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  1. Group of women make extraordinary claim that they have hybrid 'ALIEN' children who (conveniently) live on giant spaceships A group of women in the US claim to have children fathered by aliens - and describe their sexual encounters with extra-terrestrials as the 'best they've ever had'. Bridget Nielson, from Sedona, Arizona, and Aluna Verse, from Los Angeles, California, are among members of the 'Hybrid Baby Community' who believe their children live on giant alien spaceships. The pair claim that between them, they have 13 children with aliens - and that the conceptions happen either through artificial insemination or real sexual encounters. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3408500/It-super-primal-sexual-experience-Group-women-make-extraordinary-claim-hybrid-children-fathered-ALIENS-live-giant-spaceships-say-best-sex-ever.html
  2. HogNose

    Who wants Olive Garden?

    $400 to sit and eat the Tour of Italy while ringing in the New Year? It's cheaper to open a cold can of Chef Boyardee and sit on the couch.
  3. 'The odor I produced brought out sweetness in both of us': Meet the wife who insists that FARTING in front of your husband improves your relationship and increases intimacy http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3354488/The-odor-produced-brought-sweetness-Meet-wife-insists-FARTING-husband-improves-relationship-increases-intimacy.html
  4. Not a spoiler..they mentioned Negan in the preview clip and on Talking Dead.
  5. Yeah not Negan. Negan has been brilliantly cast and is being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  6. Here is the prologue with Negan http://www.amc.com/shows/the-walking-dead/video-extras/season-06/episode-08/prologue-to-the-next-chapter-of-the-walking-dead
  7. Here is a good shot of the tower on the AMC Alexandria 360 tour. http://www.amc.com/TWD360/alexandria-tour/
  8. I think the TWD show runners earned the right (after all these years of delivering some great television) to play with the audience like this regarding Glenn's fate. It was a successful stunt and had everyone talking and speculating. In the end it's a fun show and escapism for all of us.
  9. Sorry to all...., yeah I dropped some names from the comic. I got caught up in the speculation and should have known better.
  10. HogNose

    **** the Cowboys

    The #Cowboys have released Greg Hardy for violating team rules per @mortreport and me.
  11. After thinking about it, I think the voice is the character Jesus yelling for help using a wounded Glenn's walkie talkie.
  12. HogNose

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Check this out....slow mo, https://vine.co/v/iBHUWg6TilO Wes McElroy ‏@WesFoxSports910 17m17 minutes ago Wes McElroy Retweeted Chase N. Cashe Oh my.... You can. Wes McElroy added, Chase N. Cashe @ChaseNCasheYou can see the knuckles vibrate through her jaw lol RT @imBINGnotGOOGLE: #TheHumbling hit like a brick.....yeesh https://https://vine.co/v/iBHUWg6TilO 0 retweets0 likes Reply Retweet Like More