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  1. markmills67

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    Redskins 24 Cowboys 37 HTTR
  2. What would this mean for Donald Penn, he said he spoke to Williams and then decided to sign for the Redskins as long as he was the starter, can he play LG. HTTR
  3. markmills67

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Eagle's 17 Redskins 23 HTTR
  4. So if Trent Williams is released or Traded we will clear 8.5m off this year's cap and just over 10m off 2020, after dead cap taken into account?. HTTR
  5. markmills67

    Should The Skins Cut McCoy?

    Release McCoy and save 3m cap space, if we're down to our 3rd string QB then we might as well pay a low round pick or UFA to play, because we won't be play-off bound will we. HTTR
  6. The situation I don't want to happen is we are all still talking about this in 2 weeks time, I believe Trent Williams in my opinion has been 1 of the all-time Redskins greats, but 1 player does not make a team, if he doesn't want to be a Redskin then Trade him NOW not in 3 weeks just before the start of the season. HTTR
  7. We just saved 4m by releasing Foster, so if Penn gets 6m 1 year deal it's only 2m hit. HTTR
  8. Redskins just released Mason Foster, freeing up 4m in cap space, maybe going towards Trent or even Sherff. HTTR
  9. What draft pick would we get for Trent Williams?. HTTR
  10. markmills67

    Norman Jumps A Bull

    No respect for the Redskins organisation, if he was a Patriot he would think about doing it. I might be in the minority here but cut his **** HTTR
  11. I thought the reason was that everything seemed to click with Moses at RT, so moving Sherff to RG seemed the logical way to go. And it has turned out more than alright in my opinion. HTTR
  12. If any player doesn't want to be a Redskin then goodbye. The main problem I have is why Williams has waited until now to request a trade, trade him to a contender for no less than a 1st round pick and if not let him sit the season out and use the 12m cap space towards resigning Sherff. I love Williams as a player but no player is bigger than the Washington Redskins. HTTR