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  1. Looking forward to the Friday night practice!
  2. It is nice to see how important having a wall behind you is to everyone. I have had the last row in the stadium, home side, 50 yard line for 9 years. Partly because I am cheap and partly to not having anyone behind me. Except for the year they blocked off the back rows. I got the call that I had to move my seats. I said ok give me the new back row. The guy was very confused why I would want last row but did it. Season starts and they realize they gave me the row BEHIND the fence! So I got some corner endzone 200 seats that season for the upper deck price and that was fun but I moved back
  3. I emailed to ask what happened to reward points before I upgrade but never heard anything.
  4. I read that as they saved aisles B and S for us.
  5. I am Tuesday at 4pm. Save something good for me. LOL
  6. I hope he hits 100 sacks in his third game of the Eagles Season.
  7. That is a very good point. Also still waiting to hear about rewards points carry over. I would hope they waive the $25 processing fee for STH that renew on first day too!
  8. WFT announces plans to have full admission for the 2021 season. Never had it in 2019 but hey shoot for the stars.
  9. Got the Draft Day tickets with Season Plan code. Looking forward to getting back to the stadium.
  10. I can't imagine they won't have fans at the games. Maybe not 100% but that would probably be true without the pandemic unfortunately. They need to unveil a team name and a solid stadium plan ASAP!
  11. We all ask the players to give it their all. Well no doubt Alex did that and made a special season where we had no right to expect one. Also he provided playoff experience for some rookies who will hopefully benefit from it in the future. Thanks Alex and congrats!
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