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  1. Of course I will wear my old stuff. I'm a black guy so it's okay.
  2.  This is just absolute gag-worthy horse****, and another example of how these billionaires have somehow managed to convince fans to side with them over the millionaire at best players on nearly every issue. It's ****ing silly. Such is life bruh... Politicians live by this concept... Thus the biblical term "sheep."
  3. I’m 40 and my first memory was this old guy selling my dad 3 tickets for a game at RFK for 22.00 each(face value) sitting about 15 rows up on the 35 yard line and seeing Daryl Green flipped and breaking his leg right in front of us. The Stadium was rocking. Awesome memory and I remember my dad being upset afterwards that green got injured. Been a diehard ever since
  4. Yea I must admit getting him in the secondary could be just as scary as young on the edge he’s an impressive specimen
  5. What about Justin Herbert. Talking heads saying he may go top 5. 6'6" with a laser beam and can move too. Could be Carson Wentz esque. At two you keep ALL options open. Or do we overthink it miss Young with a qb on the roster that is plenty capable in Haskins who looked damn good late.
  6. Sure we'll make him play like he did last year again...
  7. Wow and to wonder why players say screw Skin fans. Pretty pathetic in this room. Thanks Josh for the bringing it every Sunday and during training camp. Thanks for taking pics with my family and giving us an autographed glove and meeting my daughter. Thanks for trying to be an example to young players by staying late after practice. Pay no attention to the idiot naysayers as you move forward with whats next in your life. Congrats on proving people wrong and making it in a tough business, both on your body and mind and keep being a role model in the community. Thanks for giving us fans a reason to cheer over the years. Hail!
  8. Ok sure but we still can. Dude can ball and that's all that matter. Give him dough and watch him play hard. Or we need two corners this offseason instead of one.
  9. Pay the man... I'm really tired of watching our guys go elsewhere and we bring in players from outside the organization. Tired of not developing guys like Breeland, Fuller, Trent Murphy, etc... And then using more draft picks to fill the holes that get left. We never get better just more status quo. Gotta add players to players. Sign our own first. Sign Sherrff, J Allen Sign, Wes Martin, Dunbar. I want to see our culture change and it starts with building our own.
  10. HTTR... sign him and Sherrff long term and oline is back and ready to go
  11. You said he was an animal abuser so I asked for proof since you didn’t like my speculation comment. I haven’t gotten any which proves it’s just that, your opinion or speculation. I have low tolerance for finger wagging in this morally enept country where we lock kids in camps for politics among other hypocrisies. But yeah let’s die on the dog fighting hill. You don’t like Trent, fine but he should play ball for us if he can because he’s the best at what he does, hasn’t broken the law, and we need a Left Tackle. can scram as well grand-pop
  12. Please post article/info referring to him being charged with animal abuse since it’s common knowledge. What he thinks is okay or not is his prerogative just like yours as long as he abides by the law. Now, redskins stats: total yards- 29th passing yards- 32nd rush yd-22nd Rush yrd/gm-22nd rush tds-27th sacks allowed-26th So explain why RR should not want him back other than your smug hypocritical finger wagging.
  13. Its a business which is why teams put teams first everyday. Trent and every NFL player should always put themselves first just like you do. "Animal abuser" is pure speculation and to pretend our offensive line played well is lunacy. We couldn't run the ball and got every qb beat up and concussed. And considering our training staff was a dumpster fire Trent was forced to take care of himself. Get off your high horse before you hit your head.