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  1. I've already complained to one mod about it weeks ago but I guess they just don't care since I never heard back and nothing was done to stop it apparently.
  2. RIP Colt and prayers for your family.
  3. And to think I came to the stadium only for football talk.
  4. I see a lot of tragic talk regarding Fitz. Do we really think we'll see all that tragic here with our defense and coaches? Hasn't he played mostly on crappy teams that were constantly coming from behind?
  5. Give me winning attitude any day over constant losing so we can hope to find our franchise QB. I never said 7-9 was the goal either. 7-9 happened last year without a QB. Give me a competent QB and I'll roll the dice with that.
  6. He made the right choice IMO too. Creating a winning attitude and environment is the goal for long term success.
  7. I really like this helmet but once we have eliminated all wars in the world I'm sure our name would be targeted again for obvious reasons.
  8. Golden State owns the Warriors so that one doesn't work for me even though it has nice ring to it. I would prefer a unique name.
  9. I'm not saying that Chase is the next LT or Ray Lewis but I wonder if the Giants or Ravens would have even entertained the thought of trading either one of them for a potential franchise QB, especially after their first year.
  10. This feels like a misery topic and since the WFT is trending upward I don't get it unless we are going through misery withdrawals and needed a quick fix.
  11. We could eat them as fast as they could bring them. A buddy of mine worked at the Fairfax one back late 70's and he would bring home $300-400 just in tips from one night. Place was a hopping.
  12. He's already sneaking how to screw it up.
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