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  1. correct. if you are attempting to write an article making the point that America is doomed based on the pretext that one persons extreme opinions represent an entire group while using a fake, photoshopped image to support that point, people are going to question the validity of your point.
  2. With Strasburg pitching?
  3. I saw that. I am biased but I've seen a bunch of balls called strikes for verlander and a bunch of strikes called balls for stras. But I think most of those werent framed well by Kurt so what are ya gonna do.
  4. Verlander getting anything close. Not so for stras.
  5. grego

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I'm in OC looking at the beached whale. No game here. Freaking ravens, damn them. Anyone got a link? If not, it's green turtle time.
  6. grego

    Is SRO at FedEx worth it???

    Did it a few years ago. Loved it. Didn't have a bunch of people packed in around you like sardines, squeezing by when you have to pee. Good view of the field. And you're staring at a huge screen TV in the other end zone.
  7. grego

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    actually, you may be able to get it. I can't get it directly either, through, because it's blocked due to gambling content. but if you go through a site like podbean, i'm able to get it no problem. there are other podcast sites that host it as well.
  8. It's interesting to hear different perspectives. I can see the good and potential bad. It could probably be done. Coleman Hughes response of sorts - Glenn Loury and John McWhorter on reparations
  9. there would also be some not so small number of people who will (rightly) say "reparations? you think you can pay people off for hundreds of years of institutionalized oppression in the form of slavery and jim crow? i don't think so."
  10. True, but given the number of women who identify as pro life, I'm not sure the sex of the politician is what's important, but rather the politicians views on abortion.
  11. Women are voting for these men, no? Jumped the gun a bit. Stull as much as I dislike how the system works, these people are voted in and largely by women. Not sure that's the same as men imposing their will on women who have no say.
  12. At least we can agree on one thing - the alt right, white supremacists and nazis are all bad. No doubt that if there are racists, particularly in leadership positions, at turning point USA, they ought to be outed. And if they're not, then turning point will deserve whatever racist tag they get. You must denounce that crap, or one can assume correctly that you are complicit. I would take it one step further - if turning point was a several decades old organization, and they had a history of white supremacists or other idealogical radicals among their ranks, especially in leadership positions, and they didn't disavow or clean it up, I'd question anyone who would join such a group. This standard, for me, would also apply to any idealogical, political or religious organization - left, right, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, whatever.
  13. the guy from the tweet, vic berger, is a guy who had accused mcginnis of threatening him. pool reached out to both of them for comment and says that berger blocked him instead of responding. pool discusses it in a video i can link you to if you like. after that, it looks like berger started going after pool. why berger didnt respond, i have no idea. i had never heard of him until you posted that. he's accusing pool of operating in bad faith and a far right propagandist, presumably because he was in a picture with some far right trolls. the problem i have with that is two fold. first, pool is a journalist. he made his name by talking to people and recording events like occupy wall street. he talks to everyone a far as i can tell. what would be telling is what he actually thinks of the far right, and you can find out easily. if he was sympathetic to these people, or if he agreed with them, then he would be guilty of being what you and berger are accusing him off. being that he's a quarter korean, he wouldn't fit in very well with those people. what pool does do is defend principle. he's a pretty hard core free speech guy and so he defends the rights of some of these far right 'loons', as he calls them, to speak. when mcginnis got banned, he was critical of mcginnis. watch the video on the topic and you'll hear it yourself. defending what people are saying as opposed to defending their right to say it are very different things. pool is a media critic who criticizes the way media covers stories- left, right, everybody. he goes through all of the news outlets and breaks down how they are reporting various events. this is great, imo. if someone is quoting a source, whether its its going down, which is far left, or breitbart, which far right, it's helpful to know if there is a bias there, if you don't already know, and helpful to know if they have a reliable track record. he promotes media fact checking websites and recognizes how the media sacrifices quality for clicks, and he is exactly right about that. i think you've likely made up your mind about pool, so i don't expect you to agree, so i'll say this- if pool is an undercover quarter asian white supremacist, if you can find him espousing white supremacist ideas, then i will absolutely say i'm wrong. he's got thousands of hours of videos of him talking so it shouldn't be hard to find that. where we will agree is that white nationalists are scumbags, and i have no problem with anyone- its going down, or anyone else- pointing them out. i think we're done with tim pool, unless you have anything to show me about him (and if you do, PM me- i wouldn't support an actual white nationalist). when you said i was islamophobic regarding the MSA, was the post i quoted above the one you were talking about? if so, what part of that did you have a problem with?