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  1. fwo40

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Welp. Another 4 years wasted. **** this pick.
  2. If I were Jay with these moves I'd want to deny I was consulted about anything as well.
  3. fwo40

    The Cult of Case

    If anything this makes me more depressed than before. My "dream" scenario is that somehow the team gets any kind of cap relief they can get from an Alex Smith retirement prior to the 2020 season. Case takes the beating, team plays poorly enough to get tons of people fired - hopefully on the sideline and in the FO. And we get a top 5 draft pick in 2020. To start all over again. Again. So go Case - do your thing!
  4. Disagree somewhat Ty hasn't gotten a chance to be a #1 so IMO it's unfair to dismiss him - on this team he'd be a clear #1. Problem is we have **** throwing the football.
  5. I'm sure our super inventive genius defensive coaching staff will figure out how to hide his one dimensional play.
  6. fwo40

    The Season WILL Begin Anew Next August

    If Gruden and Allen are back in the same roles then you're going to get the same thing. Oh sure some will blame it on different issues (injuries, a bad call here or there etc) but it's going to all come out the same. We'll be saddled with a tweener club again that is stuck not committing to a proper rebuild in part b/c they ****ed up the Qb situation badly enough to haunt us for 4-5 seasons. Anyone who spends any money supporting this organization is part of the problem.
  7. He also choked when it mattered. Being in an empty backfield on 3rd and 3 when it is clearly 4 down territory is just plain stupid. He gave the Titans a running start at their blitz adjustments and that put way more pressure on that 4th string Qb than was needed in that situation. Jay has proven to be terrible in situational big spots and he was again tonight.
  8. Empty set on 3rd and short when it's 4 down terriority. Fire Gruden tonight.
  9. I'm not debating that;s why he was hired - but I am suggesting that he's still bad at it. I don't think Snyder wanted him to flub it - just to answer for it. Answering for it is part of the job (sadly) - pouring more gas on the fire with his word choices and overall unprofessional presentation is not.
  10. Incompetence. Dude is little more than a figurehead and under pressure it really comes through.
  11. fwo40

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    Don't feel bad for KC. Ware is one of the best backup RB's in the league. He had a great 2016 and would've been the starter last season had he not got hurt in preseason. All that was with Alex Smith. With Mahomes you could put just about anyone back there at RB I believe...and the Chiefs have an awesome next man up.
  12. fwo40

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    Hunt is an RB. We found a capable dude just hanging out waiting for a phone call. They are everywhere each offseason. No way any team should take him on again the best thing about him was the KC offense. The only positive thing about this organization being dumb enough to pick him up would be Doug Williams part 2 in front of the microphones. Hopefully going so terribly the league would find a way to forcibly oust our entire FO. Other than that scenario - hard pass.