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  1. It’s some sick **** that folks around here can’t admit this. Idk but I’m pretty confident the offense would still continue to crater from where it was when 8 was around.
  2. That man did nothing but his job. Only crime was that he wasn’t Drew Brees. So he said **** it and rolled into the Superdome and beat Brees’ ass yes i ****ing like that

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    It’s an ankle sprain dude. there’s enough questions on the field. No need to create made up drama off it

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    lol yeah, he should have gotten a time machine prior to planning his vacation so he could know the exact date of the press conference

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Not sure how Brees can focus on football, twitter, AND TELEVISION!

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    So there are 12 QBs currently in the playoffs. They all have twitter. They all actively tweet with regularity with the exception of Jimmy G. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers tweet a lot about non football related branding things. Tom Brady tweets like a teenager with plenty of videos and corny jokes. my point is that twitter is a normal part of life for more and more people and just because YOU don’t understand it, doesn’t mean they’re wrong for using it. Im sure if message boards existed in the 70s, there would be cavemen freaking out over Namath doing commercials and TV shows. I’m sorry to inform you guys that if you want to continue to enjoy sports, then your heroes will all tweet, DM, post, and “go live” until there is something new to replace it. imagine this thread if Dwayne tweeted this type of nonsense.

    Ron Rivera: Redskins First (non-interim) Head Coach of Color

    Uh huh. good day sir. HTTR (My DMs are open if you need any further assistance on the matter)

    Ron Rivera: Redskins First (non-interim) Head Coach of Color

    Oh it’s not at all. Race, color, all that stuff matters. It’s ok to admit people are different. That “the only race is the human race” stuff is a fairy tale. That’s why this thread was created and that’s why his hiring is important. I know it’s easier for some to stick their heads in the sand but in the real world, this is important. And if you don’t get it or (the more likely scenario is that you don’t want to get it), this thread isn’t for you. Sorry.

    Ron Rivera: Redskins First (non-interim) Head Coach of Color

    I promise you it is ok to just be quiet and not comment on things you clearly and openly don’t understand If the thread doesn’t apply to you, i promise everything will be ok if you just leave everyone else be.

    Ron Rivera: Redskins First (non-interim) Head Coach of Color

    Oh my ****ing god... When I saw this thread, I was excited but I knew that there would be a few idiots that couldn’t wait to be dicks. you are truly insufferable ****s Honestly, I’d appreciate if we got some mods in here to get some of the trolls out of here. This is ****ing ridiculous. @Destino @TK

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    They have to win. And win for a while. This team is a joke to anyone under 30 in the surrounding areas. I bring it up a lot but I routinely get clowned for wearing Skins gear. It happened when I lived in PG County (where the stadium is for those that don’t know) and it has happened since I’ve moved to NoVa. I honestly think the Skins are the 2nd most popular team in the area for younger folks (18-34) behind Dallas. The younger you look, and I’d say the Ravens are taking fans and honestly I’ve seen a lot of little kids in Mahomes jerseys around town recently. Giving these kids cheap tix won’t matter because they’ll just cheer for the other team They have to win. And having a legit star or two would help as well.

    2020 Hopeful Optimism Thread

    I know this is an optimism thread and all but you guys are once again underrating this division. It happens every offseason. At the very least, Dallas will have Dak and Zeke next season (Skins are 1-7 all time against those two). Iggles will have Wentz (Skins are 2-5 against him). Those players alone make their teams better than ours. Idk what to make of Daniel Jones but he showed that he can singlehandedly win games on occasion. The Skins will be rolling out Dwayne Haskins coming off an up and down half a season. Not to mention, we lost every single division game against said bad division. Not saying there is no hope but it will be very tough to win it next season. Overall, it’s wide open but I don’t think it is for us. A lot would have to break right.

    What will constitute success for you over next 5 seasons?

    I operate under the assumption that this franchise will never be consistently good. Snyder is the reason. Thus, I’ll take the gold standard of my Skins fandom: the ol’ Gibbs II...two random playoff berths. Maybe we get a break or two and win a game in January. I’m just hoping for occasional fun nowadays. That’s all we can ask for imo. Also, getting the stadium back is a big deal for me. Give fans a reason to show up and the embarrassing rival takeovers will stop. I just want to be a regular franchise. They won’t ever be good/great but at least you have fun every now and then.

    Ron Rivera to be next Redskins HC (According to CSN Post-game Show)

    I’ve grown to like Rivera but I’m still skeptical of the FO set up We’ll see

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I’m no longer excited... If he still has the title of president, he has the ability to meddle