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  1. They want to move him to QB though. Bruce thinks Jay can "Coach him up".
  2. Well there may be a "Splash" but it's going to the fans jumping off of the Wilson Bridge into the Potomac with this move.
  3. VaK9Trainer

    Starting QB 2019???

    NO, NO and NO!!!
  4. VaK9Trainer

    Starting QB 2019???

    Let's put another spin on this. Suppose that the Redskins front office was actually SMART for a change. They show a little interest in Flacco to panic another team ahead of them in the draft to pull the trigger to get him. Bang! Suddenly Denver doesn't need a QB anymore. Somebody ahead of us is gonna sign Foles as well. That will then be 2 teams ahead of the Skins in the draft who will no longer need a QB meaning someone like Lock or Jones may drop in our lap at 15. Something to ponder.
  5. Isn't Callahan the Assistant Head Coach right now? So Callahan would have to leave before we could offer that to Gregg. Of course, if the rumors are true that Callahan wants out, then Voila, we have a spot open.
  6. How long before Redskin fans just start coming to games (if they even come at all) with Bags over their heads? This organization (gosh that seems weird to say because they certainly aren't organized) is a complete an utter embarrassment. They interview guys to fill coaching vacancies before there is actually a vacancy. That is CLASSLESS!! Of course no one wants to come here. We are laughed at by the entire league. But our genius owner Dan Snyder, instead of being able to recognize the giant iceberg straight ahead and changing course, instead is going to slam straight into it. Bruce Allen, who would have been fired by any other franchise years ago, instead gets promoted. Are you freaking kidding me? We have a Head coach who probably should have been fired who's running around in every interview telling everyone how close we are. Close to what??? Running over the side of a cliff? Seriously??? 20 + years of ownership for Snyder and we are still in the place where no one wants to come here except the Jim Zorn's of the world, and I doubt we could even get him to join this joke of a team these days.
  7. VaK9Trainer

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Something else that has bothered me for years. This team NEVER has any fire. EVER!! I see the players huddle up in their circle before every game and DJ or somebody give their little talk and everyone sings Kumbaya or whatever, but nothing ever changes. This team needs a motivator! Heck, hire Brian Mitchell just to run up and down the sidelines every game to put his foot up these guys rear ends. I'm tired of seeing guys smiling and laughing and acting so nonchalant. I want to see guys frothing from the mouth to go out there and destroy somebody. Give me some more Dexter Manley/Brian Mitchell type players. I want some Fire out there!
  8. VaK9Trainer

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This team is a LONG way away. We have more holes than the Titanic. At this point. the best thing to do is to cut all of the high salaried dead weight this offseason and rebuild with some young talent. It's going to be a few years but it's definitely time to stop trying to compete with mediocre talent. Blow it up and build this team the right way!
  9. VaK9Trainer

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I must have missed something. What happened to Geron Christian?
  10. VaK9Trainer

    Cut-Down Day

    Brantley was an absolute BEAST at Florida drawing comparisons to Aaron Donald. If he can bring that to the Skins with the talent that they have on that DL and with a little Tomsula motivation? Our front 7 can be scary good!! The back end? That remains to be seen.
  11. VaK9Trainer


    Brantley was a MONSTER at Florida!!
  12. VaK9Trainer


    That's only 8. 2 spots remaining.
  13. VaK9Trainer

    Cut-Down Day

    If they can't flourish with Drew Brees throwing them the ball, then why would anyone think they are any good?