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  1. Bryant has energy, but he is just a dumb player. First game, entertaining. I think we will have a good year
  2. F it Let Tommy decide to bring in whoever he wants if the rest of the season resembles this at all
  3. I would complain about them rushing, but honestly there should be a lot of rust in these first 5 games or so
  4. The dude can play, its not even just the 3s he has put in. Really composed
  5. Balls moves around so much better with Westbrook than with Wall, and thats even with Westbrook taking a fair share of shots. That Wagner, Bertans, Avdija, Beal, and Westbrook lineup is kind of unfair if Avdija is actually a decent shooter. Thats like Big small ball
  6. oh yeah I was wrong, but honestly I still think a healthy Love or Guice are better RBs, Gibson definitely a better pass catch. Guice ruined his career, Love well I feel bad because it just seems his leg will never be the same. He got close to the Lattimore energy. But I'm happy be wrong about Gibson
  7. I was thinking the same thing. He won't break the bank, but he really seems to be beginning to turn the corner and blossoming. Big Physical guy and would be a great compliment to Terry.
  8. Honestly this team is better than those Arenas teams. Star power and way deeper.
  9. Couple of things. Payne and Allen tell me that a really good MLB would absolutely take off in our defense. Those two are opening up runways right to the QB for a LB to run through. 2nd. Tim Settle really need an appreciation thready. 3rd I will miss Kerrigan next season and hope he lands somewhere that is good for him, I think he is going to end up anywhere from 15-25 in the all time sacks list by the time he retires.
  10. We are going to go 6-10 purely based off of our hideous schedule and get pick 18 aren't we?
  11. This!! And as you know my only argument has ever been that Tua (and Herbert if the FO really believed in him) would have way more of an impact if they were in fact good NFL QBs). People love to interpret this as I think Chase Young sucks, which is not the case at all. And as we all know you don't just get the number 2 pick every year. If Tua never got injured and kept his production going... there is a real possibility Burrow could have gone #2 to us (would have been great). Young will be very good. Perfect world we really hit on a QB in this draft
  12. Definitely no trade ups. Really would love to Take Wilson at 4-8. We are not getting Lawrence or Fields. We need to spend heavy on the O-line in FA. Draft CB/S/LB in the 2nd and 3rd
  13. I am olay with this. He just turned 23 and is pretty good offensively with high energy. Just make sure he is hitting the gym and being better defensively. Wall/Smith/Winston Beal/Robinson/Bonga Bertans/Brown/Deni Rui/Wagner Bryant/Lopez We have a deeper roster than I can ever really remember having in 20 years (Because we haven't traded our last 2 years of 1st and 2nd rounders). The Offense is going to be wild... can we just somehow be a top 20 defense?
  14. Once again, a mediocre shooting PG who is 30 and relies on speed and coming off two major injuries, with a top 3 worst contract in the league.... And people are upset/baffled the GM was seeing what was out here as far as a market. GM would be stupid not to. Our D probably improves slightly, because it cannot get worse. Either way the team will be fun to watch. Its fun knowing that even if we play the Lakers, they better hope they are shooting decently or they could take an L 130-118
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