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  1. @Koolblue13 bunker down and much mojo your way. Load up the house and take good care of those animals. Plan 3x. #gimmeshelter I totally forgot there was a game on tonight as well! @Voice_of_Reason
  2. I don't know where else to put this but I cannot explain how honored I was this afternoon... About an hour ago I had a Lieutenant Colonel from the Army dressed in full regalia knock on my door. He saluted me and handed me two boxes. He told me thank you for your service and the service of your grandfather. He made a quick right face and left. I closed the door in bewilderment wondering what the hell is this? I opened the first box and inside was a formal certificate signed by the Architect of the Capitol with my grandfather's name on it honoring his service (at Pointe du Hoc, et
  3. Is it just me or are there others that never found cheerleaders attractive?
  4. When we got Jay and GMSM I figured we were in such disarray that I anticipated 3 to 5 years. In my eyes we are going into year 4 and still look like we are in year 2. Left Guard and Center is still a concern; I didn't see any nice running lanes last night "not crisp" @SWFLSkins Offense looks out of sync. Still have defensive worries. I stopped seriously watching around the middle of the second quarter. Perine Allen and Anderson show alot of promise; that was the only real bright spots I got out of half-assed watching of the game last night. A little heart attack when Moses went dow
  5. HUGE KUDOS AND LOVE @HapHaszard @thesubmittedone and @SWFLSkins (welcome back bro) for all of the work they do on this site, on their personal time, to keep our great (mostly) fanbase informed. I went to pay my dues to the site and couldn't find the link? PayPal Gift? Thanks guys for all that you do, it is a thankless job but you deserve that at a minimum!!!
  6. Are you really serious about that? Step back and think about that for a second is my suggestion.
  7. So who here in this forum is going to tell me that this team is in really good hands and we have a finite short mid and long term plans moving forward? I don't know about you but my experience has been that only assholes produce crap SOSDD
  8. Celebrate the originial Brexit, 1776 style. Happy 4th ES!
  9. Old Redskins Park used to be "out in the sticks" near Dulles in Herndon, I believe. Before the move to Ashburn. Usually closed to all public
  10. Douche is exclusively reserved for Cow****es...they own the copyrights for douches. The Dallas Massengills I tell ya
  11. Norman, Swearinger and Anderson possess the attitude that this defense has lacked and needed sorely for such a long time (since Greg?)..."Dogs of War" attitude. Everybody wants a new nickname for the defense? That is my proposal, now live up to it
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