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  1. True, I like Fitzpatrick, but in reality he is a 38 year old journeyman I see best case scenario as a wild card weekend win but I can also see us missing the playoffs I couldn’t sit here and say that we are way better than the giants or cowboys
  2. To be clear I hate the patriots, but a team spending a lot of money doesn’t automatically mean they are wrong. where as when we did it, was signing 32 year and the old guys going into decline
  3. Patriots are doing well though.... one days dc fans will understand the difference between signing haynesworth, AA, primetime, Bruce Smith, trading picks away, and etc to what the patriots have done this season. no where close to the same thing. These contracts aren’t going to hurt the patriots at all
  4. Still in the camp of trade 19 for a 2021 2nd and 3rd round pick and a 2022 1st. we need ammo to move up next year. Also can build more depth this year. I think we sign Fitz to another 1 year deal.
  5. Also, I know it’s not a position of need, but signing Kerrigan or Ingram to a 1 year deal would be awesome. Having that rotation at DE pats huge dividends
  6. Id hope at the point we can make a trade in the draft with someone like Jacksonville. Trade 19 and 83 for 45, 65, and a 2022 1st. Essentially I would draft a WR/TE/O-Linemen and pick up ammo for the 2022 draft to maneuver for a QB 45: Rashod Bateman - WR 51: Alex Leatherwood - OT 65: Wyatt Davis - OG Above is just an example, be kind of boring, but would really set us up for 2022 with the QB essentially being the last piece to fill with a good team around him
  7. By the way here is my take on Fitz: 1. This doesn’t signal to me that we draft a qb, we are not going to carry 4. 2. Signals to me that we will trade back and try and pick up another 2nd this year and a 1st next year. Draft ammo for a qb next year. 3. A full season of Fitz can bring us a 29 td 13 int type season. 4. we have a lot of cap space and we should utilize it, our lbs are awful, need another cb now, our wr2 is awful, could use oline help and a true free safety
  8. Patriots are doing well, they had a **** ton of cap space and are using it. That is what you are supposed to do, utilize both FA and the draft. BB knows double the sets better than anyone. Agholar, Edelman, Bourne, Henry, and Smith is a deep set of weapons I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed Juju and draft o lineman after the first round. remember they have Chung and Hightower coming back. They could be right back in the playoffs here
  9. I mean I'd trade a 5th rounder for Mariota that is about it.... especially considering that there is a 50-50 shot he will be a cap cut anyhow
  10. If we are smart, we should be super aggressive over this offseason and next in free agency. As in theory, our QB will be cheap no matter what for the next 4-5 years. Best scenario is we draft our Herbert in 2022 and he is good any by the time he is in line for his big payday, the contracts from this season and the next are coming off the books
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