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  1. That is called trolling - and although I don't like Trump I'll give credit where credit is due - he is very successful in this and it is pretty funny.
  2. nonniey

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    Well, I've been hiding her in my basement since at least September - so not new.
  3. nonniey

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    It was already posted in this thread multiple times beginning last July.
  4. nonniey

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    New????? That's not new. Seen that pop up several times since last summer.
  5. nonniey

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Yeah but a successful run up the middle. Besides him still being a very good runner - they signed him for his attitude.
  6. I can - if Americans behave like Americans. Barring a few exceptions we generally don't kill each other over political differences.
  7. nonniey

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Medical Retirement which should have benefits linked to it and paid for by the NFL as a whole.
  8. Have binged the Expanse over the last month (not total binge obviously). Excellent science fiction that tries to be a bit realistic on the environmental effects of living, working, travelling and fighting in space ( a bit - my pet peeve is that Earthers should be able to throw Belters around like rag dolls in the few hand to hand fights that occur in the show).
  9. Well, if we could I'd jump at buying Greenland (or any number of underpopulated territories around the world). But the days of acquiring territory through purchases is over. That said Russia has brought back the days of out right conquest - so send in the Marines!!! (Ok maybe not - heck give me a break - just watched the old Sean Connery movie - The Wind and the Lion - putting my imperialistic inclinations into gear ). *Wow website filters are getting out of hand - site is Bit chute). Marines Storm Palace link. https://www.****
  10. Then why the exception, dammit! Do your job! Do I need one of these -
  11. Understood was just pointing out that methane wasn't a byproduct of gas production.
  12. Would? I think he could, but after being burned in 2016 I'd stay away from verbs like would or will.
  13. Well, when Larry of all people says he won't vote for Bernie then I think it may be an issue.
  14. Natural gas is methane. That said yes problems of deliberate release as a by product of oil production and leaks of gas pipelines occur. Deliberate release was and remains the biggest problem but that problem has been getting smaller as demand for natural gas has increased and provided incentive to harvest the gas instead of wasting it.
  15. nonniey

    2020 Mock Off-Season Thread

    Well given how that mock flowed my own preference would have been Okudah at 5. I would pull the trigger on a trade offer of those three picks from Miami plus a 1st next year. (Heck then I'd turn around and offer the 1st next year and pick 39 to Detroit and see if that flies).