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  1. Washington Redskins winter stocking cap hat for sale. $10 shipped. DM me if interested. Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/xRPP1ZS
  2. Will there be any beat reporters at training camp this year or is the team website the only place to look for camp news?
  3. Cool - now tell me all the professional sports teams named after their skin color.
  4. Ok so I have a pretty prominent lawyer friend in MD and this is a subject on her timeline today. Allegedly Gruden is doing drugs, having sex parties and they were pimping out Cheerleaders, naked cheerleader photo shoots, selling their own tickets on Stubhub, and more!! https://twitter.com/DaveSturchio/status/1283554309670666247?s=20
  5. Right? I kind of feel like they meant to write “Washington Football Team” but forgot to take out “Redskins” (or maybe it was one last shot!) and it came out as “Washington Redskins Football Team”.
  6. Redwolves are real - it’s not like they made it up. Being able to HTTR still will help with the transition and folks who fear change. We can always update our logo throughout the years, same as it ever was.
  7. They will obviously rebrand it and it will live on. Personally, I hope we move away from the “Extreme” part - sounds so much like a 2000’s energy drink commercial.
  8. I concur. Too many stars and bars. And we don’t like stars too much ‘round here.
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