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  1. Frankly I'm ready to let Galette walk.. His twitter is reads like a piano Metronome.. I love it here.. they are treating me bad.. I love it here.. slave labour.. I love it here.. I'm all about a stable locker room with near equal talent
  2. .Wow.. People are losing their **** over a Slot CB stopgap signing? He will be used almost as a player coach and will probably end the season as Dime back if all goes well..
  3. The world won't stop if he wants 12 mil a year and we let him walk.. There are two studs that should be available at 13, not to mention those available later in the draft.. Plus Allen will be back healthy, and we remember what this defense looked like against Oakland, before everyone went down with injuries.
  4. This lack of news coming out of Redskin Park is both nerve wracking and encouraging. I want to know everything going on, but it seems that the leaks have been well plugged the last 18mo
  5. Grant is a fine player, just because certain media didn't like him is not here or there.. The Ravens did him wrong, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him back here. Alex isn't afraid to throw to his wideouts.
  6. He turned down 9+ million a year for the Cards.. I doubt the Skins are going to pay Honey Badger anything close to 10 mil.
  7. Now here we go. JP Finlayā€¸Verified account @JPFinlayNBCS 1m1 minute ago #Redskins have agreed to terms with Zach Brown, per source. 5 replies 13 retweets 22 likes
  8. Actually.. They were interested in his scouting service.. But they didn't make there draft board from his suggestions. The legend of Scot McCloughan is way to long and over exaggerated... He was mediocre at best for the Redskins
  9. Please no on Crabtree.. The only thing he's been known for the last year is getting into fights.
  10. Hello... Doug.. Hello Doug.. Are you awake.. You're losing some good draft picks from yes "Gasp" that Allen fellow.. Can you please sign someone.. I mean someone that isn't a low to mid free agent.. Let me count the ways you need to improve this team, and frankly you don't have a Third Round Pick... Get moving!!
  11. There are simply too many holes to fill, as players that have been ridiculed constantly make bank around the NFL... Beyond the QB position, it seems like teams valued our players more than we did... There is only 7 draft picks, so it's time to sign some quality mid-level FA's, instead of the typical left overs that have been a staple over the last decade.
  12. Gillespie is a POS... His political ads are pure fabrication, running close to slander... He has run to the bottom failing to highlight any true issues.. Hopefully this is a clear sign of desperation by his political team.
  13. worldpost

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Wow... The Wizards looked like dog .... The team allows John Wall to dribble penetrate way to often.. Three possessions in a row he missed shots and turned over the ball.. JW Free Throw shooting has been horrendous.. Kelly Oubre (While I like him) is a mental lose cannon... This team has believed it's hype and have failed miserably to play up to it.. This is a 4th or 5th seed team, winning most of it's games against the dregs of the NBA.
  14. worldpost

    A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    They have lost to the 6-1 Eagles twice and the KC Chiefs.. The world is not over.. And no I want some objective reporting.. not fan boys crying in their beer. I can get that at some random bar anywhere in the US