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  1. Must be a local issue. I remember him vaguely from local news when I was young and of course play by play.
  2. That is a bad example as Unseld himself stated it was the Washington Bullets that won a championship not the Washington Wizards.
  3. As a matter of fact they did and they didn't like the answer (Overwhelmingly positive) and their response was basically what you posted - "**** em, we know what's good for them so we will take action on their behalf".
  4. Actually WSJ's Peggy Noonan was the originator in the media (I've referenced it longer that her though - in this forum in fact - so really more of a wiki guy), but what is your problem with National Review? It's in the reputable area of the media bias charts (and it is Never Trump Central).
  5. And that is the problem in a nutshell people just aren't interested in history or in the Redskins case the the history of that term. All I'm saying if people want to wear their Redskins gear they should be able to do so without fear. (Just Google "The Cultural Revolution.") And the post I responded to was example of someone fearing to wear their gear. We're starting to wonder into Tailgate territory so I'll leave it at that.
  6. Don't be a guard. History didn't paint the previous Cultural Revolution's guards in a good light (and I don't think it will with the American version either). Let people wear their Redskins gear if they want - without harassment and intimidation.
  7. You shouldn't let the Cultural Revolutionary's guards intimidate you.
  8. I'm not going to knock any fan for adopting the new team or just accepting that the Redskins are dead, or finding a new team etc. But I do agree with you that likely the majority of Redskins fans will not be fans of the new team unless it has a link (in the name) to the old team. Many will say hogwash, but I'd think in numbers most Redskins fans are a diaspora and they don't have ties to the DC area. The fans in the DC area will stick, while those outside will move on.
  9. Also seems like he didn't really get to know them as the Navajo's Mesa High School sports teams names are the Redskins. I've lived in AZ 12 years and the 2d most popular NFL team in the Navajo Nation is the Redskins or should I say was the Redskins (Can't see those specific fans continuing to support a newly named team in Washington).
  10. Imagine the answer is some will switch and some will just become disinterested in the NFL. I fall into the later category if Redskins are totally killed off (which is why I prefer Braves or Warriors).
  11. Fixed that for you. I think the only way to counter that is to link to the old team with a name that links to Redskins (Braves or Warriors) and keep the colors.
  12. This American Cultural Revolution will eventually end - just as China's did. Wear your Redskins gear.
  13. Many (most? - especially the diaspora) Redskins fans will not adopt this new team. Only way I will is if it becomes the Braves or Warriors and keeps the colors which will at least link to the old team.