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  1. At first I was inclined to say no way to that redesign, but after looking at it some more it's not too bad I guess. I think there is a little too much going on with the helmet and much prefer the Indian head logo without the feather design. As much as it might grow on me, I'm still a sucker for our traditional look and think we should keep it. Not bad though for a one-off type thing.
  2. Theismann07

    Game Jersey Collector's Thread

    That is awesome.:notworthy
  3. I'm not against some minor uniform changes; however, I do not think they should mess with the logo on the helmet. To me, our logo is as identifiable as the interlocking NY for the Yankees or ND for Notre Dame or anyone else in sports. Even the Cowpukes are identified with the star on the helmet. I would not want to see them go back to the spears. I would like to see them go with the gold pants on a permanent basis. We are the Burgundy 'n Gold not the Burgundy 'n White, of course.
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    **** the Cowboys

    Looking for a little divine intervention today. Hail to the Redskins! :dallasuck
  5. Exactly. I've always said....we are the Burgundy 'n Gold.....not the Cardinals.
  6. I would love to see the white jerseys and gold pants today. I believe the last time we were in Carolina we wore burgundy jerseys. If so, I hope we keep the gold pants. Have never liked the white pants. However, in the big scheme of things...I guess it doesn't matter.....just win the game.