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  1. crabbypatty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'd arrange my list based on a few things, but it'd look like this: Lock - Rocket arm strength and way more starts vs SEC competition Haskins - Not completely sold on a one year starter, great stats though, has physical ability Murray - Mighty mouse size, one year starter. He'd be further down the list due to his size except his arm and legs are so much better than the guys below him Jones - This guy just screams "meh" all the way around Stidham - I like his arm strength and footwork, his wr's dropped so many damn passes it was criminal - SEC experience Finley - Alex Smith Jr. The "safe" pick, doesn't wow in any area. Vanilla. Rypien - Like his arm but small stature and college comp hurts Thorson/Grier/etc. all these guys are pretty blah. Sub par competition, not elite measurables, weak arms extremely limited imo
  2. crabbypatty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    completely agree, I'm not saying take a guy who is a bad passer, that's why I used Prescott as my example. He didn't set the world on fire with his passing in college, he was used much more as a runner. However he had a good release, a strong arm and was accurate enough to feed off of a good running game, similar to how RG3 was his rookie season here. RG barely passed for 3k yards, but was good enough to win 10 games. That's what I'm getting at. Of all the guys coming out this year that won't cost a fortune to draft, the only one who fits what I'm looking for is Stidham. Big dude, strong arm, over the top release and great footwork, and is from the SEC so he played against top level competition. Decision making needs work and he can clean up his accuracy, but I think he's got the tools to be a Dak-like guy. Not nearly as good of a runner, but good enough. (I realize this flies in the face of what I said earlier, about not taking a bad passer, but Auburn was terrible and he was really on an island) He can be had in the 3rd or 4th most likely, and would allow us to go edge, OG/WR/TE with the earlier picks. All the other lower tier guys don't have nearly the arm strength he does. Grier, Finley, Thorson, they've all got significantly weaker arms.
  3. crabbypatty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Please no to Murray. I love his arm and speed, and I hate to say it, but watching him gives me flashbacks of RG3. Not because of the trade (though I thought it was way too high at the time) but because of how RG would get obliterated any time he ran the ball, which was often. I see the same in the pros with Murray, except he's tiny and maybe 190lbs soaking wet. Electrifying agility and quickness, along with a good arm, but I see way too much tuck & run with that guy, He'd be lucky to last half a season with our OL and TE's blocking for him. Some other thoughts: I like Polite, his speed and shoulder dip to get around the corner are real nice. I don't like that he seems to be one of those drag tacklers, even when it comes to qb's. You don't see him bury guys, he maybe gets an arm or hand on them and brings them down.. I guess a lack of physicality based on what I've seen so far. Not sold on Jones, I get he's a big qb that looks the part, but he reminds me way too much of Jason Campbell. Big guy, bad decision making and accuracy. It was infuriating to watch Campbell overthrow Moss by a good 10 yards one play, then do short yardage dumpoffs the next 9. I see Jones as a slightly less conservative JC. Absolutely love Drew Lock. What a cannon. He's got the size and arm to get the job done. His decision making can be coached up I'm sure with a friendly offensive scheme. If he's there at 15 he's the guy. If not I wouldn't have a problem with one of the 2nd or 3rd tier guys later in the draft. They couldn't do any worse than Alex did, and would certainly be an upgrade over McCoy and Johnson. May I burn in hell for saying it, but I really wish we could find a guy like Dak in rd 3+. He's no Rodgers, but he's big, strong and accurate ENOUGH, and is poised under pressure and can come up with the occasional wow throw sprinkled in here and there. I really think with the RB's we have and possibly adding another one this year (sorry Kelley, Perine, you gotta go) A young rookie with Dak like qualities could get the job done. Look what Dak did with Elliot, I could envision our new rookie doing the same with Peterson/Guice/rookie. I love the rocket armed qb's as much as anyone else, but those guys are incredibly rare. And our luck with getting them has been exactly nil for the last 30+ years. Give me a "good enough" guy with moxie. A guy who is not the best passer but is a good sized, strong armed cool customer. Mechanics and all that can be taught. A guy like that will not cost a ton, and will allow us to upgrade other positions, Edge, OG, WR, TE, ILB.. So who's the most Dak like guy this year? Stidham? Finley?
  4. crabbypatty

