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  1. Agreed, not to mention that he has never faced elite competition. It's a huge gamble. If he drops to our spot at 19 then maybe you take a chance but I would never give up multiple picks. He has bust written all over him.
  2. JP Finlay stated yesterday that they have no interest in Newton. Mariota isn't drawing any interest from anyone either probably because of his contract. That will probably change if he is released though and I'm only lukewarm to Bridgewater. I've learned over the years that the person that is not talked about is the one they are really wanting. I'm looking for them to go hard after Trubisky. He's been to a Pro Bowl and to the playoffs twice. Yes, he's up and down with his play but he has all the tools including great mobility. Put him in a different system and let Zampese get a hold of him and
  3. Everyone is killing me for mentioning Trubisky but that's okay. I think he can be a very good QB. He's shown flashes where he has looked VERY GOOD, and yes, he's looked very bad as well. I truly believe a lot of it is Matt Nagy and the Bears. Put him in a different system with a good QB coach and weapons around him and he's going to open some eyes. He throws a good ball. I'm not talking about this 50/50 stuff like Darnold throws where his receivers have to bail him out because the ball is always off target. Trubisky can throw it on a rope. Watch these highlights and have an open mind. The tale
  4. I've been watching a lot of tape and although he is far from perfect, I'm all in on us signing Mitch Trubisky. We don't have to give up anything for him and he's got some talent. Big, strong arm and he is a mobile QB. Again, I know he's had his issues but he has looked really good at times too. I think he might actually be a guy that might really thrive in a different system.
  5. I am really starting to lean towards the idea of just drafting a QB, trading up if we need to as long as it doesn't get crazy. I don't think we're getting either Watson or Stafford and we aren't accomplishing anything by getting some stopgap second rate QB who's only available because he has never been good enough to be a true NFL franchise QB. It's time to stop rummaging around the scrap heap and time to start developing our own Franchise QB. In the meantime, keep building this team with good talent.
  6. I actually just read an article where he was actually inviting....wait for it......Andrew Luck to come out of retirement and rejoin the team. Don't know if there have been whispers that he's considering it or whether it's just a pipe dream from Irsay but it bears watching. If that came to pass, it might open the way for Stafford to DC. We shall see.
  7. The guy nobody is talking about that I want is Mac Jones from Alabama. I've been watching a lot of him and he has a very Tom Brady-esqe style of play. And before someone laughs at me, NO, I didn't say he is as good as Brady. What I am saying is that there's just something about him that is special. VERY quick release, seems to read the field well, good pocket presence and has a cannon for an arm. If we're drafting a QB, he's my pick.
  8. Dak is a good QB, no doubt, but he was asking for 45-50 mil last year before Dallas slapped him with the tag. You just cannot pay any one player that kind of money and be able to build a team around him. Not going to happen!!
  9. Been watching a lot of Mac Jones. There's something about this kid. Call me crazy but I see a lot of Tom Brady in him. Great touch on the deep ball, Quick release and great pocket awareness. He's the guy I want us to draft!!
  10. Here's a thought that no one has mentioned but I'm just wondering if we could fit them both under the cap. IF the Jets pick first and take Trevor Lawrence, Sam Darnold is likely going to be traded. I'd jump all over that as long as it wasn't going to be too high of a price tag for him. The question is, could we fit him and Alex both under the cap? Obviously, you'd have to dump Haskins which I think they're going to do regardless. Smith is your starter and let Darnold learn from him to undo all the damage that the Jets have done to him.
  11. Think about it this way though, IF they hadn't blown that Super Bowl your opinion would probably be much different.
  12. Yes and No. It was also regarded as a very bad draft for QB's which may further devalue him.
  13. Anyone think there's any chance at all of squeezing out a 3rd for Haskins? I don't see it. I'm thinking he'll bring a 4th (maybe).
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