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  1. So del rio turns bad defenses into top 10-- with us he actually makes them as bad if not worse
  2. So how patient is Dan going to be with Riverboat Ron? I have a feeling hes out before year 4
  3. Guess we have to be down 10+ to start playing with any urgency
  4. so we bench Haskins who put up poor numbers but didnt turn the ball over (outside the browns game) for a turnover prone QB whos done no better?!
  5. This reminds me of the zorn era -- totally uncompetitive and incompetent on both sides of the balls
  6. Scott Turners offense is Jim Zorn level bad -- actually I think Zorn was a better playcaller I don't see this staff lasting more than 3 years this is actually worse than 2019
  7. Just got the alert Snyder wont be forced to sell --- another loss ---on and off the filed!
  8. Pat Mcafee got a Text message from a "source" and said if what was in his text is true, there are more problems than just off the field issues, and will be a big problem for the team AND NFL
  9. I'm on-board with Redwolves but have a feeling its going to be something like "Warriors" or "Renegades" and we're all going to be meh. I'd prefer a name not used by another team, but with the GSW success wouldn't put it past Dan to think it would draw in fans smh. Didn't Dan trademark Bravehearts years ago? Really hoping that is out of consideration
  10. Cherry picking? I literally am encompassing his entire body of work and facts are in 6/9 seasons he had a losing record
  11. I don't disagree, but a guy who had a losing record in 2/3 of his seasons isn't who I see as rejuvenating this team.... I'd rather take a flyer on a young guy like Robert Saleh and give him 3-4 years than a guy whos failed before
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