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  1. So you are saying there is a chance we pick up Cam and get Allen back and he misses out to the same two guys again! LOL
  2. I do not want to trade the farm for a disgruntled QB no matter how right he is. Trent Williams would be a huge upgrade for the team and we got nothing in 2020 from the fifth round pick. I am glad he is gone and I hope he regrets sitting home this weekend.
  3. I mean they got me to renew as well.
  4. I want the hat but one per account is a joke. How can they not see that.
  5. I had used reward points to have access to the post game presser after the 2016 game. Boy I thought it would be great to hear about prepping for the playoffs. Instead it was so depressing I wish i had skipped it. Gut punch for sure.
  6. People always doubting Alex Smith and he has always proved you wrong. No way he retires unless we win the SB this year with him at the helm not that I believe that is possible. He will be back and yes it will be hard to imagine him lasting a full year. Not hard to imagine him mentoring a rook.
  7. Can't imagine how any player could argue with that.
  8. Football is supposed to be fun and I feel like Sunday night will be fun watching Heinicke.
  9. Think how hard the ladies had to work chasing down dollar bills that were sailed over their heads.
  10. If confirmed, cut him. For being stupid more than anything else.
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