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  1. Yeah I believe he and KPL can be good if we add a true stud in the middle of that defense. That's all our defense is missing. A great middle linebacker and a good cover safety.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/strong-expectation-dwayne-haskins-traded-before-deadline-and-some-rival-execs-are-already-watching-film/amp/ Anyone seen this? Interesting!
  3. Dwayne... err I mean Alex c'mon... got to throw down field.
  4. You may want to start watching basketball bruh. Tis football you're watching, a game where tackling and toughness is required. Just in case you weren't sure.
  5. Can't believe Haskins gave up that fake punt! Bench him now!
  6. Haskins reminds me of Baker Mayfield when he throws, everything’s a laser beam. He needs to take something off it. A little touch and anticipation goes a long way to giving a receiver a catchable ball. It’s almost like he’s rushing which may be him learning a new offense and not being comfortable.
  7. Sorry bruh but if you couldn’t or didn’t see the impact you don’t know football. He had two forced fumbled 1.5 sacks and made everyone else better. That’s why we had 8 sacks 2 fumbles and 2 picks. He absolutely changes the dynamic of the dline. Or you’re just trolling folks this morning.
  8. While I'm enjoying the win I think we should tamp down the enthusiasm. Watching LA play Dallas makes you realize how good the NFL coaches are and will adjust to your team's strengths. They're all quick passing game putting pressure on the edges makes me think we better be ready for teams adjusting to our front. Teams aren't gonna play us taking 5 and 7 step drops every week.
  9. Of course I will wear my old stuff. I'm a black guy so it's okay.
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