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  1. Next thing you're gonna say is "They should put the word 'Redskins' on the pants like the Browns do..."
  2. You know, now that I get a good look at it, they need to space out the stripes on the helmet. They're just a little too close now.
  3. With all due respect, I'm just never gonna understand the call to harken back to looks that never won anything. Yellow pants, single stripes, darker burgundies, arrowhead helmets....really alien to me. This entire franchise is literally defined by a single decade of excellence that was absolutely monolithic in terms of uniform design. They need to go back to that look, it's so ******* choice. They need to perfect it. Helmet: Drop the glitter, go matte, go brighter red, make the logo bigger. Heck, maybe tuck those feathers back in... Jersey, Pants, Socks: Brighter burgundy, thi
  4. Good eye and I agree. The two color stripe is a key characteristic of a Redskin uniform and it needs to be way more prominent than it currently is. That's partly why I hate the gold pants so much, it's a three stripe trim which is just not "Redskins" to me.
  5. Agree on getting rid of the glitter on the helmet. I'd take it a different way thought, I'd match the red of the helmet from the 80's as opposed to the color they have now. I always thought it was cool how it didn't match with the burgundy pants. Same way the Giants blue never matched their blue jersey.
  6. Only lost by 8 right? How'd it play out? I managed to hold on the last Super Bowl but he flipped the switch late and beat me going away. Yeah I lucked out, playing CPU tonight to get to NFC title game. Feel like Goonies ends me, I might be able to challenge Kenneth, I've never played either guy b/c they were NFC guys last game.
  7. Pretty sure I've tapped out all the ES PS4 users but if you're interested in joining our Madden 15 league PM me. We're starting our next season in about a week. (All Pro, advance every 72 hours) Thx

  8. Have a PS4 like it alot but must say, the interface blows. Clunky as ****. Real slow to interact with friends too. Btw, in case I haven't tapped out all the PS4 ES owners, we have a Madden 15 league going, about to turn over another season if anyone wants to join. PM me.
  9. After all the fun of this season we get to see Randy White dressed up as Santa. Great.

  10. Yesterday's uniform was actually worse than the horrifyingly awful gold pants ******** we've had to endure for three years now. What an absolute beating. Continuing to light candles, praying hard for the return of white on burgundy.
  11. There's a special little fire pit reserved in the deepest corner of hell for those yellow/gold/mustard/maze/canary Ronald Mc ******* Donald ****** ******* clown pants.
  12. Madden Day has arrived. If you've got or are getting M15 for PS4 and want to play an online league PM me and soon!

  13. If you're interested in joining a PS4 Madden 15 league PM me. Thanks.

  14. Here it is GHH, good luck man....oh, this is a final make no mistake at least the first of two.
  15. If you own a PS4 and play Madden, join our league....check us out in the Online Gaming Leagus Forum! Thanks!

  16. Would you rather have Cerrato and Snyder deciding things? Nobody's fault the last coach was senile.
  17. Does Liverpool get to 2 points of Arsenal today?
  18. Most important question, does the quitter take his wretched yellow pants with him?
  19. Why do people want the Skins to wear throwbacks of loser teams that didn't win anything? Why do people want us to wear Packer inspired yellow helmets and pants literally brought by Lombardi himself? Bring back the white top, burgundy pants ASAP. Why? I don't know, it's only what they won three ******* Super Bowls in....that's the Redskins to me.
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