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  1. Well...it went from a solid play by play of his on the field talent to a play by play of his solid bowel movements. Lol
  2. I think the biggest difference between Haskins and Smith is that the team feels more confident in Alex and he motivates them to play harder even when he's struggling.
  3. I can't ever get that link to work, is there a certain way to do it?
  4. No idea how many games get actually played but I'm going with a 70% winning percentage.
  5. What an inspirational story. Just goes to show with hard work and dedication almost anything is possible. HTAS!
  6. Sure seems like it had massive traction prior to release, unfortunately I think most believe it's not as bad as was expecting.
  7. So you're complaining about the complainers?
  8. Have to agree with @SoCalSkins on this one. Haskins just finished his rookie year, not even playing but a handful of games. It's a new chapter now, new direction, new beginning. I think it would have went a long way for him to be there in support of the organization and Ron, showing his support and emphasizing to Ron he's here to win and do WHATEVER it takes.
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