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  1. I may have posted this already and if so, sorry, but I don't want us to draft Jones if he falls to us. I want a mobile QB even if the risk of being injured is greater. I see how much trouble our D has with mobile Qbs and want the same for us. That seems to be the future. Pocket passers IMO are quickly becoming extinct. They may have better skills in some areas but being able to run seems to add so much to the offense and seems to make it so much harder on the D. Ha, I want one. Or course you have Brady and Rodgers battling it out for chance for the Superbowl so what do I kn
  2. Hope we can keep our own even if it isn't the sexy choice.
  3. Watching the football team show, it was a little worrisome that the guy from his previous team that they interviewed didn't even seem to really know Mayhew. He seemed to be struggling to find positives to say about him. Hope that it just him though and that his relationship with Ron will be much better. I just don't want this hire to be about show or making history. Hope he is the best for the job. I love his connection to us and hope they'll do more of the same with future hires.
  4. I hope another team gets Watson. He is really good but holding a team hostage is too much of a reminder of Trent Williams here. Once you go down that path, how long until Watson is unhappy with something here and tries to hold us hostage. Would rather have guys that are just interested in playing football and not wanting to play GM. I can understand why he has done this though since their last coach made a bunch of questionable decisions. Anyway, maybe if the Panthers get Watson Teddy will be available or maybe Fitz while we wait to draft the next franchise QB. Don't think one of the go
  5. Congrats to the new front office hires. Hope it works out with 3 of them handling the various aspects.
  6. I don't understand why people care about this so much. We did okay this year and didn't even have a GM. It sounds like Rivera was calling Hurney a lot to ask how to do this and that so if Rivera wants to bring him in to help off-load some of his administrative responsibilities, I think it is a good move. I couldn't care less what the guy's title will be or if we have a structure that fits fan's expectations. Ron was hired to run the show so just have to roll with it and see how it goes. I hope Smith stays but if he doesn't, it wasn't like he was making the rounds on the interview circuit
  7. Glad he is panning out. I had my doubts initially since he didn't seem dominant like I expected but lately, he's been all that you could ask for.
  8. I didn't like him after all the off-field stuff (maybe before that) and that alone is enough to ridicule him but I hate seeing anyone lose their dream. I also hate all the piling on. The guy is just 23 and yes, he has made millions and seems to be immature, enough so that I don't even like him, but still he is young and was so excited over some of his accomplishments here only to be dragged through the mud over and and over again. It really makes me feel sorry for him even though I shouldn't. He was so excited about his first win only to be gashed for taking the selfie with a fan at the en
  9. Okay, so your pet rabbit didn't expect it. Anyone else?
  10. Looked okay today but really expected him to light things up. In the end, all that matters is that we got the win I guess. Wish the receivers didn't have those drops to see how it would have turned out but overall just so-so.
  11. Because I think he has a lot of potential. He has shown flashes but hasn't been dominant like everyone expected. Not that difficult to understand really. Loved his game today and what I was expecting from the get-go. Really glad to see him come up big.
  12. Made a great play today, a game-changer so happy he is starting to be a major impact!
  13. Wow!! That was awesome!! Can't remember a time recently where I've been so ecstatic over our resutls! Wowzer!
  14. The improvement would be moving the team elsewhere but I've repeatedly said that to no effect. I guess Snyder isn't reading my messages or taking me seriously. :<) Seriously though, think it would benefit the 'Skins to move the team elsewhere and possibly benefit the BNC, LCD, or DNC of the the DMZ.
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