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  1. 36m cap figure for Collins and Sherff this year WOW, neither will be with us in 22, should have released Collins and not given Sherff the Franchise Tag.
  2. Terrible decision to give Sherff the Franchise Tag again in my opinion, if we were not signing him to a LTD then they should have let him go and get a 3rd round pick for him. when he goes next year we'll get nothing for him due to us more than likely signing free agents ourselves. 18m for Sherff and the rest of the OL getting about 21m all together, first mistake by Rivera and Co since he became coach in my opinion. HTTRedspears
  3. Any chance at all we sign Sherff to a LTD before the deadline?
  4. My team Bolton Wanderers are known as the Trotters, could we use that as a alternative to the Hoggs
  5. Still think Washington Redspears is the way to go, 1950's Washington helmets had spears on them. HTTRedspears
  6. Any news on new deals for Sherff and Allen yet?
  7. Any news on a Jonathan Allen new deal yet?.
  8. Is there still a chance Brandon Scherff could sign a LTD with us.
  9. Brandon Sherff 18m cap hit. Schweitzer 5m Flowers 3m Leno 5m Roullier 4.5m Cosmi 1.3m Lucas 2m Martin 1m Sharp 1m Larsen 1m Ismael .1m Total 23.9m Bad mistake giving Sherff the 18m franchise Tag in my opinion.
  10. He got a 1 year deal, but for how much?
  11. I'm still disappointed that we franchised Sherff, and also that we didn't trade him. I would have been more than happy to go into the season with Moses Schweitzer Roullier Flowers Leno as our starting OL. And had extra 18m in cap space.
  12. Overall I would give the Draft and Free Agency a B+, it would have been a A if it wasn't for giving Brandon Sherff 18m on a franchise Tag. I'm still hoping we can trade him for maybe a 2022 2nd round pick, even if we have to cough up some of the 18m to get the trade done.
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