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  1. ThomasTomasz

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    I might be done as a Redskins fan. Our illustrious team president removes our former GM for an issue with alcohol, but claims a player on waivers who beats women. Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder will never change at this point.
  2. ThomasTomasz

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    After I posted what I did above, I actually remembered that the club level is sold through stub hub, as it's namesake implies- they pay a rights fee for the club level to be named after it, and therefore, they sell the club seats. Ticketmaster has the additional lower and upper level. Anyone with season tickets can upload their barcode information to any ticket sites, which is why a handful of Redskins club seats can be on Ticketmaster. Look at StubHub next time.
  3. ThomasTomasz

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    The Redskins probably eliminated the folks who buy up season tickets and sell them on the secondary market. The ticket office is now selling those tickets directly to the fans. They decided to cut out the middle man in a sense, and that is what actually ended the sell-out streak. I personally think it's a great idea long-term, but obviously, it has had a drastic effect on attendance. Also, if you sell tickets or passes on StubHub, you have to enter in the barcode information. If you have season tickets through the team, you can click a few buttons and your tickets are immediately listed on TicketMaster. The opposite is true for the Orioles. They partner with StubHub, so a lot more tickets are available for the Orioles via Stubhub than TicketMaster or other services.
  4. ThomasTomasz

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Also, the amount of people in the end zone that does not have the locker room tunnels is pretty bad. From where I sit by the visitor tunnel, I can see whole groups of seats missing in that end zone, plus the abysmal club and upper deck showings. They might as well close the entire upper deck and move everyone down. Since I have had season tickets the past three years, I've parked in Orange D or Purple D lot. It is a quick in and out for my seats, and the easiest way for me to get into the stadium too. The past two seasons, you had to be there 3.5 hours before game time to get one of the "wanted" parking spots where the walkways are blocked off and you can super spread out. Now, I am showing up less than three hours before kick off, and in Purple D, all of those spots that are adjacent to Orange D are open, and only one other filled up for tailgating before the last hour. Consistently, the same group of fans were in that section the past two years, and now none of them are back except me, and no one has replaced them knowing those are the best spots. Clearly, those are long-time ticket holders who gave up their tickets, and that is the biggest problem facing the team. Ultimately, the only way they come back is if the Redskins establish a consistent, winning culture that puts to rest the previous Snyder years, but it will take time and is something that fans have to see for themselves.
  5. ThomasTomasz

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    The constant losing records and how Snyder (through his puppets Cerrato and Allen) has treated this team is a big one for why the tickets aren't selling and why attendance is so poor. There are other reasons behind that though- people prefer to watch at home due to HDTVs and cost to attend games, some people have given up on the NFL for political reasons, and the list goes on. Also, I am a season ticket holder for the Redskins and for the Orioles (I have the second tier, 29 game package which is at least one game per home series.) . The generation of young people you are referring to also rarely show up for Orioles games (or Nationals, for that matter) and if they do, it's a handful of games each year. It is rare for someone in my age bracket which is the millennial group, to have season tickets for a sporting team. Same for the Capitals, judging from a co-worker of mine with his season tickets and the age of people he sees at ticker-holder only events. Ultimately, the Redskins need to start winning if they want season ticket holders to come back. They also need to clean up some of what goes on inside the stadium and parking lot to make the event fan and family friendly, and they need to enhance the value of the season ticket holder program. It's no longer enough just to be a season ticket holder. I know the Redskins are ahead of the Orioles and Nationals by having the points system, but it can't be just that.
  6. ThomasTomasz

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I was in purple D, and if you saw a fire truck, some idiots re-ignited a pot of semi-used charcoal briquettes and walked away and there was a nice size unattended fire in the middle of the lot.
  7. Perhaps. It's the same reason why the one ruling froze a lot of sponsorship and movement on Draft Kings and other DFS stuff for a couple years.
  8. ThomasTomasz

    UMD/TEXAS destroying FedEx Field

    Yup, South Carolina Game****s just had to re-turf the entire field due to the Jay-Z/Beyonce concert ruining the field despite the protection they put over the field. Good news is that the concert's insurance is paying for it, not the college. The concerts are the worst thing for these stadiums. It's why the baseball stadiums, where they play 81-plus games each year, rarely, if ever, do concerts.
  9. ThomasTomasz

