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  1. I'm not saying that Chase is the next LT or Ray Lewis but I wonder if the Giants or Ravens would have even entertained the thought of trading either one of them for a potential franchise QB, especially after their first year.
  2. This feels like a misery topic and since the WFT is trending upward I don't get it unless we are going through misery withdrawals and needed a quick fix.
  3. We could eat them as fast as they could bring them. A buddy of mine worked at the Fairfax one back late 70's and he would bring home $300-400 just in tips from one night. Place was a hopping.
  4. He's already sneaking how to screw it up.
  5. I can't believe political views are being brought into this feel good story. If I wanted that I could have read the world news instead.
  6. One of the better trips for sure. Our plane ride home was half Skins fans and we sang HTTR all the way home. We almost flew out to Seattle for the next week but glad that we didn't.
  7. My prediction is that if we knock Brady down on his first drive we win. If we don't we lose. We gotta hit him early in the game or he'll pick us apart.
  8. We flew down for that game and had a blast. They gave out flags to everybody so I guess we captured their flag. I still have a few of them as trophies.
  9. What we do to keep owners from tanking in our fantasy league is we have two playoffs. While the top 6 teams play for the championship our bottom 6 teams play for the number 1 pick for the next draft. That way all 12 teams keep trying and it keeps the loser owners interested during the playoffs.
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