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Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic


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10 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


Of course. But are they willing to admit that publicly? They'll get raked over the coals, because there are only two perceptions if you bench Smith for McCoy:


1. Smith sucks and was an expensive, huge mistake.


2. The Skins are impatient and spent all this money and trade capital to acquire a decent vet QB who they immediately got impatient with.


Either way Allen and Gruden are done at that point, right? Snyder really only takes action when he's embarrassed. This would be embarrassing. 


That’s why Gruden isn’t HC material.  Can’t make the tough calls.

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Just now, Warhead36 said:

Run clean routes dude. Why are you running short.


If he was 2 yards beyond the 1st down marker and the the way the ball was thrown, low and short that would have been an INT. Doc is taller not shorter. Alex has chemistry issues with his WR even in week 9. 

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