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  2. ....this man is going to actually be on the field a decent amount lol Please don’t tell me this is the LG solution. No way no ****ing way lol
  3. I usually have no issue taking chances on former top 10 picks...but this man has zero redeeming qualities god bless Case when Trent/Morgan miss their designated 4-5 plays a game due to injury

    Starting QB 2019???

    Are you saying Case and Colt are good players?
  5. I can’t see the team with the worst QB situation in the division (and probably worst offense overall) competing for anything. But it’s still early. Maybe they luck out and have a once in a lifetime draft
  6. Sure. 2019 is the pressing matter tho. Think there are too many holes for a safety to cover up. if the team lucks into good roster construction in the future, then yes, his impact is amplified
  7. He’s a good player. I just don’t see him alone adding Ws to the ledger
  8. By no means is he a great coach but I feel bad for Jay. This season is setting up to be a disaster and he’s going to be the one to bear all repercussions. I firmly believe he’ll be gone before Thanksgiving. If I was him, I’d be leaking **** too. Save yourself

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Just had an idea one way they could generate goodwill with the fans would be letting the fans decide. Use a twitter poll, FB poll, Send out email surveys.
  10. That last paragraph is my sneaking suspicion that I’m trying to ignore...
  11. No, they’re bums because the roster is just kinda terrible and after a week of free agency, it’s still kinda terrible heading into what has to be a playoffs or bust year for the HC and FO
  12. I the only one kinda disappointed with free agency thus far? I don’t think the team is any better than they were going into last season. I think DJ v Collins is a wash. WR is still a mess. Guard is still a mess. Secondary overall is kinda a mess. I expect the EDGE to be addressed in the draft but still. Not looking good for being “close”

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I only say no because the minute he plays poorly and the team isn’t winning, he’s going to get crapped on. Remember Su’a remember Haha
  14. How much better is Collins than DJ was?? I’m not sure the difference is material tbh