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  1. I feel like WTF every time I see WFT.
  2. I sure hope so. I drafted Gibson late in my keeper round so hoping for a real gem here for multiple reasons.
  3. Those odds suck IMO for that amount of money put up.
  4. It's starting to feel like Seattle here IMO. Seems like we're getting rain every day now and I'm getting tired of cart paths only.
  5. I tend to disagree about news agencies today's not having an agenda. All news seems to be agenda driven nowadays. If the facts support their agenda then great but too many times people see things that aren't there only because they want to see them.
  6. Cancer is the worst. Even when your chemo puts it in remission the cancer is always lurking and trying to mutate so it can come back. Lost too many family and friends to cancer. Good luck Ron and hope this isn't part of the teams curse that hovers above us now.
  7. In today's toxic angry world I would NOT go our in public with my gear on anymore. Some idiot will take it personally and confront you nowadays. I'll wear my gear around the house and yard just to wear them out but doubt I will go out in public much with them.
  8. I feel for the mods during this turmoil. Some of us are in our 60's and bleed Redskins and this is the most difficult time being a fan that we have ever gone through where our identity that we lived our entire lives by is being taken from us. And not just taken but ripped from our soul.
  9. You're underestimating the injury bug. Once you get it you rarely get rid of it, unfortunately. My money is on Guice to get injured first but I'm not a gambler.
  10. So glad we cancelled out lower bowl home side tix a couple years ago. I would be going bat s* crazy right now if I still had them with this uncertainty going on.
  11. I kinda feel like we're writing the Redskins obituary. Sad times.
  12. We almost made that same mistake of painting the walls, etc. Almost had the pool table once felted with the redskin pic. We're selling in a year or two so glad we didn't do it now. Might have to store all our gear too so we won't be called racists when the house goes up. Thanks Dan, you turd!
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