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  1. What happened to Cassanova Mckenzie? Is he a FA?
  2. This kid can play. He's gonna be a Beast for this offense. You heard it here first. BEAST!
  3. That will ultimately make him much better going up against those guys every day in practice.
  4. I think Joe Reed is gonna open a lot of eyes at the next level.
  5. This really speaks to me that they're trading that #2 draft pick to move down for more picks. I mean, think about it. We don't even have a left tackle right now unless Trent isn't traded and he decides to play this year. Dunbar wants out, so if he's traded, we have a hole at CB ( which I think we have anyway). We need talent and we simply don't have enough high draft picks to get it.
  6. I figured we would have restructured and extended Kerrigan by now to gain a few more million in cap space. I think Trent will be dealt soon even if it's for a ham sandwich. I think they're ready to just cut bait and get the extra cap savings. That $12 million can bring us a top flight player.
  7. In reading articles from these other teams, it seems that the general consensus there is that he's a bargain as a 2nd rounder and too costly as a high 1st rounder. I'm becoming more and more convinced that his value will fall somewhere in the middle ( a late 1st round pick).
  8. This will be the indicator on whether we are really all in on Tua. If we are, they will load up the Brinks truck and get Conklin in here because Tua is a left handed QB and there is NO WAY that Morgan Moses is going to be the guy protecting his blind side. No Way! Now, with that being said, I have heard people say that Conklin can also play LT. Is that true? If so, we sign this guy regardless and ship Trent the heck out of here. If we go for Tua, he plays RT and if we stick with Haskins, he probably plays LT.
  9. Joe Reed, WR from UVA ran a 4.47 Kids got some talent. He might be worth a look for us.