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  1. I bet you they raise everything else, just like what the Orioles did. Parking went up $5 per game (which isn’t much, admittedly) but concessions went up a truckload across the board, which was odd considering it feels like the Nats lowered parking and ticket prices, and concessions remained flat. But since this is the NFL, I’m a bit surprised they admitted this.
  2. Looks like they are sold out Nevermind it finally loaded up
  3. So you have to get tested to attend the game?
  4. I didnt see any window noted. Where did you all see it? As far as tailgating goes, no one is going to stop me from bringing a cooler and some snacks in my car.
  5. Nothing came to me either. Something would be nice, but then again, I asked for the refund so maybe I'm off the list. It does not appear that the team is going to let fans in at this time from the articles I've seen.
  6. Refund finally came through a few days ago.
  7. ThomasTomasz


    Just played Walden in Crofton on the recommendation of some friends. Thought it was OK but charged way too much for the shape of course. Not only that, but between the four of us, we lost at least 40 golf balls. Most of them we called non-stroke penalties because we all knew where the balls went, but everything hit and fell under the grass clippings. Non-existent fairways on some holes, too and sand traps filled with water. At least the greens were solid- I played a local nine hole course a few weeks ago and their greens were half-dead, with crab grass throughout. I like see
  8. While I admit that I do not like things to mix with sports, I don't begrudge what the players did. They have every right, but fans have every right not to tune in as much as they used to, which is kinda where I am at right now. Sports are my escape from all of this real life stuff. We all need an escape. I spend a lot of money on Orioles and Washington Team Football tickets, parking and concessions in a year. While I don't see myself not going to games at all, I am likely to drastically cut back and find another escape for me- I am thinking about a private golf course membership, or a boa
  9. Great trade with the Rockies. Nevin looks like another Mountcastle- all bat, no position home, but struggled last year in AA. I really like Vavra. Looks like he can be a top of the order, disciplined hitter with good defense at 2B. All for a reliever who has struggled to close with only one more year of service after this. Correct, Sulser isn't that good. I really want to see Tanner Scott get some of these high leverage innings now. He's another guy who has to put it together now.
  10. Some people like having the seats in certain locations, like the aisle, in the 200 section under cover, or any number of reasons. Also, the parking passes you buy are cheaper than just about anything you can get on the secondary market. I got purple passes this winter for $50 each game, and I paid $75-100 on the secondary market the past two years. Also, if the team has an upswing, then you have your preferred location locked in. Personally, I found great seats that I enjoy, and I am going to ride it out until they relocate. If it goes to DC and the tailgating sc
  11. I did notice that. Part of me things they probably have a force majeure clause in that contract, but knowing how little they sometimes pay attention to the details, I could also see it not being in there. I imagine quite a few people are going to be taking a long look at their contracts.
  12. Honestly, the aftermarket might be where I am at as well. I like where I sit, but with club level seats coming down and the weather being an issue later in the season, I might look at the secondary market too. I admit, I have a low opinion on Ron Rivera, and I think this roster is pretty devoid of talent, so I think turning this around is going to take two seasons until we see a team that is legitimately ready to make moves. Combine that with how everyone hates the current stadium and a new one still in limbo, I expect the secondary market to be the much better option at this point.
  13. I got my email on Tuesday about wanting more information around 2 pm. On Wednesday, I got the email about fans not attending at 8 am. So what changed in 18 hours? One would think that they would've asked all of the appropriate questions of state and local government agencies about their thoughts and plans for safety. My best guess is that their submitted plan for safety and sanitization was rejected. My rep said something different. It does sound like this is all seat of the pants, or that the left and right hand don't know what the others are doing. I also got a call from
  14. The Orioles offered 125% credit. The word from the NFL earlier was that full refunds would be offered, so I think if you defer payment, that's it. No credit or anything, but I hope that's not the case, but given the history of NFL tickets compared to other sports, my prediction is nothing. I am still undecided. I need to hear how they are going to distance people and where my seat will be, since I am sure it won't be in my normal seat......which is an aisle seat and I might prefer not to have it right now. I run a very popular mall store, at a very busy Maryland
  15. Well, Dan just hired a former BFF in Terry Bateman to clean up the culture. The same culture that he was in when he worked here from 2006-2019, and he learned organizational culture from Snyder Communications so yeah........it's for sure going to get cleaned up /sarcasm He's ultimately reporting to Snyder. I'm also just not a Rivera fan. Four winning seasons in nine years, sub .500 the past four years. And not only did we make him head coach, we gave him personnel power as well. Only Belichick has really done well running both. The others who normally come up as coach-
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