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  1. Fans of this franchise, aren't allowed even a speck of hope.... I know it's early, but damn.. A loss before the first half of the first game #sigh
  2. We'll there is always Kirk Cousins to laugh at..
  3. The Coaching from top to bottom in this organization is horrid.. Even moderately good coaches can get more out of mid-level talent. The defense has been lost for years, they are NEVER is the proper position. Offense is young and has a young OC, who really needs to learn on the fly. One bad pay kills this team, and they are so far from making adjustment at half, as a polar bear in Texas
  4. But it's the fans fault... Right Josh!
  5. 60 pages ... LOL damn people only the diehards give a **** anymore.
  6. This team is putrid.. The coaches are laughable. Fire Jay Fire Greg.. Start new with Kevin @ Jim againts the Dolphins Play Haskins.. Go full bore rebuilt.. Otherwise this is all a joke.. Go FULL BORE rebuild mode.
  7. Please just get it over with and fire the HC, OC, DC... let the assistants run this until they can TRY and lure a new staff in.
  8. Of course I'm not happy with the direction of this team, but advocating your team move, and believing that your going to get another one is folly And telling me to sit down is as much folly as wanting the team to move.. So as one response to me stated "NO"
  9. Oh I'm sure they want a market that can't fill half of it's stadium.. Your delusional to think it would be so easy.. The name to the stadium to the transient population are anchors to this team.. Don't believe me.. look at how the evaluation of this team has fallen over the years... If you don't want to root for this team.. that's fine.. Go buy a another jersey and wave bye bye.. just don't let the door hit you...
  10. Haskins needs to start the rest of the way. Front OFfice needs to get rid of dead wood.. Too many players not playing each week, could be replaced by healthy bodies. Fire the HC, OC, DC this team needs a complete coaching reboot. OF course we want Bruce fired, but I'll take a reassignment to "business operations" Synder isn't going anywhere... just stop with the whining about relocation..
  11. I'm sorry but any Redskin fan that calls for the team to leave can go with it... You'll never get another team back.. period end of story.. There is always a chance of a team turning around, there is NO CHANCE if there is no team. Go take your relocation talk to Timbuktu..
  12. It's very possible Preston Smith will disappear for another half of a season.. We've seen it for years.
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