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  1. nonniey

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Ouch not very ringing endorsements of Jones and Grier (They have 2d and 4th round grades for a reason).
  2. nonniey

    Starting QB 2019???

    Trading for future picks with our 1st I think would even be better (certainly not crazy). However when it comes to o-line I think the focus should be Guard, then Tackle and then find a back-up Center.
  3. nonniey

    Starting QB 2019???

    Curly Lambeau and James Conzelman. (Their NFLTeams technically didn't have what was called QBs they were the Half Back that took the ball from the Center then ran, handed off and (rarely) passed -note they did play QB in college -which did have that designation).
  4. I would have loved a question to Allen asking him if Snyder knows of the deep animosity Redskins fans hold for the Redskins owner.
  5. I think it is an attempt to support a revolt. Which may or may not be premature - Timing on these are always dicey.
  6. I think the preponderance of blame should be on the Media and on those who attacked the teenagers and Mr. Phillips (pretty viciously I'll add) on social media. Fortunately there are a few that have acknowledged their mistake, but most won't (including most who engaged in this behavior here).
  7. Innocent of what? Just asking that shows you are part of the problem that Mr Linker is describing. "....In 1984, George Orwell famously described a totalitarian political order in which people were kept as docile subjects in part by a daily ritual called "Two Minutes Hate" in which the population directs all of its pent up fury at "Goldstein," a possibly fictional enemy of the state. Thanks to Twitter, we now know that the same dynamic can arise spontaneously, with fresh ire directed at a new manifestation of the partisan enemy nearly every day. It shows us that under certain circumstances — our circumstances — people can and will fasten onto an endless succession of real-life Goldsteins for the sheer, addictive joy of it — for the pure, delirious pleasure of denouncing manifestations of evil in our midst. Nothing, it seems, is quite as satisfying as singling out our fellow citizens for their moral failings and indulging in fantasies of their fully justified punishment....."
  8. It just means that both parties are filibustering each others legislation. McConnell is allowing cloture votes which require 60 votes to allow legislation to go for an up or down vote - Seems neither the Dems or Repubs want to allow an up or down vote on their opponents legislation.
  9. So I guess the answer is no you didn't read it.
  10. I see some are still stuck in their 2 minutes (Emmanuel Goldstein -1984 reference). Did you even read the article?
  11. Well since I guess i was too clever by half in my last post (no one seemed to get the reference). I'll post this interesting article I found to clarify it. The Week: How Twitter could be the death of liberal democracy: "This has been a deeply demoralizing week for American media and democratic culture — one with implications that may well point to something far worse. First, on Thursday night, Buzzfeed published a sensational scoop alleging that President Trump suborned the perjury of his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. As dozens of reputable media outlets and many more media personalities on Twitter pronounced over the following day, this was an act that if true would be a very big deal. The unverified character of the allegation did nothing to keep a slew of commentators from suggesting that the president was now on the verge of facing near-certain impeachment and removal from office for his crimes. Yet on Friday night, the story suffered a severe body blow when Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office issued a sweeping statement disputing its accuracy. Then, on Saturday, a video appeared on Twitter purporting to show a group of high schoolers confronting and mocking an elderly Native American protestor and Vietnam veteran while wearing MAGA hats at Friday's pro-life March for Life in Washington. By early Saturday afternoon, this video had inspired frantic spasms of denunciation on Twitter — of the indisputably racist teenagers, of their obviously bigoted Catholic school in Kentucky, of the transparently misogynistic and hate-filled pro-life movement, and indeed of anyone who dares to wear a MAGA hat in public. The main teenager featured in the video was treated as the face of entitled white supremacy, his smile (or smirk) as he faced the counter-protester serving as proof that he is the direct successor to the bigots who stood against the Civil Right Movement. Even after longer, fuller videos of the confrontation emerged, showing that the import of the event was far less clear-cut than the initial hot takes assumed, the tweet-mob continued to eviscerate the high schoolers, pronouncing their faces worthy of a good punch. Neither of these events is very important in the grand scheme of things. The former will either be vindicated or buried by the report Mueller eventually files about possible collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and elements of the Russian government. The latter will be lost and forgotten under a mountain of other outrages that will continue to convulse the country through the Trump era and beyond. Yet both are indicative of something ominous that's happening to our political culture. Extreme partisan polarization is combining with the technology of social media, and especially Twitter, to provoke a form of recurrent political madness among members of the country's cultural and intellectual elite. And that madness, when combined with the rising extremism of the populist right, is pushing the country toward a dangerously illiberal forms of politics........"
  12. Nicholas Sandmann? I thought they said his name was Emmanuel Goldstein?
  13. nonniey

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Rejected??? As in I refuse to answer that or You can't ask me that?
  14. I said really hurt them I used the adjective for a reason. Pleaseblitz boiled it down accurately. BTW this doesn't make me happy in the least.