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  1. I'm wondering if this frees up Mac Jones. I know all the rumors had Carolina taking him. If he dropped, would/should we take him? I'm on the fence about him.
  2. Makes you wonder if they're going after a guard what the plan is for Sahdiq Charles. I thought he was being groomed to be a Guard. With Schweitzer and Scherff already there plus Martin (who I think gets cut) perhaps they are going to give Charles a shot at LT after all.
  3. Harmon is going to have a hard time even making the team. He was slow to begin with and now coming off an ACL will probably be even slower. I think with the addition of Samuel being paired with McLaurin and then add in Gibson or McKissic out of the backfield defenses are going to be so consumed with containing them that Logan Thomas and Cam Sims are going to be open a LOT. I see a huge year for Cam.
  4. Let's go get Anthony Harris and bring him home. He's a local guy from Richmond, Va. and he would solidify the Safety position with Cam Curl. At that point, add a couple good LB'ers in the draft and our defense would be the most dominant unit in the NFL.
  5. I don't think so. I'm going with the guy that no one is talking about and I personally think he'd be a great fit....Mitch Trubisky.
  6. Stick a fork in them. Dallas is DONE! No way can you build a winning team when you pay that kind of money to one person.
  7. Will be interesting to see if he got the 41.5 million a year he was seeking. If they paid him that, they just dug their grave.
  8. I think you're spot on. I have been advocating for Trubisky for weeks and honestly believe that he is going to be the choice of the WFT if they can come to terms on a Free Agency deal. Lots of people call him trash but forget that he has made a Pro Bowl in his career and has led the Bears to playoffs twice. He's young, has a great arm and is very mobile. With some coaching from Zampese, I think he can be a solid QB for us.
  9. I also wonder if there's a way that we could resign Scherff and take it out of the June 1st money and not out of our current salary cap.
  10. I'll take Trubisky all day over Mariota.
  11. Agreed, not to mention that he has never faced elite competition. It's a huge gamble. If he drops to our spot at 19 then maybe you take a chance but I would never give up multiple picks. He has bust written all over him.
  12. JP Finlay stated yesterday that they have no interest in Newton. Mariota isn't drawing any interest from anyone either probably because of his contract. That will probably change if he is released though and I'm only lukewarm to Bridgewater. I've learned over the years that the person that is not talked about is the one they are really wanting. I'm looking for them to go hard after Trubisky. He's been to a Pro Bowl and to the playoffs twice. Yes, he's up and down with his play but he has all the tools including great mobility. Put him in a different system and let Zampese get a hold of him and
  13. Everyone is killing me for mentioning Trubisky but that's okay. I think he can be a very good QB. He's shown flashes where he has looked VERY GOOD, and yes, he's looked very bad as well. I truly believe a lot of it is Matt Nagy and the Bears. Put him in a different system with a good QB coach and weapons around him and he's going to open some eyes. He throws a good ball. I'm not talking about this 50/50 stuff like Darnold throws where his receivers have to bail him out because the ball is always off target. Trubisky can throw it on a rope. Watch these highlights and have an open mind. The tale
  14. I've been watching a lot of tape and although he is far from perfect, I'm all in on us signing Mitch Trubisky. We don't have to give up anything for him and he's got some talent. Big, strong arm and he is a mobile QB. Again, I know he's had his issues but he has looked really good at times too. I think he might actually be a guy that might really thrive in a different system.
  15. I am really starting to lean towards the idea of just drafting a QB, trading up if we need to as long as it doesn't get crazy. I don't think we're getting either Watson or Stafford and we aren't accomplishing anything by getting some stopgap second rate QB who's only available because he has never been good enough to be a true NFL franchise QB. It's time to stop rummaging around the scrap heap and time to start developing our own Franchise QB. In the meantime, keep building this team with good talent.
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