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  1. Ashburn Dave

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I always respected Trent's play but he for some reason has never been one of my favorites. Yes we could use him no question but I can't see giving him a new deal since he as two years remaining and at his age and injured past. If he's going to sit out then trade him but only for a first rounder. If you can't get that then let him sit for the year and see how long he can take that.
  2. Ashburn Dave

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I never cared for retiring numbers because the number didn't mean anything to me. 44 never meant much to me unless there was a Riggins above it. I also thought that wearing someone's number was a way of honoring them so I'll never understand some fans push back on it.
  3. How can this be? I don't see a Tampa Bay connection. I like it but I'll bet Manusky doesn't.
  4. Ashburn Dave

    Poll: How are you choosing to be a Redskins fan right now?

    They're going to bottom out next year. Everything with this team is trending down and their only move now is a desperate free agent signing to try and create some buzz.
  5. I used to buy jersey's every year. Even bought a fat albert one right after we signed him. Thankfully Dick's let me return it. After that I bought a Riggo one and am set for life.
  6. None. Always been a homer always will be. Just not giving them any more money.
  7. didn't that additional win cost them drafting between 8-11 which is where all the other 6-10 teams are drafting. I'll take moving up 5-9 spots any day of the week over a meaningless game late in a crap season. I'm not saying I would intentionally tank but I was not happy about another meaningless win.
  8. Ashburn Dave

    An Offseason Plan

    Trading back into the lower rounds only works if you trust your scouting department. I would start trading seconds each year for someone's first the following year. Didn't Beathard used to do that? Run that for a few years and even Bruce can't screw that up.
  9. Ashburn Dave

    An Offseason Plan

    I'm hoping for Smith to return healthy next year. Maybe I'm just older and wiser but I thought we were winning ugly with Smith and that sure beats what we did after he went down. Smith's passing was only going to get better as he learned the system and players.
  10. Ashburn Dave

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I bet Dan and Bruce wish that wasn't admitted. Probably the main reason the marketing guys were dumped.
  11. Ashburn Dave

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I didn't renew last year for all the obvious reasons and was so glad we did especially near the end of the season. They would have to get rid of Bruce first before I would even entertain being a ticket holder again.
  12. Ashburn Dave

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No argument there that Gruden is too soft a coach. Give me a hard ass all day long to get them into battle shape. If I could pick one to go between Jay and Bruce it's not even close. Bruce has to go. A new GM already knows what he has with Gruden so I doubt Jay would last another year or two with a new GM so win win.
  13. Ashburn Dave

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Injuries happen to every team. I'm not going to read too much into us having 20+ IR players for each of the last two years because I'm not sure if that is measurable or anyone's fault. The problem with us though is that we don't draft well enough so that when its time for someone on the bench to step in they aren't that good. Didn't Gibbs 1.0 have injuries too? Seemed like we just drafted better back then so they weren't that crippling.
  14. Ashburn Dave

    What is the average age of our real fan base?

    59 years old, grew up with Sonny poster over my bed, George Allen and over hill gang. Two sons early 30's married with kids of their own. Took my boys to the games each year while they grew up but I don't even think they watch them anymore. Maybe my new years resolution should be to not visit this depressing sight and team anymore but it's in my blood too much.
  15. Will a 40-0 blowout and half empty stadium be enough to flush out Bruce for us? I'm not rooting for this since I'm not one to root for tanking but I won't get upset if this plays out today either. Just numb to it all....................