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  1. It doesn't say we are interested in the 4th pick, I was just asking if what I said was a good enough offer that's all, sorry if I have done something wrong.
  2. Which brings me back to why they put the franchise Tag on Sherff, 18m and looking like no attempt to sign Sherff to a LTD seems absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Should have just let him walk and signed one of the FA Guards for half of Sherff's price.
  3. Hopefully buddy, can you think of the reason why we seem to have shut up shop with outside free agents, atm it seems like we are drafting LB in 1st round of the draft, it's our weakest position by far in my opinion, don't understand what Rivera and Co are doing to be honest mate.
  4. I've got a feeling Ertz will be a Redskin as well, another thought on my favourite subject of this off-season Brandon Sherff I think we knew that we weren't going to be Big players in FA, so paying him the 18m makes a little more sense if they want to see if he can stay healthy, worst case scenario is we get a 3rd round pick in 2023.
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