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  1. I don't think Guice is soft, he's just had some unfortunate injuries. I may be talking out of my ass here, but I think part of the reason is his running style, how his body is built. He seems to run really upright and gets contorted into some awkward hits/tackles as a result. Take a look at guys like Elliot, he's got that hunched over low center of gravity style and he never gets his lower half injured. Same with Saquon, except he did have the high ankle when he got nailed right on the leg when the ball arrived. Guice seems to have been hi/lowed every time he was hurt. Maybe his strength and running style have something to do with it in combination.. the first guy can't get him down and the calvary arrives and nails him low while the other guy is wrestling up high.. game over.
  2. crabbypatty

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    He doesn't want to be here because he was one of those guys who were happy with club Jay and was ok with going 3-13 as long as he gots his (My thoughts on the matter) He doesn't seem to have much interest in being on a tightly run ship, and I suspect Trent is in the same boat. I say offload the both of them. There is fantastic options in the draft at CB this year, I'm sure we can find another guy to take his place and maybe play more than 8-10 games a season. Even if the guy is worse he's still better by default if he's available.
  3. crabbypatty

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Didn't trent pull this **** early last year as well? like before ota's, etc? Looks like Dunbar took a page out of his book. There's great CB depth in the draft this year, if you can get a late 2nd/early 3rd for dumbar, you do it and draft his replacement. I'm confident JDR will put the new guys in a position to succeed, he's done it every place he's been previously.
  4. So it'll be the same as last year is what you're saying?
  5. crabbypatty

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Let's not forget, Dunbar was a gruden pet project and he's probably salty his sponsor is gone. Rivera may say all the right things, but I'm sure he knows who the malcontents are and will deal with them appropriately. Everyone assumes he's here to smooth things over with Trent.. maybe he's here to get rid of those who may not toe the line because they never had to before. It's gonna hurt in the short term, but I'd kick Dunbar and Trent's asses out the door together. Neither can play a full 16 games every year, I'd rather go with someone who wants to be here.
  6. crabbypatty

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Chicago doesn't have the ammo to move up, they're a non factor as far as I'm concerned. Nobody is going to want to take that contract on if Mack is part of the deal, and they've got no first rounder and a middling pair of 2nds. Not enough to get anything done imo.
  7. crabbypatty

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Nobody is going to give up qb draft capital to trade up for a DE. Hell the only ones who gave up a ton for a qb was us.. and we haven't seen that kind of trade before or since. IF anyone gave up the farm to move up, it's for a qb.. not a DE. *unless you're Mike Ditka and you trade your whole draft for a RB.
  8. crabbypatty

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    I'm optimistic about things and I think Ron was absolutely the right hire at this point in time. He may not win a sb, and that's fine. He's here to build a culture and start laying the foundation for how things should have been from the get go. Rivera is the type of guy that commands respect because he's earned it. All his past players say as much (if not in those terms) I think he's one of the few guys Dan wouldn't dare screw with, just because of the type of person he is. (It would be like disappointing your dad) and I think Dan wouldn't want to cross the man, just like Joe G. With Gibbs still being involved it's obvious Dan didn't burn that bridge and backstab him, and I think it'll be the same with Ron. Gibbs did what he with with Vinny running the show.. now we've got another Gibbs type but with a Kyle Smith in charge making picks like Terry Mac instead of turds like Kevin Barnes (that guy was the smallest stiffest "athlete" I've even seen.. still salty about that pick) So the sky is the limit for Rivera. He looks like he's here to mold the organization from the ground up.. even shanny didn't seem like he wanted to make whole sale changes. He just wanted to run his system and get his kid involved.
  9. I dunno, there was the talk of being homesick, the mystery injury that suddenly popped up and nobody could accurately diagnose, etc. He did not fit well in the NFL, that much is for sure. I can't lay the blame on Kirk for his lack of production though, because everyone else flourished. Even Alex never looked his way either. So something about him the qb's did not trust/like. but it is the Terry Mac thread, so I will bow out. I just think Doc was too soft for the NFL. Both mentally and physically.
  10. crabbypatty

    Redskins to lay new turf before 2020 Season

    They have resurfaced the field a few times, I know in 2013 they did, and I think after 2015 as well. I think they're doing it this time around because of the heavy slate of concerts/offseason events they have scheduled this year, probably to make up for the loss of revenue from people not showing up to games and buying merch.
  11. I thought Doctson was a sure fire stud. The guy had a huge catch radius and wingspan, and the production to back up his lofty draft status. However the one thing (or two in this case) that we can't measure are heart and hardness. The guy was marshmallow soft, like a canadian bag of milk. Add to that the fact that he didn't have the heart/drive to be the best.. he seemed content to simply exist (at least from my perspective looking in) Good Riddance. Mclaurin is a far better player and obviously has much more drive than doctson ever had.
  12. I think you have to ship TW out. He basically gave everyone a giant middle finger and got one in return when he came back.. get rid of him and start over. He's not going to be the difference or a difference maker wrt wins/losses, these teams have sucked ass with or without him.
  13. crabbypatty

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I will say this.. I would be all for trading down, IF Isiah Simmons had the attitude that Sean Taylor had, he would be the closest thing to him athletically. But he doesn't have that killer edge. He plays a little soft, meaning that he doesn't want to punish people.. maybe the game has changed and his mentality is part of that. Taylor wanted to punish people, but he did it cleanly. The guy never lead with his helmet, always a big shoulder hitter. With all that being said, I do see Young as having that attitude, and being an elite athlete as well. Don't overcomplicate things. Take Young.
  14. The big difference is that this is the first time Danny boy has actually cleaned house and went after a coach who seems to be in lockstep with the presumptive gm (or not if someone really good comes along) We've seen new coaches, same FO, we've seen some FO changes but most stay in place. This is the first top to bottom house cleaning we've seen in 20+ years, and it's about as fresh a start as you can hope to see. Maybe these last few years really opened Dan's eyes to the fact that this org is dying and quick flashy fixes aren't going to keep fans on the hook anymore. I hate to say it, but I applaud him for actually cleaning house and hiring a stable, respected HC to right the ship and build the foundation the right way, from the FO to the coaching staff. Rivera brings instant credibility to the team and FO (with the restructures). He didn't go to the well and do the "look at the shiny keys jingling" with one hand while clubbing us with the other. Hopefully the stadium experience is improved and things change there as well as the other stuff we're seeing. Time will tell but I'm optimistic about the direction this team is headed for the first time in since Gibbs 2 left.
  15. crabbypatty

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    Yeah but you need to cross bridges to get to it.. which would suck, unless you're on that side of the Potomac. I don't know if the area could support 70k worth of fans and traffic on game day.. not to mention nobody would be able to get there on Monday or Thursday. It'd be worse than it is now. 495 is a parking lot most days over there.