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  1. Does anyone besides me see shades of Gus Frerotte in Taylor Heinecke?
  2. Is it fair for anyone to make comparisons of TH to former Washington QB Gus Frerotte? I don’t know why, but I was seeing shades of Gus when he was playing yesterday. Thoughts?
  3. Can anyone say Danny Smith? This guy was the ST coach who consistently put up garbage special teams and kept being brought back through a number of head coaching changes instead of being canned. He finally left the team to be closer to his family (parents), I believe. Whatever Kaczor is or isn’t doing, I don’t know, because it’s been a delight not to cringe every time special teams takes the field, like it used to be under Danny Smith. The guy was flat out terrible as an ST coach.
  4. I don’t live in the DC/MD/VA area any more, and I don’t get the full team coverage anymore so I may have missed something, but where did Antonio Gandy-Golden go? Injured? If not, does he dress for games?
  5. The only other time RR has acted this quickly was when he cut Guice. I think that situation should be used as a gauge of sorts to give us an idea of the depth of this benching. At least it does for me.
  6. Washington Football Team 27 Arizona Cardinals 17
  7. What would you think if Dan Snyder announced that the team's new name would be "America's Team"?
  8. You mean you don’t go to parties with huge loads of cash on you?!?
  9. SB17

    2020 Season Schedule

    Given the short week and the fact that every year Dallas (and Detroit) never have to travel that week for their games, it's nothing short of favoritism.
  10. Good ideas, @Art. I’ll add my two to your list: 8. Win (as many have said). Winning makes other difficiencies bearable (see@Burgold and @The Rook’s comments about the “lovable” dump RFK was ... because we were winning!). I know: easier said ... 9. Stop insulting and screwing the fans over and taking advantage of our loyalty by gauging us for ridiculous parking, outrageous concessions, etc., when the on-field performance is embarrassing. Ticket prices are high enough, and I don’t care if other teams do it - they’re winning and Dan Snyder’s team has not been winnin
  11. I’m pretty sure that’s how Bruce Allen operated as GM: All Tampa-connected individuals’ names in a hat, and then he just picked one. (bakedtater1, I just sent you a PM)
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