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  1. Jumbo is screwing with me in the Stadium now. So I guess this is it for me. Good Luck . They really need to get rid of Jumbo as a moderator.

    1. Jumbo


      i'm not surprised to see this here :)  and i will respond here since board moderation and a specific mod has been made an item (another rule violation, not that it will matter), though i will likely come back later and edit this post as an appropriate courtesy to grego
      this post will be duplicated in your (noinney) user notes
      nonniey--you have zero valid case for complaints per moderation and your struggles with such is well past ok now...you have simply been held accountable for properly documented rule violations and it's worth adding that you have also had your share of breaks and moderator assistance over the years, inc from me in case you forget
      all applied rule violations are documented and all mods and admin receive notification of such actions and they are always open to review or comment in our mod/admin discussions
      scrutiny is routine
      if you---or anyone :) --don't like the end product here, we can easily accept that, but you are still expected to follow rules and guidelines (which includes mod directives) if your goal is to remain even with your disapproving takes on board management
      obviously a number of, to you, problematic es-centric issues are dominant in your thoughts as expressed in your content...this runs the gamut from the tailgate sociopolitical conversations as you see them, to the team's name change and other off-field issues the last year, and even to the noble-oppressed-crusader-type thinking shown in your "about me" comments on your profile page...it seems you even changed your date of birth to 1892 to "carry a message" (internet crusader style)
      this type of  'inner noise' aligns with many other comments you've made in those arenas and likely contributes to your issues with adhering to our rules and guidelines, in more recent times especially...bottom line, we accept this is not the place for you and we're ok with that 
  2. Do the Redskins win and continue their hope of playoffs or do they lose and increase the chance of a top 2 pick? Redskins 31 Bengals 10
  3. Really haven't followed the QBs are you saying they're 3rd tier? Yes I'm sure they are (aren't all invasive surgeries red flags? - question is how big of a flag).
  4. One consolation of the bad clock management by the refs is that the refs were the ones that kept us in the game to that point with the bogus pass interference call.
  5. Notice that play started with 9 seconds on the clock was slow developing and only took 3 seconds? There should have been no more than 2-3 seconds left on the clock at the end of that play. Someone who is able should time it.
  6. That deep pass play took 3 seconds off the clock - hmmmmm. The next quick short pass took 3 seconds as well.
  7. A time out and an opportunity at a 3rd challenge. Allen would have challenged - glad he is gone.
  8. Unless he shows something in the 2d half the Redskins can't roll with Smith. That last pass to 32 yd Sims seems to be the limit of his throwing range (And Sims got at least 10 yards after the catch). (Unless they decide they are throwing all the remaining games that is).
  9. Baring something miraculous happening in the 2d half - Haskins will start next week and the rest of the way.
  10. Bad interception? That was one of the most unlucky interceptions a QB has had this year.
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