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  1. I was at our works party tonight and I checked on the score at the start of the 4th quarter. 40 *******-0 to the Giants. If Gruden and the rest of the ******* coaches are not sacked in the morning I'm DONE, I'm an English Redskins fan for 30 years plus and I've never been as ******* embarrassed as I have been tonight. An absolute Disgrace
  2. markmills67

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    If we put all of our names from ES in a hat and the first name out is the new Washington Redskins HC, whoever it is can't do much worse than Gruden. HTTR
  3. Best Post I've read in months mate. HTTR
  4. A win for the Mighty Redskins tonight. HTTR
  5. markmills67

    Starting QB 2019???

    Do we get any cap help if Smith retires?. HTTR
  6. markmills67

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    Redskins 42 Eagles 17 McCoy 4Td's Peterson 2 Td's Defence 6 Sacks and 3 Int. HTTR
  7. markmills67

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Wasn't the 40 yard TD the series after the bull**** call on Morgan Moses for holding taking us out of FG range and forcing us to punt. In my opinion we had some very bad plays but only lost by 8, and I think the bad calls from the officials added up in my view to more than 8 points. HTTR
  8. markmills67

    Norman, enough is enough!

    Norman's gone at the end of the season, Big cap savings as well. HTTR
  9. markmills67

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys II

    Great post mate, I posted in the game thread straight away that I thought Gruden swore at the refs that the game was ******* fixed, and in my opinion it ******* was. We've not played great the last 2 weeks but if we would have had fair officiating we would have won at least one of them. HTTR
  10. I knew things were not going to go well as soon as Moses was called for that bull**** holding call that took away a chance to pull within 1 point. Then to penalise Moreau and not Woods of Dallas for the last McCoy INT was inexcusable. I won't even go there with the Reed helmet to helmet until I calm down. HTTR
  11. Did I see right at the end of the game, Gruden looked like he was shouting ******* cheats towards the refs. Any good lip readers out there HTTR
  12. I said on the prediction thread that the referees would hand the game to the cowboys. I've been proved 100% right. I know we've played badly but the refs have ruined our chances. HTTR
  13. Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond. Come on you Skins let's shut the Cowboy ******* up once and for all. HTTR
  14. markmills67

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Time to Put Up Or Shut Up

    No way we win this game after the absolutely atrocious refereeing decisions against the Texans. The NFL don't want our Redskins anywhere near the play-offs. Referees(sorry Cowboys) 30 Redskins 17 HTTR
  15. markmills67

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    If Smith's career could be over surely the Redskins have something in place to save on the cap figure if Smith can no longer play?. We still owe Smith about 40m over the next 2 years, do we have to pay that cap hit. HTTR