    Gameday Thread

    I was never sold on Goff being a SB QB. Maybe he will eventually but he's pulling a Kirk Cousins tonight. Small in a big game.
  5. Man people have soured on ZB. The guy was a revelation 2 years ago when his speed was on display and it was glaringly apparent he was what we needed. Last year he disappeared much of the time and was not the same guy.. I hope it was because of injury not because he got paid.
  6. Wasn't Horton here way back in the day? Name sounds familiar
  7. crabbypatty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The only problem is you'd have one guy playing out of position in a 4-3 look, or 2 or all 3 out of position in a 3-4 look. Allen and Oliver would both ideally be 3 tech.. Payne at the 1 or 3 as well.. I hate seeing Allen at the 5, and they do it so damn often.
  8. crabbypatty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    at just under 200lbs, pick #15 would be a tough sell. the guy would get destroyed in the NFL
  9. So IIRC, the most recent valuation for the franchise that I read someplace awhile back is close to $3 Billion, (including the stadium) Dan paid $800 million way back when. He must be making a HELL of a lot of money year in and year out despite fan rage and apathy to not want to sell. Let's assume he could sell the team for 3 billion.. he would have made all the money he made off the team over the last 25 years, get his original investment back, and still PROFIT an additional 2.2 BILLION dollars. Why in God's name wouldn't he sell if he could make that kind of scratch? Pride and arrogance... we're in for a LONG ride folks. I'll probably be dead long before Dan dies or sells the team.. and I'm 43.
  10. crabbypatty

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    I've said it in other threads, and I'll say it again here. At least regarding the injuries on the OL, I think they're a direct result of 2 things. 1. Drafting "value" players with injury history that slide lower than they would be drafted if they had healthy college careers 2. Jay's "power" running scheme, with everyone bunched up in the middle of the field, bodies falling all over the place, I think is a direct cause of all the lower body injuries the OL gets hit with every single year. Shanny for all his faults had a mostly healthy O line during his time here, and I really think that's due to the ZBS, not guys banging straight up against the defenders in front of them, trying to out muscle them. The sweep, movement, angle blocks, cuts etc helped keep the OL in space and moving which led to reduced injuries imo.
  11. crabbypatty

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    We've been doing variations of the 2-3 year rebuild and 5 year plan for going on 25 years now. So you're saying same old same old
  12. How can Dan be stunned by fans being pissed off? Is he really that retarded? He's known as a business man, they don't like to lose in the business world.. why would he think trotting out mediocre teams year after year would be ok with fans and they'll pay regardless of the crap that is put on the field. Is he REALLY that out of touch with reality? He doesn't understand that fans are fed up with subpar teams and retarded high prices, and can find better things to do with their time then stare at the screen in disbelief week after week? If he really thinks the moves him and his lackey Bruce made will endear fans and bring them in droves, our once proud franchise is in significantly more trouble than we thought.
  13. same here.. 37 years I've been watching this team and I'm just giving up. I just don't have the energy or the desire to support this team anymore. Sucks because I like some of the players, but hate the organization.
  14. crabbypatty

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: The Coal-Stuffed Stocking Special

    God I wish that were the case.. unfortunately I don't see that happening.
  15. crabbypatty

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Now that I've had some time to marinate on this, I keep coming back to the same conclusion. They're holding the wrong people accountable for the sorry state of this franchise. Swearinger is the scapegoat for this abomination? That's what they're going to ride as the excuse for the defense taking a nosedive? The finger is not being pointed at the ones truly responsible, the front office and the coaching staff. He said what everyone thought and he's a malcontent? Not buying it. Plenty of teams have outspoken players and they get by just fine. This is the front office shirking responsibility and not being held accountable for all the screwups they and the coaching staff have made. Disgusting.