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  1. Because they win a lot because they are more talented than everyone else. Finer details aren’t really all that important to someone like Urban Meyer or Ryan Day. They have guys running wide ass open 24-7 so long as the ball gets there, who cares? Kevin Sheehan Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kevin-sheehan-show/id1435515037?i=1000492027203
  2. Cooley said this is essentially a high school offense in terms of what they’re trying to do. Not complexities at all.
  3. I’ve never seen the bar be so low for any player (in any sport) in this town. From day 1, ppl have treated him like he’s a Make a Wish kid that got a chance to play. In the lead up to last season, all the reports were basically that he was so deaf, dumb, and blind that we couldn’t possibly think of playing him (and again, i think there is/was something more nefarious hidden in those messages but this isn’t the thread for that). I mean some of the ESPN folks were acting like he was so raw and football immature that it was a miracle he could tie his cleats. He showed he at least could throw a fo
  4. Again, any time the opponent has a significant skill position Advantage over us, I am expecting a thorough loss. I think we’ll sack Baker a bunch and turn him over but it’s just so hard for a defense to completely shut down NFL offenses for 60 min. Especially when they feature OBJ, Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, and Austin Hooper. They are going to score a few times, especially against this secondary. And oh btw, they have an elite rusher in Garrett and this is the worst DC football offense since Spurrier. Only way we score 20+ is if we turn Baker over 3+ times
  5. Fair. My point is that I don’t know if he’ll get a chance to improve that without something like Allen’s rushing ability to lean on in the mean time. But yeah, i got your point. My mistake
  6. This really isn’t a relevant comparison because Allen’s rushing threat made him more of an instant contributor offensively while he worked on passing. Dwayne doesn’t have that luxury
  7. Totally disagree on Allen. There’s nothing to gain by playing him just to play him. It’s not promising (and I honestly don’t expect much to change) but we do need ideally 16 games of starting reps on tape to evaluate Dwayne fully. We did invest a 1 on him. Need to be 100% sure
  8. Is anyone satisfied with where Dwayne is as An NFL QB from his first appearance to today? Genuine question.
  9. They left our worst OLine in the league out of the top 5. It’s a conspiracy
  10. Fair. That’s still a really small minority but I’ll concede Those folks should be ignored.
  11. I did a twitter search for Kyle Allen and the only thing I saw was that JP Finlay sent out a tweet with a screenshot with some random idiot advocating it. Other than that, all i saw was ppl saying “wow people are calling for Kyle Allen?!”
  12. Has there been a post advocating benching him in this thread?? Does mentioning he stinks now equal benching him?
  13. I think a lot of fans still think that bad QB play is exclusively throwing a ton of picks and fumbles. So if a guy doesn’t turn the ball over, he’s not necessarily playing poorly. This is not how coaches or decision makers look at this stuff.
  14. I don’t necessarily disagree. If we aren’t bad enough to get Lawrence and can’t find a good deal for one of the vets, I’m ok bringing him back long as he shows something at some point this season. I think our issues (pass catchers and OLine) will be addressed this offseason. I think we’ll just need average QB play in 2021 to compete for a playoff spot.
  15. Funny you say that, a growing opinion in the analytics community is that you SHOULD take a QB somewhere in the draft every year because of health and cost.
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