    Season Ticket Renewals

    $7300 per ticket for dream seats? When I have lower levels right by the visitor tunnel and essentially have those seats? Thats crazy talk.
  10. ThomasTomasz

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I'm surprised with the NFL's push on the Play60 or whatever they call it, that they haven't required a place like that in all stadiums. I used to frequent that area with my uncle before he passed, when did they remove it?
  11. ThomasTomasz

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Agreed, I'm not doing it, nor am I going to migrate to VA if that's what they decide to do. However, the trend in all sports is going smaller because of the stagnating markets and the increased in-home experience, so I imagine that they are assuming some sort of drop-off with just shrinking the size of the stadium. No way is it going to be anywhere close to Jerry World- I would expect it be near the 65,000 or so capacity of the new 49ers stadium. That's terrible, and indicative of the customer service experience across the board there. When a STH of 15 years can't get the gifts sent to him that the rest of us got......not to mention those who didn't renew received as gifts- it's a horrible look and all you can think about is that they don't care about you now that they have your money. The Joe Theismann ads are creepy, and they just sent me an email about great seats still being available. While I like to think LaFemina can turn around the business side of things, it's ultimately going to be a sustained, winning football CULTURE (not just team) that brings the fans back. You need to build it up like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers and Seahawks have done, competitive year in and out via the draft, no funny business with the team, etc.
  12. ThomasTomasz

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Wow.....when I first got my tickets two seasons ago, you were one of the most active posters in this thread. I totally understand where you are coming from though. And I would be out too, if only for the fact that I am trying to hold out as long as possible until they do the inevitable move to VA. I live south of Annapolis, it takes me literally 25 minutes to get to Fed Ex, and not even double that to get home if I leave with everyone else right at the end. This year and last year, I will have four games where I've got to already get up at 7 am after working a Navy football game (the store I run for work has a huge relationship with navy, so I work all day Saturday for their home games and get home at midnight) so I'm not trying to add another couple hours to that commute, plus a PSL fee. I'll be done at that point, right now I'll just continue to go and honor my uncle's memory with my tickets. I too love going to games. I love my Orioles tickets- I have the 29 game package, and end up going to more. I've been to a few Nats games this year, and I'm hopeful to get to PNC before the year is out as well. I had Caps tickets a few years ago too, but had too many work conflicts over the winter. Might I suggest Navy football games for you? They should have some good seats available, and the tailgating crowd there is second to none. Great experience, and if I worked for a different company, I would easily have season tickets there. The stadium is in a great location minus the metro access. There are any number of ways to get there and is situated right near a couple major highways and roads in the state. That is the one thing I can not buy into. Maybe the exodus from games, because I've only ever gone in one way because of where I live (by the tailgate lot and the used car dealership that keeps changing hands.).
  13. ThomasTomasz

    Season Ticket Renewals

    That's where my uncle and a lot of old school RFK's sat for years, I have fond memories of those seats.
  14. ThomasTomasz

    Season Ticket Renewals

    You keep those seats to sell. With my Orioles tickets, I'm two sections over from the visitors dugout, and when you had the division games and the big rivalry with the Nats, those tickets sell for almost double what you pay. Triple if it's a Yankees or Red Sox weekend game. Those STH's in the middle on the visitor side are getting premium value from Eagles, Giants and Cowboys fans every year, maybe even enough to pay for each ticket just with those three games. Like a lot of others, I'm in shock that there are so many tickets available. I knew that there would be plenty, but this is quite a few. The Redskins only have themselves to blame at the top for this, though.
  15. For the past two seasons I bought parking passes from a user on this site who had Dream Seats, and he did not renew his contract for this year, so I am left looking for parking for the year. I was spoiled last year with Purple D lot tickets, and would love to go back that way, but I would entertain any parking passes on that side of the stadium. It is easier to get to my seats, easier to get to the stadium and easiest to leave the stadium. Anyone have any passes to offer or any leads, feel free to PM me.