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  1. Nope, after the first few picks better to just trade the pick for a 2022 pick (Heck even if it is just for one first rounder in 2022).
  2. It has happened though. (Not recently) Cards lost one of their 1st rounders that way - back in the 1980s.
  3. I'd imagine it also depends on what the Jets do with their coaching staff and front office. If they stick with who they have now, the smart play for Lawrence would be not actually bluffing and sit out the year (He should declare and go thru the draft which would prevent the Jets from drafting him in 2022 no matter what pick they have).
  4. If we're out of the Top 6-7 it would be smart to just completely trade out of 1st round for future picks.
  5. With the extreme limitations on scouting and analysis of potential picks this year it would be an enormously stupid move to add 2021 first or second rounders. I wouldn't want any additional 1st or 2d picks in this draft (outside the top 5). In fact I think it would be smart to trade our 2d and 3d round picks for vets or future picks (possibly could trade for a slew of 2021 lower picks in the 4th and below to get more darts for the dart board this next draft will be).
  6. Our 2019 and 2020 2d rounders seem to have paid off and paid off well.
  7. Scherff is franchised - no one would trade a day 2 pick for him. Kerrigan for a 3rd in 2022 or 2023 Haskins keep him - sign a Free Agent QB to start, draft Sewell (Simply because we'd give up on any new 1st round QB we draft after a few games floundering behind this line). Anderson again go for 2022 or later year picks (outside the top five 2021 picks are going to be total crap shoots).
  8. I disagree I'd say rounds 4-7. ( even those will be more of a dart throw that normal and 1-3s will be less valuable than the norm).
  9. Picks for what year? Outside the top five 1st round picks 2021 picks will be significantly less valuable than normal years.
  10. This kind of plays into my point. If Lawrence or Fields doesn't excel behind that line the Skins will give up on him and move on to plan B (or is it Z?).
  11. Well it is clear the Redskins should pass on a QB in the first. We keep doing the same thing over and over to our drafted QBs - give up on them (almost immediately) and move them out. Why would anyone expect it to be any different with Lawrence or Fields? We should trade for a QB or sign a FA (if there are any suitable candidates) as the grass is always greener in the other yard when it comes to the Redskins and QBs (This goes back decades).
  12. Their not but I guess it looks better to the NFL showing it that way.
  13. Ok that last series after getting 1st and goal convinced me. Haskins needs to go. Looks like a QB in next years draft.
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