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  1. Doc and Al are going off on how this is unfolding-Not letting a GM hire the coach. Doc in particular sounds exasperated.
  2. Man I hate to be a downer but the Skins have been good and bad, Dallas has been good and bad. The only constant is the Cowboys own the Redskins.
  3. Yeah I agree. A sign of real change would be if Synder hired a GM and let him pick a coach. That doesn’t sound like it will happen. Maybe Synder can hire Jim Fassel...I hear he is still available.
  4. Of course Synder should hire a GM first and let the GM pick a coach. Why would Synder do something that makes sense?
  5. The over/under on any Allen banishment is 1 season.
  6. Callahan shows balls when it doesn’t matter.
  7. Which is why you would like to see Carrot Top stick around as the Cowboys coach.
  8. . That was my only point. Just don’t . root for injury to anybody.
  9. Why is Zeke garbage? Because he tramples all over the Redskins each year?
  10. Right. Should be the coach. Reading things like this is the reason this team could have 11 Chase Youngs but will remain dysfunctional as long as Synder owns the team.
  11. Why is Synder talking to Haskins during the game?
  12. Manusky calling a good defensive game in OT
  13. 2 bad teams milking the ending...come on...