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  1. VaK9Trainer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm all in for Jerry Jeudy. You put him on one side with McLaurin on the other, Steve Sims in the slot and IF we can get a decent tight end, That's a dangerous receiver core. Of course this is assuming that Haskins steps up his game and can get them the ball.
  2. VaK9Trainer

    Next Coach?

    As far fetched as that may sound, let's think about that for a second (assuming that Cowher would have any interest). It's pretty well known that Dan is interested in Mike Tomlin. Why go after the student when you can get the teacher? Cowher would definitely be a splash and he's most definitely a hard ass coach.
  3. VaK9Trainer

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    That Post game presser. Wow! I have to say, the kid acted like a complete Douchebag. ****y, Arrogant, Rude. Not a good look for a kid who has miles and miles to go to be considered a good QB. At this point. he hasn't even made it to the mediocre level yet. He's young and immature and hopefully will outgrow this. If he doesn't, he will have zero success in this league!!
  4. Come on man. It's that "damn good" culture.
  5. VaK9Trainer

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    What was the deal with Haskins in his Post Game interview? That kid needs to get the chip off his shoulder and stop acting so arrogant. It's not a good look for anyone, especially a kid who for the most part hasn't done crap. Then he's over by the stands taking selfies when the game isn't even over. He's got a LOT of maturing to do.
  6. VaK9Trainer

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Head scratching that they won't give Cam Sims a chance. Of course, head scratching is the Norm for this team.
  7. VaK9Trainer

    Just admit it, you're going to miss them next week

    Miss them?? Ummm, NOOOOO!!! Not one bit.
  8. Is Cam Sims still on the team? I know he was moved up from the practice squad to the 53 but I've never heard his name since. Has he just been inactive every week or what's up?
  9. VaK9Trainer

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    This team needs Playmakers. A Dynamic WR to pair with McLaurin would be huge. We will also need a LT and CB assuming that Josh Norman is released after this season (which he should be). Don't know if there will be any CB's available in Free Agency that are good or not.
  10. VaK9Trainer

    Next Coach?

    Sadly, you're probably right.
  11. VaK9Trainer

    Next Coach?

    I would hate to have to trade any picks for him, but I'd Love to have Mike Tomlin as a coach. He seems like a no nonsense type of guy and that's this team needs. He also would probably have the ability to attract some decent assistants who would want to be a part of his staff. I think that everybody forgets that no matter how good the Head Coach, he cant do it alone. if you look back to Joe Gibbs and the glory years (seems like forever I know) but we had some awesome assistants back then. Let Tomlin be the Enforcer and get some brilliant minds to coach the Offense and Defense and perhaps we may have some success. Oh wait.....Bruce!! Never mind!!
  12. VaK9Trainer

    Next Coach?

    Pull the trigger Dan. It's Time!!!
  13. VaK9Trainer

    Next Coach?

    You want a guy who would command respect and accountability from his players? Hire Brian Mitchell as Head Coach! It will never happen because Brian wouldn't put up with Snyder or Allen's antics but I'll bet you that this team would always be prepared to play Football!!
  14. VaK9Trainer

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    When Gruden says he has to watch the film after every game, he must be watching "Titanic".