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Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic


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Just now, NoCalMike said:

This defense is not what we thought it was.  I gave them a pass against the Falcons, but they haven't done squat to knock Fitzpatrick off his pocket at all.  

OMG. The tackling today is pathetic as well. And why are they playing so much zone? Play press and Fitz will throw picks all day long.

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Backed up to the 5 yd line and Redskins give up 15 yd pass with no one around to defend AGAIN!  So sick of this pass defense and the coaches.  This is insane that they don't do anything to change and play up on their man.  No pass rush....It's sickening to be a Skins fan.  How much suffering do we have to endure?

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