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  1. Are we still going to be paying Kerrigan his full 11.5m salary for 2020, considering that he at best will only get about 40/50% of the reps in my opinion, I would offer him 6/7m guaranteed. HTTR
  2. Will Rivera keep Kerrigan on his 11m cap hit or will he restructure?. HTTR
  3. If Trent Williams stays and has a great season, we can always place the franchise tag on him. HTTR
  4. 3 Top OT left and only 2 picks before the Brown's . HTTR
  5. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Chase Young. HTTR
  6. Working till 9pm buddy, straight home, tea and settle down for the draft. HTTR
  7. Gronk went for a 4th yesterday, Williams should not go for anything less. If we are going to only get a 5th for Williams then I would keep hold of him and get a 5th round complimentary pick for him, we could even offer to pay all or some of his salary and get a couple of 3rd round picks for him. HTTR
  8. Fournette has got a 4.2m cap hit this year, and a 5th year option of 8.4m in 2021, under 13m for 2 years sounds good to me. Not that I would sign Fournette but the 2 years cap figure is good for someone who got 1800 scrimmage yards last year. HTTR
  9. I wouldn't waste 12m on Peters, I would go with who we've got on our roster or draft LT in 3rd round of draft. HTTR