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  1. Taylor just needs a coach and a staff to believe in him. Commit to him. He won’t disappoint. He has innate qualities you can’t teach. Seems Brees like with wheels.
  2. Henicke did all this in both the Panther game and Bucs game with virtually no running game. Makes it even more impressive. Dude has always had the “IT” factor.
  3. Taylor is doing this from limited playing time. That is encouraging. Need to surround him with more talent.
  4. This is a crazy thought. But hear me out. In Taylor we may have unsuspectingly found our poor mans Russell Wilson. This kid seems magical. He is mobile. He is smart. He is resourceful. He can pass. Has great vision. He is fast. Sounds a lot like someone out west. Plus, he would be immensely affordable. Whose to say we couldn’t be modeled the vaunted Seahawks of 2012 - 2016. We add a few more pieces (linebackers) and we can arguably have the best defense in football next year. I want the linebacker Zaven Collins from Tulsa. Go look him up on YouTube. Imagine adding h
  5. My concern is that Alex hasn’t played in a month. He is going to be a bit rusty for live speed. Brees was off in his come back game vs KC and it showed. They lost. And Alex ain’t Brees. The last thing we need to do is fall behind the Eagles and start getting that “Here we go again feeling.” Can we have a game we’re we play with a lead or at least be competitive early. Always within one score. Do we have time for Alex to play his way back into shape. We don’t have time. This is it. I don’t know. What about his mobility. I’d start Taylor and have Alex back him
  6. He would be a folk hero forever enshrined into DC football lore. Then he would get a playoff game against the greatest NFL qb to ever play the game. Brady. Not a better script. Im pulling for him. Bring it on.
  7. Anyone else watching Malik Willis. I’d take Malik Willis over Trey Vance. I’d take Malik Willis over Trey Vance. Bigger stronger. Better arm. Is he even coming out.
  8. I'm thinking Bostic is a problem. Am the only one. Bad angles.
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