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  1. Maybe not this year, but Clowney is a dominant force on the D-Line. Dude is a monster against the run for a DE. Pretty much why he is always top 10 in tackles for loss when healthy
  2. Bro you can't be serious.... Yeah I rather have Rivera's fingerprints all over this team, then the nasty ones that have been on this team over the last 25 years. You are acting like we were the patriots and Rivera is dismantling the team Rivera came to take charge of a team that just had the 2nd pick in the draft. With a very bad QB. He inherited a really ****ty team, and organization as a whole. I don't get why people can't face reality sometimes.
  3. Shi Smith - The next SC WR that will play above wherever he actually gets drafted I would like him in the slot with Terry on the outside
  4. Yeah I remember these discussions now, most thought Young was this infallible specimen and I kept saying I don't see him as a better prospect than Clowney coming out. I got hammered. I really do like Young, but my point would be, yeah Watt, Donald, etc are great, but their teams didn't do **** until they had a QB. I think Tua is going to be very good, I would have sat him out this whole year Mahomes style. Herbert is so damn good, F the Chargers. Brees - Rivers - Herbert... but damn I swear they always have multiple stars out for the season
  5. I really like him, but I still don't think he will be as good as Clowney
  6. I was strong on the Tua train and got blasted "but we have Haskins!" Yeah well the Cardinals must be idiots for what they did with Rosen.... I like Chase Young, but still would have taken Tua 100%, if we thought his health wasn't really a concern.
  7. Not really, Haskins can't throw a football properly. A Spade is a Spade. There is no bias, that is what it boils down to for me. Haskins has a terrible throwing motion, Allen looks like he can throw the ball properly. Both are young, Haskins got his shot, now its Allen's turn. If both suck, you move on I loved RG3, but didn't take long that he wasn't going to be a pocket passer overnight like he envisioned. Cousins was better at that, which is saying a lot because cousins sucks. I mean we did well with a 4th round pick, but the guy is like Kyle Allen to me.
  8. bro Snyder is the worst owner in the NFL by far at this point. And for the record the dude has never stepped away. One common denominator for almost 25 years, there is literally else no where to point the finger but Snyder
  9. This isn't true though, NFL coaches in our own organization didn't think he was a 1st round pick, in a weak QB class. You don't have to be a NFL scout either to see that his throwing motion is awful, and he stares receivers down. It really isn't hard to understand why he was good in college for a year and why he can really only complete slants on a consistent basis in the NFL. He was picked because the owner liked him and wanted him and oddly because he was from the area. No excuses, Herbert is the real deal, and he doesn't look like that because he has any
  10. Herbert look like he is going to be really good... Chargers are hitting on what their 3rd in a row after a huge bust (Leaf)
  11. I can't believe the QB that our coaching staff said not to draft, but then got drafted because our owner liked him, is actually just not good... I don't know why people sit here in denial. He is terrible, he doesn't even remotely pass the eye test. He blatantly has an awful throwing motion. It will be embarrassing when Tua becomes good
  12. Can we just change the name to the Washington Warskins and be done with it... you even get some alliteration in the name
  13. Not what I am saying at all, I am saying anyone can get injured. Injury is so random that unless someone has a chronic issue, I don't really care about injury history, because it can all the sudden stop, and some player who never has been hurt can all of the sudden go on a string of injuries. Its 2020 everyone comes back from ACLs The major sports injuries of any real concern now are torn labrums (QBs and Baseball), Ruptured Achilles, and sort of compound fractures, Spinal injuries, and concussions That is about it, MCL, ACL, Ankle, etc.... its all just common parts of
  14. yeah, he should be used like Deebo Samuel or Tyreek Hill. If he is mainly lining up in the backfield, then this will be a very marginal value added pick.
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