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  1. +1 for Chase - although he might be moving up post combine AND I'm not moving him to TE. I want to see if he's Julio Jones 1st. Much more valuable that way.
  2. Or he goes #1 to a team that blows the Bengals away - or the Bengals themselves. Granted #1's are usually QB's, but if the hype gets big enough....
  3. Yes. Part of it will be Haskins' growth and if anyone on the staff can develop his very very raw (and imo limited) skill set. We don't even have Young declaring - let alone drafted - let alone playing off the bat like a difference maker. Let's see all of that on the field actually play out - in harmony with the rest of the guys pulling together under a brand new scheme. The "typical" Redskins scenario is that this doesn't all line up.
  4. Given recent history I think this is being waaay too rosy for the "worse" of the two scenarios. 8-8 in 2020 would be a huge upset.
  5. RE: TV revenue. Since tv ratings are determined by sample household, 99.9999% of people watching the Redskins at home are not directly putting money into the NFL's pocket. The exceptions to this are those that pay for Directv Sunday Ticket or those very very few who are Nielsen households. People without the ticket watching over network air are generally anonymous and uncounted.
  6. And to be fair there are a few backup QB's better than him as well. He's lucky if he's 35th. Really lucky.
  7. If this is true - seriously **** this kid.
  8. Talking about winning the battle and losing the war. 3 more years of DH ****ing great.
  9. Putting aside the stuff clearly aimed at Jay (although I mostly think jay's incompetent) - Whitner is speaking the emerging truth not just for the Redskins, but for may teams. Coaches hiring friends to fill out coaching staffs, instead of truly qualified leaders and teachers is a killer to teams that actually need that edge to move up. We've seen it over and over here with all the Tampa connections, usually teams aren't that conspicuous with it - but it is a major problem with a lot of the annually bad franchises.
  10. I agree, but I would play devil's advocate and say that these last 5 games (4.5 I guess) were some of the worst played games in franchise history. I was pessimistic on Gruden coming into the season - but he and the team really out did itself. Another ****ty unprepared soft start with Jay begging to be fired pretty much from the jump. I don't absolve Allen for anything (included the initial hire which seemed based on the Tampa connection) - but Gruden really forced their hand even this early.
  11. I'm sorry I'm not getting on the "poor Jay no one wins here" bandwagon. Is this like a funeral? Are we afraid to say something bad about the deceased? Of course he's not bitter about leaving - he collected a sizable check for getting out-coached almost weekly. He's been on cruise control for at least a year. We all know he wasn't the only thing wrong with the team. But he was wrong while with the team.
  12. Andy Reid is also an offensive coach which is what most teams need. Tomlin was handed a world class offensive which IMO explains most of his success there.
  13. It's like no one has watched any Steelers games in the past 4-5 years. Or for example yesterday when he bungled the OT. **** no for Tomlin.
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