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  1. I think his going back to NC could be a blessing in disguise. I do hope they have a few players in Scott's offense available.
  2. No, I don't know anything about him or his injury history but unless he is considered an iron man and indestructible, I'd say no to pretty much anyone at his age. We need a fresh start and need to get this "injury history" behind us if possible (is it possible?). I do think a few guys that know the offense Carolina would be beneficial though but would rather take a chance on younger guys like that. Edit: I think the bottom-line is, since we're making a fresh start, I'd prefer a fresh start across the board. Kerrigan is by far my favorite player and I hope he is back but I'd totally understand with wanting to do a reset. In fact, I think we need to do a reset just like we did with the coaches. No one gets a free pass, whether that is Kerrigan, Williams, Norman, etc.
  3. I don't know if he deserves to start or not. I hope he does start though because I think we need to take a chance on him and I think it would be demoralizing for the team for someone that was showing promise at the end to be benched (unless whoever is replacing him is lighting it up but can't imagine that happening). I hope they give it a while. I think in some ways Rivera will be tempted just like Gruden with wanting to win now but I hope they hold out and give him a chance. It might end up being the wrong choice since Haskins has looked so bad at times but I think it is the right choice at this moment. Give him a chance to prove it and not give him a quick hook if it is going south at first. I think one thing in Haskins favor is that all the QBs will be learning a new offense (unless Rivera brings in a Carolina retread).
  4. owa

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    Hope he is able to play and push Haskins in preseason but I don't want him starting at this point. He should be a mentor to Haskins and transition to a front office position soon. He shouldn't be screwing with is health at his age.
  5. owa

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Hope they pick him. At first I thought maybe trading down was best and I still think that is reasonable considering we have so many holes. But, still would like them to stay put and pick him. Hopefully he lives up to his rep.
  6. I'm not sure about about a first round pick but please trade him. Like he said, the bridge has been burned and I'd rather start fresh. He's not worth it (imo).
  7. People may believe what they want but the fact is, his crying over this has hurt himself and the team. Him for being a wiener (I mean whiner) and the team because he's whining wiener about his medical situation and this situation not being resolved. Wish they would have just traded him to some of the other bottom-feeders. Yuck!
  8. owa

    Josh Norman a healthy scratch!

    They haven't been perfect but they've been promising and I think that is all we can ask for at this point.
  9. So awesome when he is on the field and hate it so much when he gets hurts. Such a likable guy and such a love for the game. Hope he can recover from yet another injury. Have high hopes for him and Love.
  10. It isn't that funny. Just the fact that I still know many people out of the DC area that pull for the 'skins. And I mean, really pull for them. Not all these "fans" that turn on the 'skins every time something goes their way. A lot of these people were raised on the 'skins and even though they're in Panther territory now full support the 'skins. Only wish the so called fans that were closer had the same mindset. That is part of the reason I think Dan needs to move the team. No way he recaptures these "tudes". Yeah man, just think the DC fans are too jaded to support the team no matter what happens.
  11. I think further south. Most of my family is from NC and the 'Skins were the only station/broadcast they could get in the day. Most are still diehard Redskin fans even though Carolina is now in the picture. If fact, don't know a single person from NC that pulls for the Panthers. So, I think they could easily steal part of their fanbase just based on what people are use to.
  12. I think the current fanbase it pretty much hopeless. Too many years of being brainwashed by the post and lousy play by the team on the field. I don't think they (the current so called fans) will come around no matter what as long as Synder is owner. I think we need to gain new fans from the team's play and some success.
  13. Awesome win and much needed. I almost gave up watching a couple of times because I got so frustrated with the run on first down almost every time but thankfully they pulled off the win. We need to be more aggressive so don't understand the conservative play calling when we have nothing to lose. Sure he might miss some but really think the play calling needs to help Haskins get into a rhythm. Currently, seems like the play calling is making it really hard on him. Run twice for a few yards and then pass. I wish they'd run a no-huddle the whole game and see what that provides. I really don't understand why they're playing things so conservatively. Same with the defense but glad to see they came with more pressure a couple of times today.
  14. owa

    Josh Norman a healthy scratch!

    Feel bad for him but I think this was due. He hasn't been up to par this season and with a season already lost, why not try the younger guys.
  15. He had another off day which really concerns me for the future but I'm glad he was able to put us in position to win. Hopefully this will translate to better play in the upcoming games. Hopefully he just needed a taste of success to gain confidence and become a more accurate passer. Having said that, I think one of the big misses was because the receiver wasn't running full speed and then tried to catch up once he saw the pass was coming to him. Still, hard to swallow the bad throws with people open. It worries me but hopefully the rest of the season helps with that. I was happy about Alex Smith coming here but became really concerned when he was missing wide open receivers by 10 yards on downfield throws. Hopefully Haskins improves and can make these throws but the whole thing makes me nervous. How can a QB at this level miss throws like that. It's annoying. It's like pro basketball players that have played basketball their whole life but can't make a simple free throw. Also, really liked that he tried to get the crowd into it. It might be a lost cause with our current fanbase but really happy to see him try. Once we build our fanbase around better fans I think all of this will pay off.