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  1. Well, what I heard was the Texans are going to trade Clowney for Evans straight up and turn around and trade Hopkins, Evans and their 1st picks in 2020 and 2021 to the Redskins for Trent.
  2. With the Panthers getting a scare over Newton's injury could they be added to the list of potential trade partners for Williams? Seeing lots of articles/complaints about his protection as an ongoing problem floating around.
  3. nonniey

    Jordan Reed Might Have Another Concussion

    Well they are more severe in that these are the ones that draw fines and suspensions. Crap happens.
  4. Hmmm the best player on the team is not with the team and probably won't ever be and you don't think this was a step back?
  5. Four plays- 3 whifs (one with a hold that nullified the TD) and an additional holding that called back a good run early in the game. (Those were the obvious ones - there may have been plays that he didn't do well on that just didn't get the same attention). Well there was one decent run early to the left that was called back for holding by him.
  6. nonniey


    BTW am I right that Jimmy Moreland only played in the first half? If that is the case wouldn't that indicate he is now in the top 4 rotation at CB on the team?
  7. He was putrid in this game. So bad he managed to whiff a block I thought would be unwhiffable (Goal line TD that was called back - he had to turn and grab the tackle that just blasted by him untouched resulting in an obvious holding penalty. How the hell can you completely miss the guy you are supposed to block in a bunched blocking scheme at the goal line)? He whiffed on two additional pass protections as well and got an additional holding penalty to go with those.
  8. nonniey


    Well supposedly Flowers play last week put him back on the roster, his play this week almost certainly knocks him off the roster. Far worse than even the 1st preseason game. He's got to go.
  9. nonniey


    Except they didn't come the left guard just totally whiffed on the defensive tackles rush.
  10. The Steelers got nothing for Bell because he was a free agent (They will get a 3rd next year though).
  11. nonniey

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Well had the first of my 2 big drafts last night. It is a Superflex where 2QBs can start. Thing things fell very well imo. Strong everywhere but RB and I rank RBs much lower in this format as you only have to start one while you can start up to 4 WRs. Roster QBs Mayfield (3.6) Wilson (4.7) Keenum (16.7) RBs Carson (6.7) Ekelor (9.7) Peterson (11.6) Sanders (12.7) Singletary (14.7) C. Thompson (18.7) WR Hopkins (1.6) T Hill (2.7) Golladay (5.6) Fitzgerald (9.6) Boykin (17.6) TE OJ Howard 7.7 E Engram 8.8 K Zuerlien (15.6) D Rams (13.7)
  12. I assume the follow-up is the 1st Graders were expelled???? (Ok zero tolerance versus common sense is a different subject).
  13. nonniey

    Fantasy Football 2019

    ^^^^ Well. since you get double points for QB runs I'd say Murray is your best bet with your pick. As for rookie RBs nothing special this year imo. Jacobs is probably the best (Montgomery potentially but with Cohen on the team looks like he loses critical receiving touches you'd focus with in your league). May want to gamble on Gordon over Ingram as you get extra points for long TDs.
  14. nonniey

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Only Guice and Hunter imo. (This costs you and 11th and 10th round pick?)
  15. He can't sit out the remainder of his contract. He can sit for 10 years and if he decides he wants to play again then he will still be under contract with the Redskins for 2 more years.