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  1. I know the Indians and Mexicans are kicking themselves thinking how their ancestors should have thought about building a wall hundreds of years ago. It would have saved millions of their ancestors lives AND they would still have their land.
  2. For all the people who "voted" for Trump and are now crying about not being able to work, about to lose homes, standing in lines for food assistance, and can barely put gas in their tanks..... I wonder is this the way they believed he would "make America great again". I wonder how they feel about him lying or not living up to his promise of making Mexico pay for this BS wall. How ironic..... While they were at them campaign rallies, they really thought things were gonna be better, but little did they know they would be voting themselves right into a stressful situation over a man who is infatuated with a damn wall.
  3. Their O-line coach was fired since we played them the first time and they play totally different with the new blocking scheme. We couldn't do squat with them the second game.
  4. Well if it means we will have a number 2 overall defense in the NFL, then we need to come up with a laughable name for our defense immediately.
  5. Man.... We're all eating crow sandwiches right now. They shut us right on up.
  6. Ive seen this before in pro and college games. I think each team has its own representatives on the opposing team's sideline. I believe it has something to do with the fair use of each persons communication device/system. I heard something like that years ago. But in all NFL and big time collegiate games you will see at least two guys on the oppositions sideline with the other team's colors on.
  7. The only one they missed was number 54 of Dallas leading with the crown of his helmet. The other two were legit hits. Maybe the league is paying Dallas back by allowing Dak to get face masked and not call it. He got face masked against us and got face asked against the Saints tonight, both not called.
  8. Like they said. There is bad officiating all over the league, not just against us.
  9. I listen to both Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell's shows because these are two guys in which I have major respect for their football minds. BOTH guys on their shows made it clear that officiating had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of our game against Dallas. They would even cut short calls of fans whining about the refs. Brian Mitchell even made some even bigger points that I didn't realize. He said for all of the conspiracy theorist, did they realize that the Skins aren't the most penalized team in the NFL? Did they realize that Dallas had more penalties coming in to the Thanksgiving game than the Skins? He also stated for everybody crying about the refs in our last game against Dallas, BOTH teams finished the game with the same amount of penalties. We had 4 penalties for 70 yards, they had 4 for 75 yards. Mitchell even defended the refs on the Jordan Reed non call that I heavily disagreed on until I listened to his reason and I went back and watched the play over again. Mitchell stated that the refs were right for not throwing the flag against Dallas because the rule was established for players who strike with the CROWN of the helmet. The Dallas defender did not do that. He stated that the Dallas defender had his head up with and his palms up almost as if he was trying not to create the look of a personal foul. Mitch was right. Brian also stated that it was bad officiating all through the game and not one sided. He brought up the point 3 times that the refs missed a face mask call that Dallas committed on McCoy, but they also missed a when Dak's face mask got snatched as well. In conclusion, I'm right in the same mindset of these former greats Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell. The Dallas game was clearly not loss because of the refs and their ain't no damn conspiracy or bias against the Washington Redskin. I trust their opinions because I saw what they saw.
  10. I remember us playing them on thanksgiving through out my life, but I didn't realize we played them that many times.
  11. Ok so let's say the refs were bias against us and those calls and no calls against us hurt our chances to win... Why not show the same type of energy when we win games because of bad calls against the opposing team??? We care about the overall integrity of the game right?? Nobody here was whining and crying when we won a couple games this year off of bad calls. Can't expect everything to go your way and when it doesn't, it's all of a sudden a conspiracy and bias..... But when we win because of it, "We played a great game"!!!!
  12. I don't know their Thanksgiving day record, but I've seen them lose that game a couple times before. So I doubt the NFL controls win/loss records of teams playing on that day. If that was the case the Cowboys and Lions would be undefeated on turkey day.
  13. Thats what good defensive coordinators do, train their guys to aggressively shift from side to side to draw the offense offside. There's nothing illegal about that. It's a smart strategy.
  14. Okay let me get this straight. Now you said not to mention the "bogus" refereeing against this team Sunday says otherwise because you were alluding to the league would love to see us fail to make the playoffs. We actually benefited from bogus calls that went in our favor a couple times this year. Do you think those particular refs who's bogus calls benefited us missed the "we are instructed to only screw over the Redskins" meeting this year? Help me to understand.