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  1. I love the pick. The kid reminds me of Marino. Quick release. Quick decisions. Smart. Can spin it. Got better and better. Both had teams pass on. Both had and have chips on their shoulders. Haskins better wheels. Can Jay keep his job. If not I could see Urban Meyer and Ron Day coming to Washington. Or a promotion for O'Connell. The new boy wonder. If Meyer is ever going to consider an NFL job doesn't the skins make the most sense. I hope Jay can keep his job. Means he did well enough this season.
  2. Why i say he reminds me more of Marino than Leftwhich, is that Leftwhich had a weird slow release. Dwayne has a quick release. More like Marino. He plays a second faster. And a second in the NFL is an eternity.
  3. The redskins saw the impact of Jaylen Smith and Vandy in Dallas. Both fast and they transformed Dallas defense. Smart that we are taking note. Our defensive front was strong but slow. That's changing. With Foster. Sweat. Possibly Brailford.
  4. The one weakness our defensive front had was lack of speed and edge rushers. We probably had and have the most powerful defensive line. The best pocket collapsing defensive line. Maulers. Bull rushers. Now with the addition of Sweat and this dude, we have turned a weakness of lack of edge speed into a strength. Gotta love it. Makes our front even scarier. Where are qbs gonna go. Can't step up. Edge rushers will force them into the interior linemen. Our two last picks are making the team. Quinn last year, and this dude. Ryan Anderson take notice. You gonna be pushed. Pay Kyle Smith.
  5. He is also future insurance for Chris Thompson. I like the pick more now than when we did it. Kid is a stud when healthy.
  6. Nice pick. I see a first pick trade down to recoup the 2nd in 2020.
  7. He may start. Finally a real prospect. Could take oline to next level. Kyle Smith taking our scouting department to a new level. Sleeper gem. You gotta,love this draft. Maybe the best since Beatherd days
  8. Newera

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    Great news. Can you imagine skins teaming foster with Devin bush. We would rival the cowboys young two inside studs. prolly two fastest backers in game. Foster and Bush. Essentially taking a team weakness and making it a strength. Sure Ryan would be in favor. Has to be a thought at 15. How fun would that be to watch.
  9. Newera

    Starting QB 2019???

    How bad an offensive coach was Jeff Fisher. At one time he had Foles. Keenum . And Goff as quarterbacks. All bombed. All have had decent success once away. Coaching matters.
  10. Newera

    Starting QB 2019???

    Case better than kirk. Ask minny fans.
  11. Newera

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Bears are good. Sleepers. Cold weather.
  12. Newera

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Mason Foster is just terrible in space.
  13. Stop and Td and I think we got this.
  14. We need to flip field
  15. Mason,missing that open field tackle on third and six. Killer. Could end up being a six point play in this game. Three they got. Three we didn't get.