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  1. I’m kinda all in on Stafford. Really think we have a shot to have some fun in the next two years.
  2. I’m a little drunk and excited BUT if my math is mathing properly....if we win AND: CHI wins, we host the Rams next week NO wins, we go to New Orleans I’m speaking it into existence ! Lol
  3. Chance for the biggest upset since the first Giants- Pats SB. This would literally be played over and over for decades. True NFL Films moment. We’re playing with House money. Let’s do it
  4. I know it sounds weird but i feel like Heinicke will move the ball pretty well and put up some points. However, i think he has at least 3 picks in him so i don’t think we have a chance with him. Reminds me of 2013/2014 Kirk. We can’t win a game against TB with that type of performance. I see a 2 TD, 3 INT, 260 yard game. Our only way to win is to squeak out a 20-17, 24-21 type of score with the QB literally being a manager that protects the ball. Alex has struggled with that this year but I’d trust him more than Heinicke to do that. So yeah i think this is a really tough spot. I thin
  5. I have the Bucs going to the Super Bowl. No shame in losing/getting smacked around by them in year one of a rebuild We keep it fairly close going into halftime but they have too much talent on both sides and our QB position is a disaster. Bucs 31 WFT 16
  6. I’m thinking more and more about going after a good vet like Stafford or Matt Ryan. QB16 level play will give us a shot at 11 wins next season imo.
  7. This made me sooooooo happy. I love it. Welcome back I’ve been looking all day for game status on Chris Simms and Cadillac Williams. I assume Derrick Brooks is just going to sit out in fear after watching Jason Campbell light it up last night. Any updates??
  8. I’m excited for the playoffs. Excited to watch us play the GOAT under the lights. But Alex is done. He can’t move. TB might really do some damage against him next week. I’d seriously consider Heincke. It’s really not for to the defense because I really think we’d have 11 wins with competent QB play Also, I’d cut Steven Sims tomorrow. Can’t have players like that on this team
  9. You’re damn right Kleese. I initially was meh on how we did it but man, if you can’t enjoy a playoff year being a fan of this team then you’re just a miserable ****. That defense is super bowl caliber. Maybe not this season but it’ll be fun to watch them continue to take those baby steps let’s go
  10. Ok...Giants fans crying makes this worth it **** that cheating ass fanbase and their fans
  11. I’ve tried to be a more positive fan the last few years after the Caps and Nats broke the curse but man, i just don’t feel good about this at all.
  12. Playoffs on the line and we still aren’t serious about winning. Still have the charity case in at QB. Still have Sims returning punts
  13. If Alex Smith is on the roster next season, i have serious questions about Ron Rivera this is almost as embarrassing as getting blown out
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