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  1. List loses credibility not including Tampa Bay, Kansas City, L.A. Rams, and perhaps Green Bay. Those are deep rosters that made the playoffs (and yeah one of the trash NFC East teams had to make it too). We were in talks for the number 1 pick last year, now we’re a top 10/ top 5 roster and only a couple of players away from Championship level aspirations? Why because we signed a corner and a lone wideout??? I’m as much a fan as any but we need to slow the hell down. We have multiple holes to fill, still a lack of offensive weapons, no linebackers or Free safety and folks
  2. I think QB is a little different considering it's the most important position as far as talent development and determining what we have and it would be malpractice to depend on broken ankle Allen and oft hurt and unproven Heineken beer. I actually hope we keep Fitz around a few years giving us stability at the position and play competitive football until we turn the roster into what the vision is. We're a good 2-3 years away from being competitive if we build it right. We screw it up overspending for free agents.
  3. As fans it's easy to play armchair GM, but Rivera is trying to build a team with drafted and current players. Complete culture change! Bringing in guys like Mosley would be awesome but I like the thought of drafting young rookie linebackers and safeties to be groomed by that locker room of dogs and earn it. This is the new culture guys, no more mercenaries, prove it, fight for it, pay our own, fight for a coach that'll fight for you, who is respected around the league. Feels different and I'm excited.
  4. It’s about saying the right things to YOUR players in house. Ron is trying to establish the right culture in DC that if you kick ass for him and the organization, he’s gonna take care of his own first. Good organizations do that. Otherwise guys know you’re full of it and are only playing for their next contract somewhere else. It’s part of why we’ve stunk for 2 decades. We screw the Ryan Clarks and pay the Adam Archulettas.
  5. Kinda hoping to just lean hard into the draft like the best teams do. We've all been saying it for years. Hopefully sign a player or 2 to fill a hole and let it come to us.
  6. What's funny is the amount of folks on this board screaming to do it. Mad that we may not if that's all it costs
  7. 2 1s 2 2s a 3rd Sweat and Payne for DeSean Watson.
  8. I understand your point and yes I agree we should draft a QB in the first but not pulling another RG3 type trade to do it. I believe teams that are run well can find a QB and build the team around his strengths which is what we haven’t done. We always do it bass ackwards. Draft a serviceable QB like the dude from Alabama give him a offensive line and some weapons and design a system for his talent and stop changing offensive coordinators every damn year and he can develop and win. I think we’re going about it wrong if our target is Pat Mahommes. I’d be more than happy at Tannehill /
  9. I hope we draft our own QB. I’d be willing to trade up a few spots like 19 to 12 for a 2nd and 4th (something like that) instead of trading half the defensive line and 3 1s for Watson. Feels like it puts us years away from rebuilding the rest of the roster. The Texans just had Watson who had his best season ever and they sucked cause the roster didn’t give him enough help. I’d rather go Browns route and build it within with our guys who want to be here.
  10. Now we can trade him and get 2 number 1 picks and two 3s and 5 and really rebuild the roster. I'd also trade Jonathen Allen and Payne for two more 1s and let Settle and Ionitis start and resign Kerrigan.
  11. Sucks that we as fans can’t be there afterwards cheering on our boys after the loss to let me know we appreciate the effort. Here’s to parking lot praise 2021!
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