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  1. Good lord man. He couldn't have waited a few days, or weeks, before you go there? 49 freaking people are dead. Unreal.
  2. re- the Islamberg conspiracy theory- a little over a year ago, a Denver, CO ABC news affiliate did a story on a Colorado property that was raided and found to be a terrorist training center that was lead by sheikh mubarak ali galini. the guy who founded Islamberg. the story is here- theres a video of KRDO's report here I am skeptical of just about everything I read, and most other references to this event that I see on google are from right wing sources that I either question or just don't trust. so, can anyone with better sleuthing skills than i tell if this story is legit?
  3. Does anyone keep track of players who had a bad combine but were good on tape? How much should each be weighed in other words. I feel like there should be a scoring system to make it easy.
  4. grego

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    i'm not sure we agree on that, which isn't to say he's been a good faith actor. can you explain why you say that? I agree with both you and Asbury about criticism of Israel. nobody is above criticism, especially not the US. but that reaction is far from exclusive to criticism Israel. I saw a post supportive of Omars criticism of Israel (which I am, for the reasons I just stated) which also alluded to 'islamophobia', which is hilarious.
  5. grego

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    this is the question. the problem is, how do you know? determining that requires information from other people, particularly since this is an area half way around the world from where most of us posting are currently. al Jazeera was mentioned in a thread the other day. what do you think their coverage is going to look like? what is the Israeli times coverage going to look like? even if they are covering the same events, they are bound to be framed differently. besides looking at two sides with a known bias and trying to pick the undisputed, uncontested facts, I don't know what you do. this problem is exacerbated these days by virtually all of our news being commentary made to get attention rather than reporting facts. alternatively, there are companies that fact check media companies (the names of some of them are escaping me right now- the knife media is one), so you could go with who they say are the most accurate. but only as long as you trust the people doing the recommending.
  6. grego

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    Well, fortunately, I don't seek your approval or even know who you are. Sorry. On the other hand, my living rent free in your head brings me great joy. In the future, you may either address my points, PM me, or use the ignore feature. Thanks.
  7. grego

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    ok, i'll try this- @skinsgoldpants posted that he was not happy with Netanyahu, while saying how tough it is for Israel, being surrounded by countries that wish for your destruction (I agree with those points). you mentioned that "Palestinians are painted as a dangerous, anti semitic monolith". between those two posts, it brought to mind the charter of hamas, the elected governing party of the Palestinian people, where, up until almost two years ago, it called for the destruction of Israel. so, in my quest to determine who's the baddie, I am faced with your statement that calls for people to not be thought of as a monolith (one I endorse wholeheartedly), while weighing the reality of what Israel has been facing in hamas.
  8. grego

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    What do you make of Hamas?
  9. grego

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    can you elaborate?
  10. grego

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I'd have agreed with that in the past, but now there are dems who do embrace some socialist ideas (some of which I've grown open to recently). Now you have a split - the moderate traditional dems and the democratic socialists. I think it may be easier for a moderate to distinguish themselves with a further left candidate competing with them.
  11. What do you make of Coleman Hughes on the racial wealth gap issue?
  12. This is from national review, and appears to be some of what conservatives object to. The resolution actually says the following race and gender issues are “related” to climate change: Moreover, it declares that it is the “duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal—” This isn’t environmentalism, it’s intersectionality.
  13. Was that Geraldo or John Stossell? They do look similar.