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  1. I've got a sneaky feeling that we will go all out for Cooper. HTTR
  2. What does everyone think about signing Conklin to play RT, then allowing Sherff to go and play Martin at RG, an upgrade from the very disappointing Moses could help Martin. Resign Flowers for LG and give Williams a new deal. I'm not saying I don't want Sherff to resign for the Skins but this OL would be quite good in my opinion. Conclin Martin Roullier Flowers Williams HTTR
  3. markmills67

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    Thought his decision was coming Friday, not bothered if he signs or not but if he does it should be followed by Reeds release. HTTR
  4. Would you take a 2nd round pick plus Njoko for Williams now?. HTTR
  5. markmills67

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Or getting all of Miami’s 1st round picks. Really hope the Stafford trade happens, it's a no lose situation for the Redskins. HTTR
  6. markmills67

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    Anyone know how the meeting with Olsen went with the Skins?. HTTR
  7. markmills67

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Goodbye Dunbar, if your not all in with our Skins then it's a adios from me. HTTR
  8. Norman is finished, if he's still on our roster come September I'll be very, very disappointed, and that's the cleaned up version. HTTR
  9. Thought we were at 48m cap space atm. HTTR
  10. Not bothered either way if Olsen signs with the Redskins or not, especially if he wants more than 5m per year. HTTR
  11. Rivera said in one of his interviews at the Superbowl that February 10th is when decisions on the 2020 roster will start happening, roll on tomorrow. I'm hoping for straight off the bat that Norman, Reed and Moses are gone, Sherff is given a new deal and Rivera decides ASAP what we are doing with Williams. HTTR
  12. markmills67

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I would love to get the Dolphins 3 x 1st rounders, it would be even sweeter if the Lions then take Young to keep them away from the Cheating Mara's Giants. HTTR
  13. Agree on most of your post apart from Gordon at RB and in no way do I have Norman playing another down for our Redskins. HTTR
  14. I just though I would throw a name out there who could be on the outs in Giants Country, Nate Solder could be had for a decent contract for the Skins. I know he's not been overly good for the Giants but like we did with another Ex Giant Flowers, he might be good for our Redskins. HTTR
  15. markmills67

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    What is the time scale on finding out if Trent Williams will be back to play for the Redskins?. I would have thought ASAP would be the way to go. With Rivera watching film of the 2019 Redskins games he needs to know if the best LT on our roster wants to be here. If not he has to turn his attention to FA to find his starting LT, because in my opinion there isn't one under contract good enough to start. HTTR