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  1. Even if I agree with you. It doesn't exactly say much
  2. In my mind a "C" player is one that factors in lack of experience and durability concerns. If you think last night's game was more than a B+ so be it. Subjective of course. Maybe we have different own grading curves. I mean TB's pass defense was 22nd overall in the league in 2020 - not a world beater despite your assertion of "playmakers". In the Tampa Bay game there was one to Steve SImms I remember which he threw a bit off his back foot in pressure, the ball up the field to Cam Simms around midfield was behind him and he short armed it a bit, and there were some others that stuck out in my
  3. There were at least 2 in the in the Carolina game that should've been picked - one in the end zone - and a few others. My main point is that I think we just have had such bad QB performances that we get spoiled by an above average game here and there. I don't know that's he not going to be great -but I do know the majority of pro ready QB's coming out of college and half the backups in the league coming up are capable of replicating in a short span what Heinicke has done over 5 qtrs. I hope he gets a chance to compete for the job next year - but I'm not sold in any way that's he's markedly abo
  4. And I would love to know the opposite - he has precious little of it - on top of which he doesn't physically seem to be an elite player. And grant it that may be less important than QB's that can anticipate etc, but I don't see it as a stretch to have concerns about his frame and durability. In my eyes dude threw a lot of prayers yesterday, but kudos to him for staying alive and doing so. it was, in context a pretty good game, but there's nothing to me to suggest long term success is assured. I think as a fan base, we have just collectively lowered our expectations so much that "this will do".
  5. B+ performance in a big game. But I think he's probably closer to a "c" player. What you want to pay for that, and how you want to move forward should be taken from an organizational top down approach, but I would hope we can make some decisions when we're more removed from good feelings about a game in which they were beat.
  6. No this is hyperbole at its finest. I'd debate he's the only one currently on the roster. As I think Allen can occasionally do it as well. McLaurin is not QB dependent to be productive, you just need an average QB or better.
  7. **** yeah! At least 24 hours too late...but finally.
  8. +1 for Chase - although he might be moving up post combine AND I'm not moving him to TE. I want to see if he's Julio Jones 1st. Much more valuable that way.
  9. Or he goes #1 to a team that blows the Bengals away - or the Bengals themselves. Granted #1's are usually QB's, but if the hype gets big enough....
  10. Yes. Part of it will be Haskins' growth and if anyone on the staff can develop his very very raw (and imo limited) skill set. We don't even have Young declaring - let alone drafted - let alone playing off the bat like a difference maker. Let's see all of that on the field actually play out - in harmony with the rest of the guys pulling together under a brand new scheme. The "typical" Redskins scenario is that this doesn't all line up.
  11. Given recent history I think this is being waaay too rosy for the "worse" of the two scenarios. 8-8 in 2020 would be a huge upset.
  12. RE: TV revenue. Since tv ratings are determined by sample household, 99.9999% of people watching the Redskins at home are not directly putting money into the NFL's pocket. The exceptions to this are those that pay for Directv Sunday Ticket or those very very few who are Nielsen households. People without the ticket watching over network air are generally anonymous and uncounted.
  13. And to be fair there are a few backup QB's better than him as well. He's lucky if he's 35th. Really lucky.
  14. If this is true - seriously **** this kid.
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