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  1. Newera

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Bears are good. Sleepers. Cold weather.
  2. Newera

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Mason Foster is just terrible in space.
  3. Stop and Td and I think we got this.
  4. We need to flip field
  5. Mason,missing that open field tackle on third and six. Killer. Could end up being a six point play in this game. Three they got. Three we didn't get.
  6. Peterson is so good in short spaces with his jump cutting.
  7. Haha aint coming back.
  8. The boys benefited heavily with three home games in a row. Went on road and got waxed by a better than you realize colts team.
  9. This is two years with a ton of injuries.
  10. Reeds lack of health is really starting to become annoying.