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  1. The Browns have had the courage to defer a total rebuild to one draft. Something several of us have been begging for for years and years on this forum. (Instead of a first round pick in 2009, 2010, 2011.... go for 3 first round picks in 2012 and an additional 3 2nd round picks that you got in a trade., e.g.) 1. The Browns have 12 picks in this years draft. 5 in the first 2 rounds. 1 and 4, overall 2. The Browns hired a non football guy to run their operations. In this case, Paul DePodesta who you all know from Jonah Hills character in Moneyball 3. The Browns invested in the best GM they could find in John Dorsey, who in turn is investing in more front office talent, poaching Alonzo Highsmith from the Packers 4. Projected $118 million in cap space The Browns have the best upcoming draft position in the history of the league, the most talented front office in the league, and a non football ivy league economist running the show and looking for value in systems that by and large are being built by aging ex jocks and assorted dumbos. He wont have a hard time, especially with $118 million in cap space What a time to be a Browns fan. I would take 1-31 in a second to be where they are. After all, they have as much to show for it as we do. This is what the Redskins have needed since 2006. Two straight years of SUCK with a front office smart enough to leverage that suckage into future value. Instead, we are on the perpetual 7-9 merry go round, always with limited cap space, always putting another band aid on the terminal patient.
  2. On another note, sort of unrelated, if the Dems were smart they would let the GOP hang themselves in the upcoming mid terms. The economy is getting ready to tank. The orange doofus will blame the recently elected dems Commodity and tariff pressures are off the charts and demand is stalling. Debt is spiralling, both corporate and federal. Its not a pretty picture right now Let the repubs have their names all over this one
  3. Hey this just in. Crazies on the right and left. This also just in. Crazies on the left, specifically those who post all day in this forum, dont realize theyre just as bad.
  4. You should tread carefully here. Gather facts, not just go off opinions given to you via phone
  5. What did Maxine Waters say?
  6. Im not interested in defending either side. Thats what people on this forum dont understand. Im more interested in pointing out that both sides are awful. However that work is not needed when talking about conservatives. Look around
  7. Youre just going to gloss over all the violence at campuses when ass clowns like Milo and Shapiro show up to talk? i could go on but what’s the point. Tribalism wins out in the end. Your side is right, nothing to see here. Good job being on the inning team
  8. Why would you say something like that? This thread and this forum is 99% liberals spending all day labeling conservatives as trash, nazis, bigots, fascists, idiots. We we literally have 2 posters who point out the hypocrisy and you can’t handle it? Nice. Just well done were you screaming “prototypical Hillary voting trash” when the dude shot up the GOP softball game? Or did you blame mental illness? Time me to be honest with yourself. Or not I guess.
  9. Dismissing 63 million fellow Americans as “prototypical trash” is okay, I guess while simultaneously whining like a **** about divisive rhetoric from the right. Lulz es tailgate going to special, special places lately.
  10. Tolerance from the modern left, with a dash of hypocritical douchebaggery when it comes to the mentally ill keep winning. Keep being a scared little boy. Keep clicking those links, jeep the money rolling to the advertisers. They’re counting on you #mentally weak
  11. This version of Laundry Room is simply outstanding. Gawt DAM that mother****er can play best bass solo ever.
  12. zoony

    FP: China Is Cheating at a Rigged Game

    The US economy has the upper hand in any trade war with China it’s not particularly close that said both will lose because tarrifs are stupid. But, China will lose more make no mistake
  13. zoony

    Let's trade for Larry Fitzgerald

    I would love an offense constructed of AP, Alex Smith, and Larry F It would be the perfect culmination of the 8 year Bruce Allen roster build.
  14. zoony

    A question for you guys?

    Theyre the white trash fanbase of the nfl. They also ripped off the 12th man because they are unoriginal and stupid.
  15. This perp seems like a real supervillian. Bombs that dont work mailed from his local post office delivered in a van with his enemies written on the side of it. This sounds like a case for batman
  16. zoony

    FP: China Is Cheating at a Rigged Game

    Most Chinese companies especially tech are being propped up by the regime... most specifically with their walled off approach to foreign competition. There is a reason Alibaba is a failure everywhere outside of China. I wouldnt touch that stock with a 10 foot poll I love we finally have an administration that is calling those communist ****s on their bull**** as they continue to pillage the western democracies and exploit our free markets for their own gain
  17. We do not match up well against the Giants, at all. Also Eli always seems to save his best games for us
  18. zoony

    FP: China Is Cheating at a Rigged Game

    China is mostly done as a manufacturing destination. Corporations will exploit the next ****ty regime that doesn’t care about environment and taxes and start building their hazardous and labor intensive products there, instead. I don’t see the next 20 years going well for China whatsoever. Their manufacturing base will continue to shrink and there will be nothing to take its place. I also think we should keep an eye on Hong Kong. I think that could get ugly as they try to secede
  19. I love the dudes ankle length jorts. That guy is crushing it
  20. All of the mental giants on this forum love those viral videos that proves theyre so right to be so woke. Heres another dumb one for all the kiddies to enjoy
  21. Even douchebags can have a solid point
  22. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    1. Our best players are all past their prime. Trent Williams is icing his knees in between plays. Not sure he can play at a high level anymore for 16 games. Kerrigan is done. Adrian Peterson is way past done. Alex Smith, well, hes Alex Smith. I love CT but who thinks he can finish the season with Captain Checkdown feeding him 15 passes every game? 2. Josh Doctson will be out of football in 2 years. Weve seen enough 3. "Club Jay" is a real thing Team got outworked, out coached, and was completely unprepared for Sunday. The Colts had a transparent gameplan with both tackles out. Run the ball up the middle, and quick passes and slants. Absolutely no answer from the Redskins D. Pathetic. There is no accountability, no hard work, and no fear among the players. None. 4. Andy Reid, once again, sold the Redskins a used Chrysler. Congratulations to him. 5. Bruce Allens ego sent Cousins to the Vikings. There is no coming back from that move, not any time soon. We have no QB plan for the next 7 years. Snyder will not allow a rebuild, so forget about getting one in the draft, unless we trade 2 number 1s again. 6. Dan Snyder is an incompetent idiot. Petty, tyrannical, immature, impatient, and most of all, he is dumb. He will never build a winner. We have all seen enough 7. Team has invested two straight first rounders and two straight second rounders on the defensive front 7 and a RB. our defensive front 7 sucks, and our running game is awful. Enjoy
  23. I read somewhere that roughly 9% of the US population identify as far left. 20% identify as far right. So I think there are greater numbers on the crazy right that leaves the 70 percent that identify as moderate. My theory is that at no time in human history has the 70% in this country been so hysterical. I would submit that that we are not in special times. We have a 24/7 news cycle that is incentified on outrage. We have a social media industry that has tapped into the Id of society. Paranoia, fear, hysteria. It’s good business it just blows my mind that nobody sees it. Look at all the tweets and memes in this forum. We have members here who have literally been outraged for 3 years now. Still clicking on those links to get their outrage fixes. These bombs are awful. Those responsible should be punished to the fullest extent of the law They are also nothing unique whatsoever in our nations history. The only unique thing is the amount of money that the communications industry is making tapping directly into the national hysteria. The money is rolling in. Stay outraged folks