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  1. I’ve had it. I have been a die hard Washington Redskins fan for the last 43 years. I have rejoiced, cried and bled for this organization. Like many here, I have invested emotionally in this team like no other and have stuck through the thick and thin during that time. But, to continue to sit and watch this utter buffoon run this team is unbearable anymore. There’s no waiting for next year to see if he finally gets “it”. We’ve waited 20 years with this idiot. It’s never going to change. As long has he has the reins, we will always be a clown show. And just when you think it
  2. Airing now. Where the hell did the past 32 years ago?? Seems like yesterday that I was sitting in my college apartment watching this game.
  3. Thanks for the video. He’s got me fired up and ready to run through the door to kick Tampa’s ***.
  4. I agree. Although Bruce was atrocious and had to go, the dysfunction of the organization goes way beyond the past 10 years and starts and ends with Snyder. There’s no guarantee that the lightbulb has finally turned on and that he “gets it” now. But, with cautious optimism, this somehow has a different feel to it. I don’t think RR would have taken this job if he did not feel as though some sort of commitment to cultural and front office change was going to occur. Who knows...could be totally wrong and we’re right back in the same position we’ve been in for the last 21 years. I’ve been a fan for
  5. That excitement was unparalleled. I still remember how I felt. And then to have it carry over to the first game against Tampa with Portis taking it to the house on the first play from scrimmage. Lordy, lordy......
  6. Thanks. Been a long time coming and the jury is still out if we see lasting changes. But...you gotta start somewhere...right?
  7. Alright....deal is done. Many more moves still need to occur, but at least this part is solidified. Time to move forward and go full steam ahead. I’m excited about the possibilities that may occur if the organizational structure can finally be developed to an appropriate NFL level caliber. This is the key to helping this coaching staff be successful or any future coaching staff. The common denominator still remains....Dan Snyder still owns the team. 21 years of bad management doesn’t go away overnight, but hopefully this is the first step towards a new culture and a new way of doing business.
  8. I bled Burgundy and Gold way before Danny boy took over this team, so I cannot not be a fan. He has pushed me to the brink of apathy and not caring, but I will never stop being a fan. I just want my team back!
  9. Yep...Sammy Baugh has his jersey retired by the Eagles...right??
  10. A concept so simple for everyone else to see and understand, but Snyder has never been able to grasp this idea.
  11. What a cool story...good for you! Glad everyone had a great time and congrats on the engagement. Hail to the Redskins!!
  12. Good grief....I just got shivers up my spine from that picture.
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