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CSN - Report: Joe Barry to be named Redskins' defensive coordinator


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As I said all along, the higher quality DC possibilities are not going to want to work for a head coach that they are more qualified than. Gruden is incompetent as a head coach so an 0-16 defensive coordinator is the best he could get.


Another year of dressing just seven OL all year is coming until hopefully McCloughan fires him midway through the year and Raheem Morris is the interim head coach

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Im a little confused if this is true... But I don't know very much about the guy so I will wait to pass judgment. Jay is supposed to be making the call on his coordinators so there must be something that he really likes about the guy. Don't think he would be willing to risk his job if he didn't think the guy could get the job done.... Hail


I guess, but his judgement on his coaching staff is dubious, at best, right now.

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Having an inexperienced Jay Gruden as head coach, an inexperienced Sean McVay as OC, and now an inexperienced Joe Barry as DC makes me a little nervous. So now Raheem Morris is now the only other coach on the entire roster with any former NFL head coaching experience, and  only 3 seasons at that.  There are so many little details about running a team that Jay might not know about, and a more seasoned guy... maybe a Wade Phillips... could help him with that. 


I don't mind seeking out the up-and-comers from the coaching ranks, but I think it's good to have some seasoned guys sprinkled in.  As it stands now, the kids are running the show. 


Couldn't agree more. Ugh, ANOTHER ******* work in progress on the staff? Gruden learning to be a HC, now this guy? Total give up on next season. Was it too much to ask for them to get an established DC? The LB coach for the Chargers who went 0-16 as a DC? Wow. So uninspired it could almost read as sabotage.

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I don't think any of this is about us having a handle on Joe Berry.  It's about the front office going with the off beat move and us trusting that this time it will work, there are so many variations of this dance in so many forms.  


Vinny Ceratto wasn't in demand or highly regarded -- but Danny figured what the heck maybe it will work out here.


Haslett wasn't in demand as a D coordinator he didn't have a strong track record but what the heck maybe it will work out here 


Shanny was chased out of Denver mostly because of his personnel moves and mocked for continually having Slowik on his D staff in spite of his poor record -- but well what the heck lets try that here, give him personnel control and bring on Slowik


Joe Leribeus considered a 7th rounder or undrafted FA, our FO says otherwise takes him in the third round, ditto with S. Long. 


Bruce Allen wasn't known to be a personnel guy in Tampa, more of a money guy, his drafts were poor.  But what the heck lets see how it works with him in control of personnel here 


Jim Zorn never even been a coordinator, no one is talking about him, but what the heck lets make him head coach.


I can go on.  This isn't Seattle where you see them do some off beat stuff and it works out.    We've been there and done that plenty on the subject of, hey it might look weird but give the front office the benefit of the doubt.  With this front office if it looks questionable and weird more often than not, it ends badly.

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Yes!  Because this front office has a track record of hiring the successful "unknowns"...the under-the-radar guys, right?


Oh please...the "let's see what happens" approach is a lame one.  How about hiring a guy based off of...you know...results?  That would be a nice start for a franchise that has won 7 freakin games in 2 years.  Not the guy who led one of the worst defensive units in NFL HISTORY, not once but twice. 

It's just the same old redskins fan narrative. For some reason a large part of this fan base likes to blame literally one single thing as to why we were or will be bad. Then when it is fixed its "ok now we will be good". Our fanbase and even the organization likes to play the blame game and take no accountability.


The whole organization is bad. It is nothing new for a HC to hire a coach he is familiar with, and it is nothing new for an LB coach to become a DC, and it would be nothing new if a guy who had little success, learned from his experiences and got better. (i.e. Randy Wittman).


I am not going to judge a guy based solely off a poor showing his first time as a DC on a team that was atrocious talent wise.


So you can act like this is the sole reason our defensive may be bad next season. Or you know see what players we acquire in the offseason, and see how this guy uses what he has. 

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If the team really is floating this to gauge fan support, then we're way worse off than I thought.


That being said, I'm still convinced no one else wanted the job.


I think Gruden came off looking downright clueless last year and very few DC's want anything to do with him as the team leader.


The guy flat out screams, OC, 2016.

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Being a linebackers coach is much different than being a DC.

Still, Detroit had a terrible defense (like ours). It got worse under his control. Not encouraging.


It was never under his control.   The head coach was a defensive coach.   He ran the defense.   Barry was a name-only defensive coordinator.   Like McVay is a name-only offensive coordinator for us.

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