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  1. So you're complaining about the complainers?
  2. Have to agree with @SoCalSkins on this one. Haskins just finished his rookie year, not even playing but a handful of games. It's a new chapter now, new direction, new beginning. I think it would have went a long way for him to be there in support of the organization and Ron, showing his support and emphasizing to Ron he's here to win and do WHATEVER it takes.
  3. So it's ok to say the body of work in 1 game "game 1" is a large enough sample size to be judged, but the 3 games he had total control of the offense that showed improvements such as game planning, adjustments and "improvements to Haskins" is considered a "failure"? As a Redskin fan what did you want to see out of Haskins? Improvement? You got it...just maybe KOC had something to do with that? Maybe he's not as inexperienced as you say?
  4. Simple yes or no question...was there ANY improvements as an offense towards the end of the season?
  5. Are you saying you have more football intellect than Urban Meyer? https://www.si.com/nfl/redskins/news/urban-meyer-loves-haskins-and-burrow/
  6. Establish a ring of shame and immediately put Dan and Bruce in it. All toilets would have their faces in them. At half time of every home game I'd pick a random fan and let them attempt to kick a field goal (football with Dan's ass on it) from 45 yards out, if they made it they would get season tickets for life.
  7. I thinks it's the culture in general, it infects everything and everyone.
  8. I understand not wanting to go with change for the sake of change but, we can not continue with Dan. We have seen what he is capable of and it's been a **** product. Fans are checking out from this team completely, it needs new blood at the top. I for one do not believe it could be worse with Bezos, but let's say it is...what do we have to lose?
  9. Hmm...that almost looks like a broncos comforter.
  10. My take on hearing Trent's version is that none of this would have been an issue if the skins just gave him more money.
  11. No need for apologies. I believe you say what a lot of us think, I just don't have the energy to engage in it.
  12. I understand the opinions that they should have just traded him and been done with it, but if it turns out to be a fact that they told him to see a specialist and even made him appointments that he didn't show for, trading him wouldn't have solved the allegations he's made. He would still be airing them, just on another team which might have limited what the skins could do to protect themselves, even if just in public perception.