s skin. I guess it’s supposed to honor them as great warriors but when you take into account America’s history as seeing them as mindless savages that killed indiscriminately, it all gets really nasty in my opinion
  12. I stopped wearing gear when i lived in PG County. I’d literally get jokes in every store i walked into. It was always in good fun but it was insane feeling like an outsider in the ****ing DMV Im tired of the jokes. Snyder killed that brand. I’m literally can’t wait to buy new ****. Might end up just as terrible on the field but at least it’s something new
  13. If the Redskins/Chiefs/Braves were founded by NAs or represented a heavy NA area then that would be one thing. This is why there isn’t an issue with schools adopting the moniker that predominantly Native American. But they’re all founded by non Native people with a fanbase and players that are predominantly non Native. They literally use the culture of marginalized races for logos and motifs. No, I don’t think that inherently means that all or even any involved are Klan members or are violent bigots but racism isn’t limited to burning crosses or other over the top physical acts. Casual racism has negative effects and needs to be addressed.
  14. I’m excited. Super excited. Something new. 3 decades of embarrassment and we get a shot of starting anew. Again, I totally understand those older than think I’m nuts
  15. Ok, I’ll now randomly point out that the Skins were the last team to integrate. Where do we go from here in this conversation? Totally fair.
  16. They are losers because Snyder is stubborn and hard headed. Changing the name finally might indicate he’s turning over a new leaf. Why is that hard for you to understand?
  17. That’s great news. Unfortunately you’re outliers. Make sure you have a ton of kids and make sure they are fans too. Just for reference, every sports store in PG County has a Dallas Cowboys section the same size as the Skins. Seems to be similar in parts of NoVa too. I moved to VA late last year after living in MD most of my life. Every time I wore Skins gear outside the last 3-4 years in MD, i was made fun of. Every time. I swear on everything. It is extremely bad. You’ve seen the crowds at “home” games I’m sure.
  18. Where do you live? My experience is completely different. I know 3 other Skins fans under 35. And in addition to that, the metrics bear it out as well