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  1. grego

    To be a man

    This seems to be one of those issues where people seem to be watching the same thing yet having two completely different interpretations of what they are seeing. I see the divide comes from several places. one is where we get our information. Right websites have been highlighting and talking about stories about the left criticizing men, toxic masculinity, etc. so this is the filter through which a large part of the public is looking at this ad. With that lens, it will look like another man hating piece, so you’ll hate it. You’re also making assumptions about the motives of the ad based on this perspective, not unlike a dogwhistle. On the left, you’re more likely to just see an ad that is saying ‘do better’, and what could be bad about that? The reaction is also part defense mechanism. If there was an ad saying whatever group you belong to or identify with needs to do better, the instinct is to push back. Some criticism seems fair- and ad telling any identity group other than ‘men’ to do better and careers are over. Still, much of the ad is not disagreeable- most people would agree that most of the behaviors are in need of changing. And there are a few portrayed that are a bit more nuanced- kids wrestling, are they playing or fighting? A man approaching a woman he is attracted to – is that always bad? There’s a little more nuance there the commercial seems to be allowing for.
  2. grego

    Another meteorologist who deserves to be fired

    I was thinking that too. Look into the guys history a bit. Seems to me, you usually don't have to dig to deep to find out how people feel. With social media, it's pretty transparent, but it's unlikely he would say anything too controversial given his job.
  3. grego

    R. Kelly... Smoke and fire it seems.

    Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski.
  4. I'm not a fan of Smith at all. I think he's a good example of a guy who only seems to be good when surrounded by studs. I see Kaep, much like Robert Griffin, as being really effective in a run pass option offense. And, also like Griffin, has not shown he can play in an NFL style, traditional (non gimmick) offense. Every advanced passing metric which measures passing effectiveness I've seen has Kaep as one of the worst QBs since 2013 (if there are any I've missed that say otherwise, let me know) and it seems to be because he doesn't read defenses or go through progressions or throw with anticipation like you need to in non RPO offenses (like Griffin, who, in year 3, was still calling protection to the wrong side pre snap, resulting in sacks and what appeared to be bad o line play). It's also telling that Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis and Torrey Smith were all frustrated with him. And he'd been benched in November 2015 for Blaine Gabbert, which is not typical of a QB who is struggling because he doesn't have help. It would seem that his wide receivers didn't like him and that he was benched because he wasn't effective.
  5. You believe Kaepernick is good? Since his super bowl year? 2014-16 he was not good. BTW, I'd love for us to have signed Kaep, for many reasons. But the style of offense you need to run probably won't work, since it didn't after 2013. Still it would be interesting to try.
  6. Do you feel the same way today as you did when you posted this?
  7. grego

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    That's weird. Articles written shortly after election day talk about poor voter turnout. Where did the additional votes come from?
  8. grego

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Those are overall numbers. As a percentage (accounting, I'm assuming, for population growth) of eligible voters, turnout was down.
  9. grego

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race. The Sarah Palin of the left. That's pretty funny. She's a bit of a dunce but I like some things she says. I admit I might vote for a democratic socialist one day, something I thought I'd never say.
  10. grego

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    It is, at least, partially about ability. . Ironic. If only there was a way to know how good of an actual passer kaepernick was? If only someone tracked this kind of thing? The Mandela effect is strong with this one.
  11. seriously. your'e an NFL wide receiver. use your hands and that's a catch.
  12. not wrong, but how much money are drug companies giving politicians? 2.5 billion, if the guardian is correct. that dwarfs any numbers i've seen from the NRA (not that they arent above criticism). "But experts have caution that the relationship between contributions from pro-gun groups and Congress’ reticence to change the nation’s gun laws is complicated at best. The NRA accounts for just a fraction of the contributions lawmakers receive, and the group doesn’t crack the top 50 in terms of spending to the lobby the federal government." i would really like to see that angle pursued (despite the fact that there are kooky people also pursuing that angle).
  13. this is a ted talk, jonathan haidt- 'the moral roots of liberals and conservatives'.haidt explores the moral psychology of political thinkers, why people think the way they do and how, if we understand how others think, we can learn to communicate more effectively.(it should be required listening as part of joining ES. only half kidding)
  14. this is something i've been reading about quite a bit lately- why conservatives and liberals have more trouble than ever communicating. jonathan haidts work on 'the moral roots of republicans and democrats' is really interesting to me. i'll try to post some of his thoughts later when i have a few minutes. iirc, he talks about how 'reasoning' with someone in a political discussion using facts doesnt work and why that is. what youre talking about above sounds like the backfire effect, where people tend to double down when confronted with evidence that goes against their beliefs rather than reevaluate their beliefs and adjust them- a kind of confirmation bias. thats similar to how people change when talking only to people that think like they do, or their ' tribes'- they become more radical in their politics. one more reason why political discourse with a diverse group is so critical.