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  1. Dallass week victory! Nothing to complain about. Just enjoy it. And the team sent ne free pizza!
  2. The email gave me a buy ticket time of Wednesday at noon. So not a window as much as a start time. It is first come first served and I want to go but I assume they will be sold out before it gets to me. Which if that happens then they set this up poorly to have a lot of disappointed fans with purchase times that mean nothing. Oh yea I am bringing a cooler and having a few beers in the car. they just don't want tents and grills and parties which is totally understandable. All that really matter is beat dallass tomorrow! I don't care about division standing or draft pick
  3. I won a pizza from the team to be delivered before the game this Sunday! Love these little touches and I hope to get seats to the Nov 8th game.
  4. The outcome of this game likely determines whether I root for wins or loses the rest of the season. For now it is still to win!
  5. Nothing here though that would be nice. Also MD is allowing fans at the game (10%) but I have not heard from the team.
  6. If you are not inspired by Alex Smith getting out there and fighting for this team (and himself I get it) then really why do you still support the team?
  7. Let's start all over again. Ugh Self inflicted wounds.
  8. How are people negative. today was great! Currently alone in first in the NFC East and hopefully it stays that way.
  9. Definitely see more leadership
  10. The money ($16M) is spent. We get him as a coach on the sideline and a great 2 if something happens to Dwayne.
  11. Probably a smart move doesnt make it any less sad. Good luck AP and thanks
  12. They could offer 99% off and I would not order any. I asked about Rewards points and they said they are still tracking them and they will return.
  13. Honestly there are so few season ticket holders left, those of us remaining may have all gotten trips etc. LOL!
  14. I do not get why people come on a season ticket holder thread to question why people get season tickets. I enjoy knowing I have the whole season but besides what was said above there are perks like field access which my kid loves and memorabilia. The best I got was a three day all inclusive trip to the Bahamas with Doug Williams and a dozen other players. It included a golf tournament. Well worth season ticktes.
  15. I am not surprised the Redskinsrewards site is no longer in use but I do not see any reference to our points on the new page. Do I just lose my acquired benefits?
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