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  1. It's a 10m Dead Cap hit for Smith, but we clear around 13m cap space by releasing him also, I would add Collins to the release list, Big Dead cap hit but around 5m cap savings, with just these to moves we get to around 63m cap space, if I've read it right.
  2. Burgundy Jersey, White pants and Burgundy socks is the best uniform by faaaaaaaarrrrr
  3. Whatever happens tonight this season under Rivera has made me proud to be a Redskin again, never giving up, playing for each other and most of all Caring about playing for the Redskins. Good Luck Washington from Bolton, England. HTTR
  4. If Dallas win and we lose Dallas draft pick will be in the early 20's.
  5. Got a feeling Haskins is going to have a good game, he knows Rivera has stuck by him after the stripper fiasco, and in my opinion Haskins will come through for us tonight.
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