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  1. I've decided I'm not going to support the nfl as a whole for two reasons.. first for anything to do with anything due to the name nonsense (which is complete bull****, they're being blackballed all to hell) However as for the larger NFL issue, I'm not going to pay into sjw bull****. They want to use this as a platform for political nonsense.. how convenient. I don't see any of them doing anything on their own time/dime.. because that would inconvenience them and their comfy "privileged" millions per year. . It's easier to do it on someone else's dime.. which is MINE.. and it's comple
  2. I hope there's no nfl season this year just because of all the sjw nonsense this year. I watch sports for top level competition, not leftist political bull****. If they want to politic they can do it on their time and their dime, not mine. I vote for cancel.
  3. Nobody will mistake these guys for top tier talent, that's for sure. But they are hard workers. There is still an outside shot at signing a vet LT going into the season or during TC. However I'm not as worried about teh OL as most. The OL coach Matsko has a history of making chicken salad out of chicken **** in Carolina, I'm sure he can whip these guys into serviceable shape. Plus I think with the rumblings from Turner on the type of offense they want to run, I think the overall goal is to minimize time these guys have to pass block by going with quick small passing sets, and all the misd
  4. I think Moss could be another Hentges. Not a super big fast guy, but good enough to get open and catch some passes. Look at the bright side. If we go 2 TE now, at least we'd have 2 decent blockers, as opposed to sprinkle and Davis. Could definitely use an upgrade, but those guys should be serviceable at least.
  5. Ed Oliver also arrested on DWI and weapons charge in Tx. I know many were high on that guy before the draft a couple years ago.. the dude is just 22 years old.
  6. This. He could be out partying and getting into all kinds of stuff with tht situation going on nationally, but instead he's working hard to improve himself basically on his own. There's no hanging out at the facility or any of that, so good on him. I hope he's working hard on film and the playbook as well. Although if he's as dedicated to those things as he is to improving himself physically then he's on tht right track for sustained success.
  7. I had thought about putting Trent and Dunbar together in some kind of snarky avatar.
  8. so literally any kind of firearm.. not a muzzle loader lol Police work at it's finest apparently.
  9. I always disliked his stupid celebration every time he made a play.
  10. What a dumbass. How's that "lopsided" trade looking now sports writers??
  11. He definitely underperformed vs expectations last year.. but then again the whole defense did. I think Payne is way more talented than Allen, and I love Allen. Payne has the tools to really be a gamewrecker once he grows up a little bit. He's still only 21. Not a knucklehead by any stretch, but I don't think he's matured enough to realize what he could be if he goes 110% all the time. Put Jared Allen's motor in D Payne and you'd have a Warren Sapp on your hands.
  12. money is a huge factor too. You can't risk having your $15 million LT suffer a freak injury and be out for the season.. Or your star RB taking a weird cut and shredding his knee. Hell look at Foster. First non contact practice and he shreds his knee. Players are softer attitude wise, yes. But I can see not wanting to risk highly paid guys as well. It's a double edged sword to be sure.
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