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  1. SB17

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    Good ideas, @Art. I’ll add my two to your list: 8. Win (as many have said). Winning makes other difficiencies bearable (see@Burgold and @The Rook’s comments about the “lovable” dump RFK was ... because we were winning!). I know: easier said ... 9. Stop insulting and screwing the fans over and taking advantage of our loyalty by gauging us for ridiculous parking, outrageous concessions, etc., when the on-field performance is embarrassing. Ticket prices are high enough, and I don’t care if other teams do it - they’re winning and Dan Snyder’s team has not been winning for basically two decades.
  2. SB17

    Who should be the next GM?

    I’m pretty sure that’s how Bruce Allen operated as GM: All Tampa-connected individuals’ names in a hat, and then he just picked one. (bakedtater1, I just sent you a PM)
  3. SB17

    Dream scenario

    Because, after all, Snyder now has 20 years of GM experience.
  4. SB17

    Who should be the next GM?

    1) if he hires another “yes-man,” nothing changes (except more fans bolt from the team); 2) if he doesn’t fire Allen, well, nothing changes (obviously). The future is [fire] now.
  5. SB17

    Poll: When will Gruden be fired

    I told my kids last week: Gruden gets fired after a) we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs; or b) right after the Bills game (giving an interim coach the benefit of the bye week to help settle him in a little bit). I couldn’t decide between those two. Since neither of those options were available, I voted for “after we lose to Miami.” I’m reading people saying that Dan Snyder has said that he won’t fire mid-season, but it’s not like the coaches who he fired at the end of the season (Turner, Zorn, Shanahan) started winning when it was obvious they were going to get canned after the season finished (okay, maybe Schottenheimer is the exception here), so why bother waiting?
  6. Didn’t the Redskins just recently sign a DE to a 3-yr. $21m contract? Did Ioannidis just become chopped liver with this pick? Ioannidis isn’t even listed among the front 7. I don’t get it. I realize that hindsight is 20/20, but was he ever worth that kind of money, even without Sweat?
  7. SB17

    Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    Seriously, reading those quotes and all posts in this thread brought tears to me eyes. Many thanks for that collection, Mark. I can't think of two other teams (in the NFL, or in any other major professional sport) that has a rivalry as intense as the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry. And, now, for my two favorite Redskins-Cowboys rivalry quotes: "And, besides, we don't take money from a Cowboys fan!" "Dallas sucks!"