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  1. That is a tough nut. How do you define that? An example who is to say someone with Down Syndrome can't have an enjoyable productive life (I've even seen it posted that all Down Syndrome should be aborted heck even euthanized post birth), or someone missing a limb, with cleft lip, a club foot. You start deciding on those issues you are in the same area that Germany was in the late 1930s. Maybe we could stipulate what isn't an acceptable condition for abortion? Oh BTW lets not forget the Vermont law also allows for abortions of perfectly healthy fetuses at anytime for any reason.
  2. That 1-1.5% are thousands. I'm just not good with that, I wouldn't be good with even one when no direct life threatening or crippling health issues are involved.
  3. What was the CDC quote for it basically stated the same time frame I did 1.3% after 5 Months (20-21 weeks).
  4. If you support the Vermont law you can't possibly be pro-life. Lets be clear a woman can be due in an hour and legally abort the child for any reason. Yes most doctors wouldn't perform such an abortion nor would most women chose to do so but do you do you really want it to be a legal option for the exceptions to the rule????
  5. The 1%-1.5% is after 5 months actually. It has also been pointed out that a significant percentage (possibly over half?) of that 1-1.5% (3k-10K a year) are of fetuses that are viable (some perfectly healthy others may have challenges like cleft lips, club feet, Down syndrome, etc) and don't pose a risk to the mother. So you are ok with 3-10 thousand viable fetuses killed a year? And don't forget Gosnell was a doctor with a profit motive for the abortions he performed.
  6. Wow I guess I underestimated (that's two I wasn't tracking). I thought LadySkinFan would be the only one (and maybe BenningRoadSkin) that was for allowing unrestricted abortion at anytime for any reason.
  7. Oh It think there is at least one are at least two and maybe three that wants unrestricted abortion to remain legally permissible in the United States. Was just wondering if there were others. As for totally banned I don't have any candidates.
  8. Which posters who post here want unrestricted abortion at anytime for any reason to remain a legal option for States? Which posters want abortion totally banned?
  9. Vermont didn't change anything they just codefied what they already had (unrestricted abortion at any time) into law.
  10. . Vermont's is nothing new in practice. Courts will allow it. Further Edit. This law just codifies what already existed in Vermont (Unrestricted abortion). They didn't have anything on the books prior to this. H57 "....The legislation draws no distinction between the first and final month of pregnancy. However, supporters of the bill say that physicians can be trusted to only perform procedures when it is medically and ethically appropriate." Can't see how supporters on this bill can say that with a straight face when examples like Gosnell are out there.
  11. nonniey

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    And away we go. What sort of things do they do during OTAs?
  12. nonniey

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I disagree with your agreement of that disagreement. We should ahh hummmm........something.
  13. nonniey

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think ILB was addressed with Rueben Foster, they threw 2 picks at guard and are moving Fisher to the position so they addressed that with a mass approach so that is why I removed them from the top three needs at this point (which probably won't reflect reality come next year).
  14. nonniey

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    So last year at this time we thought the 2019 top 3 needs/focus would be Guard, DB and ILB correct? This year for 2020 is what? WR, TE and DB? (Or maybe OT). Understand the WR class is supposed to be exceptionally strong what about the TEs and DBs? (OTs?)
  15. Larry the New York law in effect made it easier to abuse the Health of the Mother and viability factors. So in effect yes abortion is legal at any time as long as you can get one doctor (who would almost certainly be the abortion provider) to sign off on the abortion as necessary. And fetuses are viable at 21 weeks anyway so someone wouldn't even need an ethically challenged doctor for 3 weeks during the viability window. The issue is the abuse of the health of the Mother and viability of the fetus waiver.