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  1. On another note, sort of unrelated, if the Dems were smart they would let the GOP hang themselves in the upcoming mid terms. The economy is getting ready to tank. The orange doofus will blame the recently elected dems Commodity and tariff pressures are off the charts and demand is stalling. Debt is spiralling, both corporate and federal. Its not a pretty picture right now Let the repubs have their names all over this one
  2. Hey this just in. Crazies on the right and left. This also just in. Crazies on the left, specifically those who post all day in this forum, dont realize theyre just as bad.
  3. You should tread carefully here. Gather facts, not just go off opinions given to you via phone
  4. Im not interested in defending either side. Thats what people on this forum dont understand. Im more interested in pointing out that both sides are awful. However that work is not needed when talking about conservatives. Look around
  5. Youre just going to gloss over all the violence at campuses when ass clowns like Milo and Shapiro show up to talk? i could go on but what’s the point. Tribalism wins out in the end. Your side is right, nothing to see here. Good job being on the inning team
  6. Why would you say something like that? This thread and this forum is 99% liberals spending all day labeling conservatives as trash, nazis, bigots, fascists, idiots. We we literally have 2 posters who point out the hypocrisy and you can’t handle it? Nice. Just well done were you screaming “prototypical Hillary voting trash” when the dude shot up the GOP softball game? Or did you blame mental illness? Time me to be honest with yourself. Or not I guess.
  7. Dismissing 63 million fellow Americans as “prototypical trash” is okay, I guess while simultaneously whining like a **** about divisive rhetoric from the right. Lulz es tailgate going to special, special places lately.
  8. Tolerance from the modern left, with a dash of hypocritical douchebaggery when it comes to the mentally ill keep winning. Keep being a scared little boy. Keep clicking those links, jeep the money rolling to the advertisers. They’re counting on you #mentally weak
  9. This version of Laundry Room is simply outstanding. Gawt DAM that mother****er can play best bass solo ever.
  10. This perp seems like a real supervillian. Bombs that dont work mailed from his local post office delivered in a van with his enemies written on the side of it. This sounds like a case for batman
  11. All of the mental giants on this forum love those viral videos that proves theyre so right to be so woke. Heres another dumb one for all the kiddies to enjoy
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