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  1. What’s the real truth. Chase Young to Skins.
  2. I think if you're the Skins you ask Cincy for first pick and Haskins. For one. Not even expecting them to say okay. They could have Haskins and Young. We win either way. What’s Kyle Smith think.
  3. Newera

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Weird knowing who you will draft this early. Us Cincy and prolly Detroit.
  4. A defensive front of Sweat. Ionnnidis. Allen. Young. Formidable. off bench. Payne. Settle. Kerrigan (who could be moved) I see skins going to 43
  5. Giants and Skins are going to be up and coming in this division. Within two years
  6. Case is a good back up. Can keep a team from totally imploding like the Lions
  7. Sweat will be a de with a new coach
  8. Newera

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Burrow and Lawrence. The next two first picks in the draft. Pretty much a lock . On another note, Clemson kind of stayed away from Chase. Doubled him. Chipped him. Ran away. I still would have liked to see a little more from him. is he more Clowney II. Which is not bad. But maybe not the hype. He could be dominant on Skins. Because our tackles are good bull rushers. Chase is good at forcing the step up. Quarterbacks say they hate up the middle pressure the most.
  9. It couldn’t have worked out better. But Bill you should have went for two. Had all the momentum .
  10. We score . We going for two
  11. Daniel Jones. He ain’t gonna he a bust.
  12. Case is the perfect back up. Ryan Fitzpatrick like