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  1. Let's have this one Washington, and **** to Mara the Cheats team.
  2. -6 Total yards in 2nd half, yes - 6 Total yards in the 2nd half, what an absolute Disgrace Washington.
  3. I'll be happy if we keep it close and fight for each other. Ravens 30 Wash 17
  4. I'm happy with not taking the timeouts, I'm sure Rivera would rather answer questions about that than McClaurin getting badly injured trying to score a garbage time TD.
  5. Just throwing this out there, could we be any worse by switching Moses and Christian.
  6. We are what we thought we were, ****
  7. In my opinion we are what I expected, a team with not a lot of x-factor but a team with players who are being given a chance by Rivera to see what they can do, but most importantly a team that will give there all for each other, the coaches and us fans, and that will do for me Win, Lose or Tie. HTTFT
  8. That's what everybody said the Eagles would do to us. HTTFT
  9. Wow Wow Wow, I'm going for a lie down. HTTWT
  10. I was watching profootballtalk talk yesterday and that **** Florio was saying it is also a gamble by the players, because if we release Brantley next off-season he will owe us the 350.000. HTTR
  11. Is it going to be number on 1 side of Helmet and just plain Burgundy on the other?.
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