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    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread


    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    It’s not even just being terrible team hasn’t had a legit star since RG3. Odell Beckham has made the playoffs once in his career but I’m pretty sure his teams always have a ton of prime time games

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    Minimal chance for embarrassment I approve
  4. I’m not saying it’s unquestioned. It’ll be a competition but i don’t think there’s a big difference between the two and RR will defer to experience
  5. I really don’t understand why he’s likely the starter. to me it’s either Sprinkle or *shudders* Thomas.
  6. Yeah those guys at least at discernible skill that let you know that could at least potentially contribute. Moss is as athletic as his dad will be in 20 years lol

    Redskins sign LSU TE Thaddeus Moss as an UDFA

    Not on the field. Trey Quinn was drafted and was immediately a fan favorite for no reason other than he was a novelty (Mr. Irrelevant/another reason i don’t feel like getting into). People were buying his jersey in training camp. I’ve seen multiple ppl on twitter and other sites say Moss is their favorite pick. He’ll get the same hype Quinn does. Not for exceptional football talent of course but because of the name on his jersey and his two catches in a game that was watched by millions of people.
  8. Need means nothing when you fill it with players that aren’t good. I’m not saying I’m upset that they signed Moss but I just don’t think he’s good at all and benefits greatly from his dad being the GOAT WR to a generation of fans It especially means nothing when you’re a team that has needs at almost every position. I’m glad they just took the players they thought were best. Good players are gonna be upgrades in most spots on this roster. Yeah they stink. I think Moss stinks just as much if not more. At least Sprinkle was drafted
  9. Ppl are legit gonna buy Moss’ jersey this August and feel so dumb next season. He’s going to get Trey Quinn levels of undeserved hype Ive seen multiple ppl say he’s their favorite pick. That is some sick **** lol

    Redskins sign LSU TE Thaddeus Moss as an UDFA

    The new Trey Quinn....

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Seriously, what do ppl see in Moss’ game?

    Dallas O vs Our D?

    Except win a super bowl i guess
  13. My first member was probably 1998. I was five but my family loved the team and has season tickets so I had no choice They were playing SF on SNF (?) and got WRECKED. I was so excited to watch but grandma told me going in that we sucked and would probably lose. She was right and has been right pretty much ever since lol
  14. I didn’t know much about Sean Davis. So i did some research and turns out we played middle school baseball together lol. That’s so random. Didn’t know him well because I think he was home schooled but that’s crazy. Small world